The Montana GOP Hypocrite of the Week Award Goes to….

GOP Hypocrite of the Week Denny Rehberg. Welcome to the club fool.Dennis Rehberg. Not exactly a member of Congress Montana can be proud of.Rehberg is a hypocrite for so many reasons.…Dennis Rehberg, GOP incumbent to the U.S. House, who is pictured here cutting the ribbon this week for a Montana road project near Alzada that is being paid for using with the Recovery Act that Rehberg voted against, calling it “failed spending” and a “boondoggle,” among other things.  (Is he…no…grabbing the ribbon cutting scissors from Conrad Burns?)

Yet Rehberg raced to eastern Montana to take credit for a major project there funded by the Recovery Act, something he has done several times before.  The project will invest around $8.6 million into the highway  and local economy, no thanks to Rehberg.   As a spokesman for the Montana Democratic Party said:

Rehberg showing up at this event is the very definition of a poseur and is akin to lying to the people of Montana.

Hmmm… saying one thing and then doing another? I’m pretty sure there’s a word for that. Oh, yeah. There’s an award for it too. Congrats, Denny Rehberg, you’re the Montana Cowgirl Blog’s GOP Hypocrite of the Week.

Though this is the first time we have given Rehberg an award,  it is just one small example of Congressman Rehberg stomping on the fingers of rural Montana and our small business economy as he continually climbs the ladder to wealth and power, screaming about his own importance all the way.

UPDATE: It gets worse.

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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | September 27, 2010 12:02 PM at 12:02 PM |

    Dopey Rehburp is living proof of Christine O’Donnell’s assertion that scientists have created human/mouse hybrids with teensy, tiny little human-like brains! Sure that was gratuitous, but such fun!

  2. The ribbon cutting was the 323 road from Alazda to Baker it has needed to be paved for years as it is one of the major roads from Montana to South Dakota. It took approximently ten years of lobbying to get the job done and get pavement to the road. And yes Rehberg is a hypocrite cause he was against that project from the beginning and now he shows up to cut the ribbon.

  3. Where was Max or Jon?

    Maybe he cut the ribbon for them.

    • Say whatever you want about Max and Jon but hey atleast they dont stand in the way of progress or funding to Eastern Montana in fact they work their asses off to get federal funding to Eastern Montana. Look at the VA hospital at Miles City thank you Jon Tester, road construction dollars Thank you Max Baucus, Rural Water Projects Thank both of them, farm subsides thank both of them rural development dollars thank both and the list goes on and on. Im sick and tired sick and tired of Republicans opposing the government spending programs but then taking the money anyway or opposing the project and taking criedit after it is done. Another thing that ticks me off about Denny Rehberg is the fact that if Ive got one of his taxpayer paid for emails in my inbox I got 100 of them, another thing that ticks me off is the fact he sent a paid for staffer to video his opponet at the Eastern Montana fair and rodeo basically this paid for staffer followed Dennis McDonald around all day long with a video camera now I want to know did my tax dollars did the tax dollars of the American people pay for this?????

    • This has got to be the dumbest blog comment I’ve read in weeks. Yes, “Ingemar”, you are ready for your close-up because you’re absolutely right. Denny, who voted against the Recovery act, was cutting the ribbon for Tester and Baucus who voted for it. Because they made it happen, and Denny is a complete fracking hypocrite. You just agreed with Cowgirl, that little Dennis Rehburp is the Hypocrite of the Week ( I would say year.) They do the work, he takes the credit, and you’re so damned dumb that you think that’s a good thing.

      Ingemar, you are a cretin.

  4. @ Ingemar;

    Not sure where Max and Jon were; But I DO know they were NOT up at Flathead Lake on a drunken boat ride.

    PS – Got any brain cells left after Floyd Patterson knocked you out?

  5. Ooh, that one hit a nerve.

    Let me see if Denny was such a hypocrite how come no one in Alzada called him out, got in his face, screamed from the crowd?

    Could it be that eastern MT knows Max and Jon aren’t welcome?

    • In fact Baker is just a few miles from North Dakota.

      ND, where even the the Dems endorse Bush.

      ABC News’ Amy Walter reports:

      We’ve seen plenty of Democrats in tight races trying to distance themselves from President Obama. But one Democrat, North Dakota’s Rep. Earl Pomeroy, is taking this a step farther by actually embracing President George W. Bush.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | September 27, 2010 5:48 PM at 5:48 PM |

        Embracing george bush?? Oh, you mean kinda like that Gannon/Guckert fella and his 200 sleepovers at the White House?! YIKES! Choose your words more carefully there, Dinkemar Jokehansen!

