Voter Suppression Plot By GOP, Tea Party, and Americans for Prosperity Uncovered

Audio evidence of a voter suppression plot amongst Tea Partiers, Republicans, and Americans for Prosperity over in Madison, Wisconsin has now been uncovered.

Could it happen here?

In fact, this is reminicent of what did happen in our state during the last election cycle, when Jake Eaton, Montana GOP ED, was lambasted by U.S. District Court Judge Donald Molloy, who issued a scathing order chastising the Montana Republican Party for challenging the registrations of thousands of Montana voters.

For some unknown reason, Democrats did not pursue the lawsuit against Eaton, perhaps thinking he wouldn’t be returning after such a scandal.  But, no, that was wrong. As Jay wrote over at Left in the West last cycle, Jake Eaton came back:

[Eaton] “chose” to go to Madison, WI, to “pursue other interests.”  Who knew, besides denying Montanans the right to vote, Eaton was interested in denying them health care, too!

Seriously, isn’t Eaton guilty of violating several Montana statutes? Can we arrest him now he’s back in the state? And isn’t hiring him to run this effort a tacit acknowledgment that this is dirty politics?

Yes, Eaton returned to Montana in 2009, where he was paid by Americans for Prosperity to fire up Tea Partiers to oppose the public option.  Now, Eaton is still in Montana, and is involved in conservative electoral politics again, this time as a “consultant” with former Rehberg State Director Dustin Frost, with whom he has previously worked on Rehberg’s electoral projects.


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  1. So is Eaton in Wisconsin now? I was a little confused by the posting. The chubby little man was main speaker a year ago when the Big Bus came to Dillon. Highlights of his speech were making fun of global warming and claimed that the social security trust fund was broke — an example, he claimed, of how the government can’t do anything right.

    I asked him if he believed in the Death Panels and he said he did, sort of. He never actually explained.

  2. Thanks for pointing out the confusing point, Eaton is back, now consulting with Dustin Frost, who was injured severely in the Rehberg Boat Wreck.

  3. This election will be all about turnout. One plus, some 70% of voters are expected to vote by mail, this won’t work on them. However, Repubs could simply pick a few targeted districts they want to pick up and implement this tactic here. It won’t matter that we’re an early vote state, because in this day of low voter enthusiasm among some dems, among the people that are going to show up on election day at the polls, people aren’t likely to drive back home and get their proof of ID or whatever and try again. These are the people less likely to vote anyway, and this further impediment could put some districts over the top.

  4. Ok not suprised hell look at what the republicans did in florida and look at what they do on our Indian reservations every election. Hell in 2000 they needed the supreme court of the United States to give their man the election why cause he lost. Now Jake Eaton and Dustin Frost all worked at one time for Denny Rehberg are you not judged by the company you keep???

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