A Hard-Hitting Ad Appears in Whitefish

Here’s an ad from today’s Flathead Beacon, paid for by a community group called the North Valley PAC, exposing some alarming and deeply disturbing aspects of a right-wing candidate named Derek Skees whom I’ve written about before.

Skees is running for the open Whitefish legislative seat being vacated by Mike Jopek. It’s a competitive district and during the last several campaigns, Jopek himself got ruthless amounts of negative media dropped on him by various third party groups, calling him every name under the sun, most of it blatantly false.

And now Republicans are getting a little of their own medicine, except it appears that in this instance what is being said about their candidate is true.

The ad makes three simple claims.  The first claim is that Skees uses racist imagery. It cites the well-known incident last May in which Skees wore a Confederate flag in public–a symbol of racism–to the local Memorial Day parade of all places.

Skees then wrote an e-mail bragging about it, and it got around.  In the e-mail he says, among other things, that 1) he and his family enjoy wearing the confederate flag, 2) Lincoln had no right to meddle in the South’s affairs, 3) yes, slavery was bad, but 4) the South could do, constitutionally, what it wanted, including break away from the United States without interference from the Union [and thus, I presume, continue on with slavery].

Secondly, the ad claims that Skees’ campaign has connections to anti-Semitic activity because the Skees campaign treasurer was one of the major underwriters of a recent conference at which Red Beckman, the notorious anti-Semitic writer, was a headline speaker.

Indeed, Rick Breckenridge, the right-wing nutjub extraordinaire who is listed on Skees’ campaign website as his treasurer (and who was defeated by loyal Cowgirl reader Will Deschamps for the GOP Chair spot a few years back), was a platinum sponsor of the “Liberty Conference 2010.” This conference got on the radar of the Montana Human Rights Network and other national hate-watch groups, not only because of Beckman’s presence but also the presence of two or three other scary figures who dabble in white supremacy or other Far Right endeavors.

As for Beckman, he has written that during the Holocaust, Jews got their comeuppance because they “worship Satan” and are “the evil anti-Christ religion.”  Nice guy.  Also, the mailer doesn’t mention it, but a tipster tells me that there are photos and other proof that Skees was in attendance at the conference.

The third allegation, accompanied by an incriminating photo, is that Skees and his pals run around wearing masks of Guy Fawkes.

This is creepy.  Fawkes is the man who tried to assassinate every member of British Parliament in the 17th century and take over the government, and is now the favorite icon of the Far Right.  Skees has obviously forgotten (or does not care) that a few years ago an armed militia, Project 7, almost pulled off a plot to assassinate dozens of judges and other officials in Whitefish and Kalispell.

This Fawkes business also puts in perspective a police report from Whitefish a few weeks ago, where a frantic woman called the cops because a campaign worker (almost certainly from the Skees campaign) knocked on her door brandishing a side arm.

Skees is a questionable character in other respects.  He teaches a course on The 5000 Year Leap, a wacked-out treatise which to me is veiled white supremacy. He also goes around telling people that God told him to become a state legislator.

If God reads the Flathead Beacon, God will soon be distancing herself from Derek Skees.  As will mortals too.  I’d say from here on out, nobody of any repute will give him money, let alone open the door for him.  And the GOP will have to walk away or risk having to defend whatever Skees does or says. No doubt Skees will pull the old “they’re lying about me!” response, but I don’t see where the wiggle room is. You wear a confederate flag, you live with the consequences. You go to a conference where a guy like Beckman is a headliner, you own it (like Obama owning Jeremiah Wright. Remember that, Derek?).  You show up in a Mask of an anti-government assassin in a place that is especially sensitive to the implications the mask carries with it, you own that too.

Great work on the part of Steve Braun, the organizer of the North Valley group, who is showing that progressives in Montana aren’t afraid to take the gloves off and call a nut a nut.

And send a donation to Will Hammerquist, Skees’ opponent, who has been spending his time not consorting with extremists, but supporting Whitefish’s vital tourist economy and jobs by protecting two of it’s most important assets–Glacier Park and the Flathead River–from pollution from Canadian mining companies.


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  1. This guy is everything cowgirl says, and more. I live in Flathead, and he’s bad news.

