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  1. Finally the Democrats have taken the gloves off and are going to open up on these teabaggers and may I say not one moment to soon

  2. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | October 5, 2010 2:16 PM at 2:16 PM |

    I like it. Is it real? Has it been on TV somewhere? Was it proven that the Skeester was the dude with the gun as the commercial implies?

    • Whitefish Resident | October 6, 2010 7:58 AM at 7:58 AM |

      This is propaganda lies- you will see that this will work against you.
      @Larry, no proof was ever provided that Skees was at the door with a gun, or that there ever was someone at the door with a gun. No report was made just a call to the police department. a few weeks ago there was a not on the blotter log in the paper when a toddler called 911. No crime, just a prank call.
      @Folks who are responsible for this, you are in a heap for slander if you cannot prove your claims.

      • Whitefish Resident | October 6, 2010 7:59 AM at 7:59 AM |

        a few weeks ago there was a NOTE on the blotter log in the paper when a toddler called 911. No crime, just a prank call.

        • It wasn’t derek skees who was wearing a gun while on the door, just one of his lunatic supporters. and Whitefish Resident, I happen to know the person who called in the report, and it is a person that I certainly trust.

          • So we are to take the word (second hand) of an anonomous commenter of an internet blog run by an anonomous blogger that it was a Skees supporter.

            1) No proof has ever been offered that it was a Skees supporter other than this anonomous commenter
            2) While Cowgirl has alleged on multiple occations that this person was “Brandishing” a gun, the alleged police report posted here stated that no crime was suspected (therefore, no brandishment).
            3) This “event” is rapidly taking on the earmarks of an urban legend and until actual proof is put forward, I will treat it accordingly.

            • Whitefish Resident | October 8, 2010 7:46 AM at 7:46 AM |

              1 step more… call the Whitefish police, I did, and was told NO POLICE REPORT was made. No evidence and no proof to tie this :call: to Skees. SO this is nothing more than a spin!

              • I agree with Whitefish resident. This is spin at best. It is another case of liberals using character assassination, innuendos, and out right lies instead of trying to illuminate the issues. I think most are misinformed or uninformed and do not spend the time to find out what the truth is. Of course with the media bias the truth is hard to find. Also I am sure most of you believe the ends justify the means. This piece is an embarrassment no matter who put this out and I hope is dismissed by any thinking person. You have made the choice clear to me!

                • Sucks to be you. Your choice was already clear, liar. Please, you morally bankrupt troll. Fall off the Earth and die, pissant.

                • Wow Wulfgar,
                  You are so well spoken. What a great example of what is wrong with your type. I do not even think in your terms. I do not hate like you do. I think it would suck to be you!

  3. Let’s see now, then … thinking … thinking … thinking … I think it say implying that the Democrats are good cops. Purely emotional fear mongering. Are you proud of that?

    • Hmmm, I “think it say implying” (whatever that means) that these featured screw-ups don’t and won’t represent us. That’s not fear; that’s contempt. Someday, when you become a real boy, you’ll see the difference.

      And yes, I am proud of anyone rational enough to recognize the difference between crazy and not-crazy.

      • “I think it is implying…” is what was meant. You should be grateful I don’t follow you around, as while your words are usually spelled correctly and sentence structure OK, your thinking is atroshush.

        • Dealing with the pathetic nibbles and avoiding the meat.

          The commercial isn’t about fear. It’s about contempt, disdain, loathing. It’s right on the money. Kindly show otherwise.

          • Write out the script and read it, looking for substance. Then turn off the sound and look at the way they do the photos. It’s actually quite professional – they spent some time on this. Local people don’t do this quality work in Montana.

            You see, the Democrats aren’t really turning anyone on, and don’t really have anything to run on, having accomplished nothing, and so are left with boogy-boogy! like this to scare people into coming out and voting.

            Jesus Kailey. Again, Politics 101.

            • ” Local people don’t do this quality work in Montana.” I reject that premise. Local people can and do quality video ads. And the pool of skilled help isn’t limited to TV stations, ad agencies, and independent pro videographers. High school students with a Flip camera and iMovie can do it.

              • It’s on message – who crafted the message? High school kids? It’s a sophisticates strategy, probably came from DNC, they are probably doing this all over the country due to uninspired voters.

                • If you have evidence to support your speculation, please publish it. In the meantime, I urge you to explain why you believe that people in Montana don’t have the smarts or skills to do this kind of work.

                  High school students are fully capable of assembling the stills, applying the skills, and executing a script. And there are any number of people living in Montana who can write a good script.

