Billings Candidate Shows Us the Sure Fire Ways to Spot A Right-Wing Nut Ball

James Knox, right-winger from Billings, is that guy. The solo-lawn-chair-protester at a Planned Parenthood.One sure way to spot a right-wing nutter is to examine the inconsistencies which the nut ball will demonstrate when his words and his actions are compared.

For example,  though he is supposedly a champion of the right-winger’s cause, it looks like GOP candidate for the Montana legislature, James Knox (pictured above), can’t be  bothered to get up out of his lawn chair even when the rally cry comes for Oh, ye Christian Soldiers to Rise up to protest a Planned Parenthood.  When God sent you the call did he say Oh Sure Just Remain Seated? This behavior is a known nut ball tell.

The cooler full of snack cakes and Mountain Dew (probably just off camera to Knox’s right) is usually a clear indication that it is a TEA Party variety nutter one has enountered.  Like Kristi Allen-Gailushas, the Helena TEA Partier opposed to teaching kids about nutrition, Republican Candidate for State House James Knox’s persona appears to be that of an individual whose zeal for involving himself in your personal business exceeds only his zeal for the Frito Lay line of products.

Typical of nutters, Mr. Knox is protesting a Billings Planned Parenthood clinic alone, or anyway the only person he can get to join him is his wife.  A politician, though sleazy for doing so, joins in popular protest movements with others so as to win their votes.  A nutter protests whatever he can think up a misspelled sign about, and does so alone, even when it is proven ineffective.  This in spite of the obvious contradiction in opposing women’s bodily autonomy and medical privacy while at the same time being a TEA Partier, those folks who are always ranting about how MY FREEDUMBS ARE BEIN TAKED AWAY.

James Knox’s opponent Pam Ellis needs our help.  Send her a donation here today. It takes less than 5 minutes.


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  1. The Tea Party presents such a bizarre case of political extremism that they create great cover for Democrats to carry forward with their own right wing agenda. I mean, look around you, Cowgirls, strip labels, and tell me what has changed since Bush left office. (And in case you don’t know how to read political tea leaves (intended), here’s how it shakes out: The Democratic leadership has just set the stage for extension of the Bush tax cuts.

    The Bush agenda is alive and well.

    So your distraction (almost an obsession) with the Tea Party has in effect deadened your intellect. You cannot seem to see what is right before you.

  2. What cooler there was no coller there for any of the volunters. I was one too.

  3. I’m not sure what James was doing there in that picture – he was more than likely just the first one there at a protest.

    Don’t lament Mt. Cowgirl, your right to kill your unborn children is still intact –

    BTW – Mt. Cowgirl – why do you say that you’re in Montana’s Capital City?

    One of your haters sent me your name, address, and what coffee shops you like, in the hope I’d make a post about you.

    I’m not doing it, but why the deception?

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | September 27, 2010 8:56 AM at 8:56 AM |

      Oh come ON, Eric. You’re a Catholic, right? Unborn baby? Give it a rest. I suggest that you go back a ways and see what the Catholic church had to say about abortion historically. For you see, it was no big deal to the church up until recently. In fact, most religions have completely different opinions as to when life even begins. So, by your bold yet ridiculous pronouncement that it’s “killing an unborn baby”, you have elevated yourself to moral arbiter of the universe! Sorry, but you ain’t.

      I think that Catholic church simply needs a issue that keeps its adherents all worked up in a tizzy and voting extreme conservative. That way, no one will notice the OTHER inconvienent truths about an out of touch and moribund American Catholic church. If ya keep the masses upset, they’re easy to fleece!