  2. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | September 29, 2010 2:49 PM at 2:49 PM |

    I just KNEW the guy was a Fawker the minute I laid eyes on him! And yes, he’s DUMB Fawke allright!

  3. Let’s hope the paper has a wide circulation up there. Everyone needs to see what this man represents.

  4. One thing about the Guy Fawkes mask: there’s no doubt in my mind that Skees is wearing it out of tribute to Alan Moore’s anarchist character “V” from V For Vendetta, not out of tribute to Fawkes himself.

    Right wingers like to fantasize that they are righteous warriors against the fascist oppression of liberal tyrants.

  5. I just read the ad and it looks all legitiment to me, ok I dont live in the Flathead (to expensive for me) but if I did live in Whitefish I would most deffintly vote for Will Hammerquist, first compare the two Hammerquist to Skees apples to apples or cherrys to cherrys Flathead Will seems level headed Derek seems out there Will is talking of ways to improve the economy of the Flathead Derek is out running around with a confederate flag and talking conspirousy theories. Will seems experienced Derek doesnt so who do we vote for I think the choice is very clear, my dad God bless his soul use to tell me that the people we elect are no different then the people he hired to sweep his floor or be on his crew. My dad was also a huge Ross Perot supporter and Ross said it best “If you elect me Im a hired hand your the boss and Im Ross” So thats how I approch voting look at the records look at the resumes listen to what they are saying then ask yourself what does this person bring to the position and does he or she fit the position and in my opinion Derek doesnt fit and would not add anything to the legislative process and would not make a good representative for the good people of one of my favorite towns in my favorite state Whitefish Montana

  6. How can the Republican party recruit people like this to run for office? Is there no screening process? No background check? I am not a Republican, but if I were, I would be hard pressed to vote for this candidate.

  7. So much BS.. so little time.

    1) As has been pointed out before, the Guy Fawkes mask is a hat tip to the movie/graphic novel “V for Vendetta”. Get over it.

    2) The Confederate Flag is NOT a symble of racism… give it a rest. It is a symble of the Confederate States of America, one side of the bloodiest American Conflict yet. Whether you wish to admit it or not, there are still constitutional lawyers debating the constitutionality of that war. Again, get over it.

    3) While he might be a racist (still in question, btw), you are are painting him one by his association to other people, not by his own actions. Are you an idiot and corporate pawn because you have supported Baucus and Tester? Of course you aren’t. Prove the man, himself is a racist before you lable him one if you want any credibility.

    4) Once again, you bring up the campaign worker wearing a firearm. A) Open carry is legal in Montana B) he did not “brandish” the weapon – that is against the law and the police would have done something about when the paniced woman called them C) you have yet to positively associate the individual to Skees… you are assuming this without proof.

    5) The “Republican Party” does vet any candidate at the local or state level anymore than the Democrats do. You can list yourself as any party affilition you want to. Many candidates change back and forth based on which party they feel will win them the most votes. Deal with it.

    Now, I probably wouldn’t vote to Skees. In everything I have seen of the man, he appears to be a poser that is more interested in telling you what he doesn’t like about things rather than offer any constructive time to what he would do about them. He appears to one of many new “politicians” trying to cash in on the current discontent. If you want traction against this guy, quit trying to astroturf him and attack him where it matters – that this guys stands for nothing and will not do the job of constructively representing his district.

    • 1-One movie doesn’t change the meaning of a symbol that has been around for centuries.
      2-The confederate flag is a symbol not only of racism, but also of backwater rednecks.
      3-One is known by the company one keeps. I don’t find racist lecturers edifying, therefore I don’t attend.
      4-It is legal to get drunk at your brother-in-law’s house and pee in his yard. Doesn’t mean it’s a good idea if you want him to vote for you.
      5-This is scraping the bottom of the trash can, no matter which party you are talking about.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | September 29, 2010 9:35 PM at 9:35 PM |

        The dude pee’ed in his brother in law’s yard? Hey, it happens. Ask anyone who works outdoors. The first thing you do when you get on the job site is look for bushes or a place to pee. I can’t fault him for that. I once had a co-worker who had to go number two REAL bad. The only place available and unoccupied was a dumpster in the alley. So, in he crawled. Guy comes out to dump his trash. Boy was HE suprised! But hey, shit happens!

