So Weak

After reading Pogie’s post over at Intelligent Discontent on what may be the worst editorial opinion ever, seriously, I ask for your views on whether this might also be a contender.  It is, at any rate, very very weak.

The Helena IR’s managing editor John Doran, making the unusual move of signing the editorial himself, writes:

Mid-term elections are in full swing, with each party united, and the caustic rhetoric isn’t exactly music to voters’ ears as they blast away from both sides of the aisle [emphasis added].

He sites as examples (1) the TEA Party’s hateful rhetoric and (2) the Montana GOP ‘s platform position in favor of imprisoning gay citizens of Montana.

The opinion piece offers no evidence of this kind of rhetoric from the Democratic Party, but that doesn’t stop Mr. Doran.  No, he doesn’t appear to notice the inherent flaw in his arguments when he makes the conclusion that:

the notion of “disagreeing without being disagreeable” is noticeably absent from all things political these days.

His argument suffers from his failure to provide evidence that Democrats are calling for anyone to be imprisoned or joking about others being beaten and left to die on the side of a fence.  We won’t even get into the fact that every other paper in America has already discovered that “united” is the last word one uses to describe the GOP this year.    It also suffers from another omission.

Mr. Doran writes that:

The Helena School District health curriculum debate has been fierce, with accusations of lying, manipulating facts and driving an agenda flying from both opponents and proponents.

But he need only ask any member of the School Board or School District staff from whom are they receiving the death threats  to determine that the threatening violent rhetoric comes squarely from those on one side of the issue, the opponents.

UPDATE: Pogie has a really interesting theory about this editorial.  Go read it.


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  1. don'tbelievewhatyouread | September 26, 2010 5:50 PM at 5:50 PM |

    Democrats don’t call for the imprisonment of ANYBODY? Then why in the healthcare law does it call out for the imprisonment of those who do not pay the HC fee? It’s obvious to anyone with an IQ over 50 that there will no imprisonments to personal choices due to the outdated republican platform position you speak of. You are a hypocrite and I thoroughly enjoy reading the trash that you spew out of your brain onto this site. You have the same talking points as all liberal democrats across the nation.

    Maybe for once you ought to think for yourself. Do you actually know what’s good for you, your state, and your country?

    Do you care?

    • No you will not be imprisoned for not buying health insurance, that is bull sh=t now after 2014 you will be fined 95 dollars per year if you dont get health insurance and the fine goes up from there but no you wont be put in prison and thats a hell of a long way from the Republicans who want to put people in jail for engaging in consentual adult activities

  2. So, don’t etc, you don’t want to be forced to buy health insurance (as you’re forced to buy car insurance). Instead you expect something (health care) for nothing and expect the rest of us to pay for it through our taxes.

    In other words, you and people like you are dead-beats. All you really care about is yourself, so don’t pretend that you care about the state and the nation.

    • Tell me where you are forced to buy auto insurance.

      • If you want to drive an automobile in the State of Montana you must have auto insurance that is the law and if you dont drive here in Montana good luck geting around hell I drive 50 miles for a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk. So yes and Montana is no different then anyother state in the union in this regard

        • Someone that the State has revoked their driving privilege is not forced to buy auto insurance. Remember, driving is a privilege, not a right.

          You are not forced to have a car and buy auto insurance and as I recall, about 14% of Montanans that drive do so without insurance. I suspect many of those have the choice of putting the money they would spend on insurance into the gas tank so they can get back and forth to their place of employment and support their families.

  3. Then why in the healthcare law does it call out for the imprisonment of those who do not pay the HC fee?

    It doesn’t. You are lying.

    Do you care?

    You don’t. Are you a hypocrite? Of course you are.

  4. @ don’tbelievewhatyouread;

    Your rhetoric is reminiscent of those phony right-wing Chickenhawks, ala Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, etc.; who promote sending others overseas to fight their battles, while evading service themselves.

    So tell me, don’tbelievwhatyouread…are YOU a Chickenhawk, too…??

    Rodger S.
    USN ’68-72

  5. another weak-knee’d pseudo-journalist too afraid to write the truth because he fears antagonizing anyone.

    same way politics seems to work.

  6. My favorite line is “with each party united.” A more accurate descriptor – “with the only unifying factor in each otherwise fragmented party being their hatred for the other.”

  7. One wonders what planet Mr. Doran is living on, and what the air is like there.

  8. “Weak” is too weak a word to describe this mealy-mouthed, ill-researched glop of pap. What examples does Doran have of Democrats shouting down the noble tea-partiers and GOP stalwarts? Does he truly believe that the Helena school curriculum debate is between political parties? Naive, insipid and as bland as a cup of Cream O’Wheat.

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