      But I can see Knox’s point, what with even some MEN becoming pregnant now days. I think that Cowgirl may be off base on this one. Maybe it AIN’T to many trips to the Cheetos bag that’s got jimmy lookin’ so rotound. Maybe jimmy’s in a family way. And he don’t want to have an abortion! Stranger things have happened, and jimmy’s ’bout as strange as it gets!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | September 27, 2010 9:02 AM at 9:02 AM |

      BTW, Eric, can you think of a NUTTIER for a church to take than to be against birth control? Is jimmy against birth control too? You see, a LOT of rightwing kooks are. So, what is jimmy protesting, abortion or birth control? You know him. Ask him. My guess would be that jimmy is SO nutty that he’s in the O’Donnell camp! You know, the anti-masturbation camp! Yikes. Now THAT’S nutty, but par for the Tea Party.

    • Eric good point I was at protest to and there lots of patriots that day. Cowgirl blogger should say what coffee she drink and leave us alone.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | September 27, 2010 10:55 AM at 10:55 AM |

        Julio, it’s nausea inducing to see folks ascribe to themselves the title of “patriot”, and then smugly walk away feeling superior. So, since you made the mistake of showing up here, I’m going to call you on it. You see, Julio, MUCH of the country is a giant shithole, and consists of places that I could not live for one reason or another. But since YOU proclaim yourself to be a patriot, or lover of your patria, just WHAT do you love about your country? Be specific now.

    • I can certainly understand why someone would send you information like that, Coobs. You are undoubtedly the Woodward and Bernstein of Montana, so it is no doubt accurate. Pathetic.

      I like the pattern, though. Go troll one blog until the owner starts asking you questions and run off to troll another one.

      It’s cute.

    • Eric, according to the Bible, life begins when the newborn takes its first breath.

  4. You know Mr. Knox sitting to protest brings back memories from the summer of 2009 when Bill Maher wrote a piece about the protest on the health care bill when he said he was glad to see the teabaggers finally getting some exersise but you still had some old teabaggers who were out protesting in their electric wheel chairs the ones you can get from the government when you want to say f-ck it im 60 I quit walking. Anyways at least when left wingers have a protest they stand up and they dont bring an electric wheel chair to the fight they actually walk and rise up for the occassion

  5. @ Cowgirl;

    The reason Knox won’t get out of his lawnchair to join the Christian soldiers is because he’s just another phony right-wing Chickenhawk (those who avoid service while others fight their battles).

  6. If you doubt my motives POGIE – drop me an email. I’ll forward you the info if you want.

    Too bad it’s so close to the election.

    I can’t prove it, but this blog is looking like nothing more than Dem astroturf.

    Think about it POGIE – an anonymous blogmeister, with lots of straw men doing nothing but attacking the GOP.

    Then it turns out that contrary to what the blog says, she’s not in Helena. And when I followed her all over Linkedin and other places, she says one of her hobbies is ‘pissing off Republicans’, and when I looked at her domain, she’s using a proxy.

    You put your name on your blog POGIE, I put my name on mine, but no accountability here. No wonder they quietly removed her from LITW, as Jay & Matt knew somebody might talk.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | September 27, 2010 7:59 PM at 7:59 PM |

      Dem astroturf? Huh? Eric, all the people that post here are REAL people from throughout the state. You know that. In fact, I think we pretty much have the entire state covered from end to end. How can that be astroturf? No, I view this blog a filling a niche. Where ELSE can we have unlimited fun at the expense of the Pubbies and their wiggly appendage, the Tea Party? If this blog didn’t exist, we’d have to invent it.

  7. you figured it out genius. I work for george soros. now what. there are lots of anonymous bloggers in this state. go rant somewhere else wunderkind.

    • Don’t give me credit – it came from one of my spies –

      Dem astroturf all the way.

      Polish Wolf – I always encourage anonymous bloggers, because I don’t think people should have to worry about offending bosses, customers, wives, etc.

      But Blogmeisters, hiding under anonominity, and posting comments themselves under different anonymous names (straw men), for one purpose, smearing a party, is just wrong.

      I should have sniffed her out sooner.