    • The Confederate Flag is NOT a symble of racism… give it a rest. It is a symble of the Confederate States of America, one side of the bloodiest American Conflict yet.

      Yes, and the swastika was just a symbol of the German National Socialist party. The fact is, for extremely good reason, many people still see the flag of the Confederacy as a symbol of slavery and inhumanity. It evokes strong sentiments, exactly as a symbol is supposed to do. Not many people are just going to “get over it”.

      there are still constitutional lawyers debating the constitutionality of that war … get over it.

      That’s more than just a touch contradictory, isn’t it?

    • It’s not just Confederate flags or Nazi flags – it’s all national flags. They represent attitude.

      Take, for instance, the rage that people feel when protesters burn a flag. Why does it matter? (It doesn’t.) But why does it matter? It flies in the face of our attitude that we are dominant.

      A normal healthy person sees a flag being burned and wonders what was done to create such rage. A patriot screams “stop them! outlaw it! bomb them!”

      When I see an American flag as big as a football field, when a guy yells at me from behind to take off my hat during the national anthem (I don’t), I am reminded that “Americanism” is as dangerous as any other ideology.

      • I am reminded that “Americanism” can be as dangerous as any other ideology.

        There, I fixed that for you. You really don’t have a lot of understanding about potentials or complex systems, do you?

        • The annoying thing about you is that you are as dumb as anyone, as demonstrated by your cluelessness about politics, but are pushy and arrogant about how much you think you know. If you had anything, I would have seen it by now.

          I said “ideology” and see that statement to be true per se. Look around. You say “can be”? Can’t decide if you are Goofy or Pluto, but you are one stupid beast.

    • The Confederate flag is a symbol of slavery as much as the Swastika is a symbol of the holocaust – very few people fought for the right to have slaves or to kill Jews, but the states they did fight for turned out to support those things. Thus, whatever good and noble either one stood for, to flaunt them now is to ignore that they states the represented were engaged in more than standard levels of heinous crime.

  8. I agree that the guy fawkes mask is just a salute to the popular V for vendetta film. but all the rest of the article is spot on. If he campaign worker had been doing a concealed carry then no one would have seen it, and there would not have been an issue, the fact that the “concealed” weapon was seen suggests that it was not entirely concealed, also, your in the middle of whitefish, what the hell do you need a gun for? (the incident took place well within city limits, not out in the back country where animals “might” present a risk, in case you wanted to use that argument

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | September 29, 2010 9:30 PM at 9:30 PM |

      Had a mountain lion wanderin’ around my pasture last Tuesday. Yes, animals to indeed present a threat. Cats are spooky. It’s OK to wear a gun when they’re around. But in the city, no.

    • Whitefish Resident | October 1, 2010 5:37 PM at 5:37 PM |

      I assume you are referring to the other blog that states a woman called the police… Well children, there was no report made, no description of the incident reported, just a woman called in and told the police. I think I saw this episode on The Simpsons… you know the one where Bart and his friend make prank calls to get people’s pants all bunched up… Well, that is the level I would give to this complaint. If no report was made and no evidence provided then can we prove it to be legitimate? I think not. Keep pushing— you may eventually get that HARD EVIDENCE!!!

      • Whitefish Resident – Are you posting threats of violence on this blog?

        • Whitefish Resident | October 2, 2010 3:44 PM at 3:44 PM |

          I do not see any threats of violence just a demand for your proof to the lie that you are spreading. Your blog has threads of violence threats against Skees wife and insults hurled against the family, yet when asked to prove a claim you spin it to a threat of violence.

          • @Whitefish Resident – Just to be clear, you are saying that if I

            “Keep pushing— [I] may eventually get that HARD EVIDENCE!!!”

            that a Skees campaigner had a gun, is not a threat.

        • show me one threat of violence against skees, his wife, or his family on this blog

          • Whitefish Resident | October 2, 2010 5:08 PM at 5:08 PM |

            Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!
            August 6, 2010 at 8:59 pm · Reply

            Well, George, you may be right. But the dipshipt looks like a henpecked d*ckhead to me! Sheesh, can’t even control the old lady for a commercial! Thaaas bad! I thought all them Old Testicalment Bible Beaters was supposed to have submissive wives. How does that square with Skeester? This guy must be a REAL wimp! Can’t even control the little kristyawn woman! Where ARE his values? Up his arse maybe???