      • Baker? Are you in Baker? Are you from Baker?

        My mom is from Baker/Ekalaka, grew up there and went to “Fertile Prairie” school – is that right? It was a one-room school. My aunt married a Baker boy named Strobel.

        Just asking. Not many people from your area. Did you read that book about area history? Can’t think of the name.

    • If a politician does something hypocritical in Alzada, and no one screams in his face, is he still a hypocrite?

      Perhaps no one screamed in his face because they are decent people who respect their representative. It’s something called civilized discourse. Or maybe they assumed that if he’s cutting the ribbon, he supported the project. I think that’s the point of the ribbon cutting dishonesty.

      • Ok you political geniuses. How about this one.

        Max and Jon are sooo weak that they can’t even travel to Baker to cut a ribbon celebrating their vote-but more importantly can’t even show up to rain on Dennis’s parade and call him out.

        Castrated sissy boys.

        • You may be right, but who castrated them? That’s an important thing to know – who holds the knife.

          • I’m going to say they were castrated by abortion rights and gun control. Those two ‘issues’, on which there has been precious little besides posturing, outweigh any of their economic contributions they can bring to Eastern Montana.

            • I seriously doubt that either of them give two shits about abortion and gun rights, any more than the Republicans do at higher levels. Those issues are meant to distract from real issues that really affect people like farmers and residents around Baker.

              That’s why they drag them out every two years.

              Baucus and Tester have to deal with power, real power, in DC, and at the same time pretend that they run their own shops.

  6. I am from Baker and I raised the issue of Rehberg’s hypocrisy. Here is the way I see most people in this area. It is a very Republican area and Rehberg gets the benefit of the doubt. However this road has been a major issue in this part of the state for a very long time. They didn’t care how or who funded it, just as long as it is completed. Rehberg spends so little time here but is well aware that if he did this stunt he would win the hearts of his constituents here. It’s true that he isn’t called out much here, but it’s because people here aren’t as politically active as they are elsewhere. As I inform others about Rehberg’s theatrics here, they are finally starting to second guess their long time view of him. The problem is that people are not as connected to the internet and news here, so most people will never know that he voted against the funding.

    • OK, two questions.

      1. Has Max or Jon been there as much? Even before this pending election?

      2. Wouldn’t ya think that the possibility of another monument being forced down eastern Montanans throats adds to Denny’s favorability vs. our Senators indifference or support?

      • Ok Im going to approch this Im from a small town close to Baker but not Baker Im in Eastern Montana and yes Rehberg does visit more then Tester or Baucus, but I can also say this I attened a town hall meeting that Rehberg did in my hometown and I was not impressed. Now I will say that Schwietzer has visted my town several times during his term and a half as Governor and he does an excellent town hall meeting, plus Schwietzer is a dam good speaker. Now on this monument I honestly dont see this dog hunting. Its not going to happen and no I dont see where the government is going to turn the wild bison lose on the praire, Im sorry but state officals from both parties would fight that one I think its nothing but a big dam lie from the Republicans to get votes out of Eastern Montana its a scare tactic. But yea your probley right and Denny will do well in Eastern Montana but I got 100 bucks in my pocket that says Rehberg loses Yellowstone County in fact I would say he loses Yellowstone County by alot my prediction with no crystal ball Yellowstone County will be final 60% McDonald 38%Rehberg 2%Fellows

        • Does anybody else picture Schweitzer himself logged in as Farmboy and leaving these posts? :) Just joking farmboy (kind of).

          I like your E. MT. perspective.

          • LOL LOL LOL LMAO Im not Governor Schwietzer sorry just a big fan of his but Im not the Governor sides Ive got a black lab not a border collie

      • I’m confused as to where this ‘possibility’ comes from – what it the evidence that this will actually happen, or that Tester or Baucus support it?

        Plus, Tester may not have won the far Eastern MT counties, but he did win Sheridan, Roosevelt, Rosebud, and Big Horn, and Baucus won every county last election (ok, so not much of a feat, but still) – just because they are Democrats doesn’t mean they don’t have support in the East. I took heart when my Dawson-County grandfather couldn’t bring himself to vote for Burns anymore – I’m pretty sure he just didn’t vote in 2006.

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