      • If your “spy” is someone who also is spying all over the neighborhood with yard sign cameras, might I suggest the information you have is probably suspect.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | September 28, 2010 7:54 AM at 7:54 AM |

        Oh geez. So now you’re accusing cowgirl of replying to her OWN posts under different names? Sorry, Eric. I gotta see some evidence of that. You seem genuinely concerned that there are indeed people in this state that find the Pubbies to be hilarious and completely out of touch. Why? Why does that suprise you? Eric, this may come as news to you, but not EVERYone in Montana is a rightwing wacko. But you knew that, right? Right? Montana’s liberal traditions are stronger than the rightwing wacko traditions. Think Butte. Labor. etc. This extreme goofiness I would argue is a relatively new phenomenon, wouldn’t you agree?

  8. Eric – does it strike you as possible that she is also a working woman? Those of us whose livelihoods are dependent on other institutions sometimes try to be semi-anonymous. Actually, I’m not really anonymous, I’ve blurted out my name a couple of times. No one really cares to know who I am, though.

  9. Ah, Larry, you made me laugh out loud. I needed that!
    At least partly because my Dad was a devout Catholic, who married a Dutch girl.
    But we’re not going there! Thank God…
    At least today I got started harvesting, oddly enough (among other things ) still driving the grain truck he bought in ’53!
    Not to mention the World’s Finest $1000 combine (which I might now have $5K into).
    Except I took part of the day “off” for a meeting of a subcommittee of the Madison Elk Working Group. And all we did was form another subcommittee!!
    Driving my Dad’s old truck was vastly more productive…

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | September 27, 2010 10:43 PM at 10:43 PM |

      Rimrock, love your handle. I LOVE the rims! Spent a whole lotta my life up on them rims. Did you ever happen to read a book called Up On the Rims? Great book about a guy who grew up on the rims north of Billings. I miss the rims terribly living in Great Falls. Took me a long time to get used to a different type of beauty. But hey, that’s Montana no?

  10. Ah, no Larry, these are the Rims almost up in your neighborhood. By Kevin?
    Up there in Napi’s Country?
    We used to farm up there, and now are again here in the Bozone, using the same truck at least!!
    Another LOL. Those are nice at this point…

  11. I think Eiric is right on this blog suspicious sounds like Dems try to make fake names just to bash on patriots like Dr. James Knox. When James come to my house many times we talked about how bad dems are and are fake interneters. I suggest hiring James for fix computers over the other loosers.

  12. There should be a sitcom about the wacky adventures of James Knox this guy is endless comedy.

    Eric Coobs flailing around trying to defend him is pretty amusing too.

    Eric: James those damn libturds are at it again they have a picture up of you eating fritos in front of PParenthood.

    James: Ah shit! Thats it im going to login as Sammy again and give them hell!

    Eric: No no, I have a brilliant idea, Im going to keep on fruitlessly attempting to hijack the threads and try to keep them away from talking about your obvious imcompetence and mental deficiencies. If all else fails Ill make an empty threat to disclose the identity of the blog owner! So cunning the libs will never figure it out.

    • Now Jack I should counsel you that, as stated by Dr. Zoid, it’s more likely that Mr. Knox has logged in as Sammy and julio completely ignoring Eric’s advise that you have posited.

      Let us examine the evidence:
      Exhibit A: Aforementioned grammatical errors
      Exhibit B: julio appears quick to back Eric at every chance.
      Exhibit C: julio’s praise of Dr.[sic] Knox

      […]When James come to my house many times we talked about how bad dems are and are fake interneters. I suggest hiring James for fix computers over the other loosers.

      appears to follow a similar pattern we saw from an identity challenged jknox65 over at the Billings Gazette

      […]He came to my home while it was raining, thought it was odd he was willing to campaign in the rain, but I could see no alternate motives at all.[…]
      […]Why not consider Knox? He is running a good company in two states.[…]

      @Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!: Julio’s grammar does seem to indicate that he’s probably an illegal immigrant—possibly just an individual beneath the poverty line—not the USA-loving, activist and patriot he would have us believe.

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