            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | October 2, 2010 5:13 PM at 5:13 PM |

              Not a threat, dude. Just an observation on a very, very commercial. What it the element of threat in my observation? I don’t see it. You see, WF Residunce I know you morons better than you know yourselves.

          • This isn’t a commenter threatening Skees wife, this is a ridiculing of the wacko-bible thumper view that wives are supposed to “submit to their husbands.” He’s making the opposite point, get it?

  9. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | September 29, 2010 9:28 PM at 9:28 PM |

    Moor, one of two things. I’m thinkin’ that you’re playin’ a lousy devil’s advocate, or that you really DON’T have a clue regarding the inroads the racists and white supremnits have made up in that part of the state. Which is it? Yes, I do INDEED find it very offensive for an asshole in Montana to display a Confederate flag. Yes I do INDEED consider a person passing out literature wearing a firearm to be an asshole. And yes I do INDEED think that cowgirl has presented overwhelming, significant evidence to indicate that this Skess moron is guilty by association! If you ASSOCIATE with racists, if you AID AND ABET racists, and if you ENCOURAGE racists, you are indeed a racist! I’m kinda wonderin’ what your current trip is, dude. You get ahold of some bad meth??? You make no sense to anyone!

  10. Moorcat,

    When Democrats run for office in competitive or right-leaning districts in Montana, they get clobbered with the same type of attacks. They are called “far left” and “ultra liberal” and they are linked to whomever and whatever the Rs can come up with, any boogie man, to try to show that they are leftist extremists.

    In fact, that is how the modern R party in Montana gained it’s edge. Anybody that experienced any economic problem for the last 20 years has been told, during campaign season, that every economic problem is caused by radicals, radical this, radical that, radical environmentalists blah blah blah. Right now, if there is a photo of you and Obama, and you are running for something in Montana, that photo will be used against you, along with a caption that says that you are a big government tax and spend liberal who has forced socialized medicine and death panels on the state of Montana. Not to mention the crap that Rs have thrown at Obama himself over the last three years.

    And one thing you can be sure of is that Derek Skees, as the right wing of the right wing in Kalispell, goes around mouthing all of these things about Democrats and Obama to the people in his own crowd. Check out some of the stuff that the third party groups did to Jopek a few years back.

    So while the ad is rough, and while it’s certainly possible that the image of Skees painted by the ad could be worse than the actuality of who he is in person (though we really don’t know either way), I say tough shit, Moorcat. As Gus said in Lonesome Dove, “You ride with outlaws, you hang with them.” Skees rode with outlaws and now he’s being hung with it. He needs to take it like a man, and he needs to remember that his own partisans have done the same thing for a long time, and pretty much invented the tactics.

  11. This race will come down to turnout, and if the general election is anything like the primary, the Dems are in trouble.

    I don’t know Skees.

    But after 10 minutes of investigation I’d vote for him, and I’ll give you my reasons for that;

    (1) His opponent is a rabid conservationist, who couldn’t care less what happens to Montanas economy.

    (2) Skees got the MSSA endorsement.

    (3) Skees is not an Obama-worshiping Dem. He’s a conservative.

    No matter how many times you post ‘Cowgirl’, under all the names you’re using, you can’t change Hammerquist from a lib to a conservative.

    • Coobs we already know you would vote for any mouthbreathing knuckle dragger that the republican party puts forth. How about you tell us something that might be semi-interesting and tell us in what race if any you don’t support the republican candidate?

    • Eric you would probley vote for Satan if he was running as a Republican, so Im just not shocked by your endorsement. So you go right ahead vote in people like Skees, and Knox and the crazy cig woman from Helena go ahead vote all the teabaggers in and lets see if they can govern cause Ive got a dollar to a dounut that says they couldnt run a lemonade stand much less state government, and if you teabaggers win in November mark my words we will have govenment shut downs at both the state and national levels cause these people cant be negotiated with they are willing to drive the car off the cliff if they have to. But I tell you what after your teabaggers are in office and they get the government shut down and grandma cant get her social security check, doctors cant get medicare medicaide payments, farmers cant get farm payments and subsidies, and on the state level when our schools shut down and were out cutting teachers and bus routes and when the pot holes in our roads get so big that you can put swimming pools in them lets see if the people still like teabaggers

    • I’m confused Eric, are you accusing me of being one person pretending to be multiple people or many people pretending to be one? Both? You don’t know?

    • Coobs, what can an MSSA endorsement possibly mean? What risk does any MT politician pose to your guns? The majority of Montanans have them, every politician knows it, and we’re something like 44th in murders, so clearly we don’t have a huge gun problem. Under what doomsday scenario would Montana’s Democratically elected politicians choose to piss off the better-armed majority of the State?

      What I imagine it comes down to is that you, like the NRA, want Montana politicians deciding gun laws in the rest of the country – exactly what you don’t want the rest of the country doing to you.

      Or maybe you support the Republican platform, where there would be no limit on the number or TYPE of firearms allowed. Now, I’ll admit I’m not real clear on how far you could stretch the definition of firearm, but it sounds to me like you could pretty much arm a Somali army under this plan. True or False?

      Or it could be that the part of the platform you really like is that they should be no gun-free zones except detention facilities, schools or airports. Wait, nope, that’s just detention facilities. No word on schools, airports, bars, courthouses, legislative sessions, right up to the doors of detention facilities, etc. Face it Coobs – we have common sense gun laws in Montana. Anyone who denies it wants some crazy stuff.

  12. You have to give him and other Republicans credit though, they’re working hard to keep Montana NUMBER ONE!!!! In suicides, that is.
    With mental health services and especially programs for children being first on the chopping block, yesterday we heard Mr. Skees describe all the billionaires he knows who live in Whitefish, who could well afford to donate to such worthy causes. And he agreed mental health services need funding, so his idea for how to get the funding is this: get the churches to provide volunteers to beg the rich folks for philanthropic donations.

    I can’t wait to hear what other innovative and effective solutions he’ll come up with to address the other issues facing our great state.

    Looked like he might have been signing up for some lessons from Verdell Jackson after the meeting out in the parking lot, though. Verdell could teach him a lot—their message is pure and doesn’t change, Skees just needs to learn to say it in a way that won’t embarrass their base so much.

  13. @ Eric Coobs;

    Here’s why I wouldn’t vote for Skees;

    1) He’s a carpet-bagging out-of-stater;

    and 2) He’s a Chickenhawk, EG, Skees supported the invasion of Iraq, while evading service when others fought his battles over there.

    Since birds of a feather flock together, are you also a Chickenhawk, Coobs?

    – R.S., USN (’68-72)

  14. Florida.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | September 30, 2010 7:20 PM at 7:20 PM |

      FLORIDA! Wow. No WONDER the Skeester is has special insight into Montana values! What a dickhead. I get REAL tired of that oldtime southern baptist racist religeeous crap up here in Montana. This AIN’T the old south, Skeester!

  15. Orlando, Florida, home of Disney World.

  16. After 10 minutes of investigating Eric Coobs, I learned that he didn’t serve either; but instead stayed home and spouted macho war slogans, while others sacrificed in his place overseas.

    Looks like the “Chickenhawk” shoe fits, Coobs….Wear it!!

    R.S., USN (’68-72)

    • You didn’t investigate very well – I enlisted in 1979 –

      BTW – a chickenhawk is a bird with really keen eyesite – since I just made the switch to bifocals I truly wish I was related to one – LOL –

  17. @ Coobs;

    Well, I hope your military stint was more successful than the 19 elections you’ve lost since then.

    You did complete your tour…right? Or did you desert, ala G.W. Bush?

  18. Once again you don’t investigate well – going back 10 years, I was on the city council ballot twice – losing by 30 votes in the primary the last time, in 2005, I was on the ballot for Republican Central Committee, and as expected was elected by acclamation, and I was in a primary race last year, where I pulled 42% of the vote against a 4-term incumbent. 19 races?

    Tell me Rodger S., if that’s your real name even, where did you ever step forward and put your name on a ballot?

  19. Skees in his own words has stated that he moved to Montana in 1989. He was born in Florida- so what. He is like most of the residents of Whitefish in the regard that he came to Montana and wanted to make this his home. Carpetbagger? I would not say, because he has been a resident long enough to know the pulse of Montana.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | October 1, 2010 3:22 PM at 3:22 PM |

      Why didn’t dufus Skeester stay in florida and try to make THAT a place that he would want to live? I don’t care much for folks like him that are always fleeing. Sumthim’ real wrong with the dude. He’s a sicko white supremnit and a moron. We DON’T need the likes of him movin’ here.

      • Whitefish Resident | October 1, 2010 5:30 PM at 5:30 PM |

        You can only resort to the emotional based argument that sounds a bit like a kitten mew. Now that you have it out and the attention you so desperately seek, let’s talk like grownups for a minute. THERE IS NO evidence of the claim of racist and white supremacy. Just an ad placed in a local nothing paper by an extreme group that is founded to attack candidates. Your pouty claims although get the attention of the blog readers will go no further because you are a faceless kitten sitting behind a keyboard unwilling to do anything of courage, like man-up and make a real difference in the community you occupy. So keep up the PACE and eventually you may get that attention you are lacking in real relationships.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | October 1, 2010 5:47 PM at 5:47 PM |

          “faceless kitten”? Names right there, dude. I’m not hiding. I’ve never been one to shy away from racists and wackos. Actually, I enjoy outing them for what they are. You see, I do NOT welcome them to Montana. We don’t need that crap here.

          • Whitefish Resident | October 1, 2010 6:32 PM at 6:32 PM |

            Again, you are proving my point with your tantrum. You have nothing to prove your claims, just your emotional argument.What evidence is there to your bold claims? NONE

  20. @ WF Resident;

    And like most of the Whitefish residents who’ve moved here from somewhere else, the first thing Skees wants to do is save all us “local hicks” from ourselves by telling us what’s right and wrong.

    It’s a mystery how my family ever survived in Montana for the past 137 years, without instructions on how to think from all you transplants…

  21. Whitefish Resident | October 1, 2010 5:04 PM at 5:04 PM |

    Funny how you say that you don’t want those transplants here… most of the businesses in Whitefish are people who started a business to be able to live in NW Montana. The business culture of Montana and the knowledge based jobs are all transplants in one way or another. Without transplants as yuo call them, there would be no JOBS in the area. No JOBS means that those who have been around since beginning of time would have no tax payers paying into the system that sustains them.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | October 1, 2010 5:42 PM at 5:42 PM |

      Golly gee, the wackos SAVED us! PUHRAZE THE LORD! Nope. Folks who are fleeing somewhere else are the REAL losers! They have ruined the places that they came from, and they lack the courage and fortitude to stay and make THAT place better! I’ve never had much respect for folks who run. This is what Skeester has done. He FLED florida to come here. Guess that things were gettin just a wee bit to black for the Skeester! So, he decided to SAVE Montana from all them darkies! Yes, he’s a racist moron with his little confederidiot flag. Wonder if that little puke of a man walked around in the black neighborhoods in florida wearin’ his little confederidiot flag? Why don’t you ask him, Whitefish? One more time. ANYone who sports a cofederidiot flag is simply an asshole. Skeester is an asshole. His values are NOT Montana values!

    • @ WF Resident;

      For the sake of argument, let’s say you’re correct (which of course, you aren’t):

      Given the choice between no jobs or no out-of-staters (ala yourself), I’ll take no jobs. My family survived here 137 years before you came, and we’ll be here another 137 after you’re gone.

      • Whitefish Resident | October 11, 2010 5:58 PM at 5:58 PM |

        that logic does not have any ability to support itself. You will take NO JOBS… how will the tax revenue that is needed for the three hot button topics be generated? You and the environmental ranger have this need to be angry, so you will rage against anyone who brings any productivity to the communities. Continue and live the hate raged life, it is not a nice place to be…
        But then you get the attention you so desperately seek here.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | October 22, 2010 10:01 PM at 10:01 PM |

          Hiya, Skeester. Look, dude, I would rather starve in paradise than live in a shithole! And for the record, it ain’t all that hard to make a nice life in Montana if one is willing to work his ASS off! Come to work with me, some day, Skeester. We’ll see what you’re made of! I don’t NEED no outta stater moron attempting to make Montana a shithole to improve my economic wellbeing!

  22. Skees beat Hammerquist!
    Even with your attempt to personal destruction, you could not keep him out! What does that say about your game plan? What does that say about your rules? Skees won in a heavy gerrymandered seat.

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