                  I agree that it’s well written and produced.

                  • Well, you know, if I had evidence it would not be speculation.

                    I can always tell local ads from national ones. One, production values (music, sound quality and flow), but beyond that is the psychology. Advertising starts not with a camera, but with a group of experts on motivation who know how to undermine our thought processes. This particular ad is a result of such meetings.

                    The problems Democrats face is apathy. They’ve done nothing for and have shat upon their base, and now need them to come vote. Since they have nothing positive to offer, their only hope is to scare us using the bad cop scenario.

                    Speculation? Maybe. But that was no high school class project. That’s slick stuff – I would assume the basic layout of the ad, the timing, music and framework came from national Democrats, and locally they were told to insert faces of scary people.

                    • Speculation is more fun. Sticking to the facts is more useful.

                    • That’s a good dictum to live by, but when we are not allowed to know facts then speculation is all we have.

                      Better yet, I prefer facts over public utterances of politicians. The latter do not convey useful information, nor does this ad.

                    • Once again, witness the incredible hubris of the self absorbed.

                      Mark, this ad wasn’t made for you, in part because you don’t even live here, and aren’t voting in OUR election. Whether the information is useful to you or not is so far beside the point, that the only one who cares, is you.

                      In truth, the information isn’t “useful” to me either, except as amusement. That amusement is all based on speculation, but at least I see it for what it is. The difference between us, bud, is that I don’t stomp my little feeties and tell everyone else exactly what their supposed to glean from it, or not. You have precisely no tolerance for letting anyone else think for themselves.

                      And for the record, I kinda like ‘Jesus Kailey’. Maybe I’ll change it to be official.

                    • Yes, down here in Colorado, elections are in Chinese and we vote for either 民主党人 or 共和党人.

                      Sorry there Jesus, election themse are universal and manipulative. If not for an election, this would be called “talking points.”

                      The big parties cannot have fifty different wheels being invented, and so centralize some activities, ad templates being one. This ad came from the state committee, but if you follow it backwards, you will find that at least the talking points come from DC, and probably the template itself.

                      That death knell in the background is pretty creepy, and you might even find that they subtly photoshopped the pictures some to make them even creepier.

                      I haven’t told anyone what to think, Mr. Jesus. If you don’t find this information useful, then ignore it. But aren’t you even a tad interesting in how political manipulation works?

                    • Mark, you really don’t seem to understand. 2+2=4. Why is this so difficult for you to grasp? It should be obvious to those of us who pierced the 5th veil, so why don’t you get it? 2+2=4. Maybe I should harangue and insult you for years, and then you will understand that 2+2=4. Aren’t you even a tad interested in how mathematics works?

                      I get your point, dipshit. The only one who doesn’t see that I get your threadbare point is you. The ability to move beyond GO, Collect $200 seems beyond you. You are a sad sad little troll.

                    • Jesus, I don’t think so. One, you are very dense, and two, you don’t see through very much and are easily manipulated, as are most voters. SO even if you did ‘get’ the point, did you think “Yeah, right – like anyone could manipulate Jesus Kailey, a 4.0 philosophy student?” (Yes!!! Piece of cake!)

                    • Now you’re just getting even more full of bullshit. Come on, troll. Let’s you and I have it out. Not here, not at LitW (whoops, they know you’re a troll too), not ECW. Pick your spot, troll. I’ll post your bullshit for the world to see, and you can try to make me look stupid while I present your lame attempts at blaming others for what you obviously have claimed and done. Who do you think is gonna win that fight, kitten? You’re obviously feeling all big and bad, so let’s us do this. Pick your venue, troll.

                    • The very suggestion that you are suggestible makes you go ballistic. That is telling! You get angry and aggressive … Hmmmm.

                      I’m at http://pieceofmind.wordpress.com pretty much 24/7.

                      By the way, WTF are you talking about? I can’t tell from your gibberish … how advertising and PR control our thoughts? Democratic Party is used to lower our expectations? The nature of health insurance and so-called reform? They reason why gradualism is not the antidote, but the poison?

                      Jesus, ‘mon over, Jesus. I’ll leave the light on.

                    • Mark, the last time I posted the proof of you trolling at your website, you deleted it within half an hour. You, the champion of free speech (that is, every time you get yourself banned for being a moron.)

                    • And your proof is that your comment on my website does not exist? Put it up again. I do recall taking one of your comments down, not for content, because I had wrongly decided to “ban” you. I relented. You are stupid and ill-mannered, arrogant and overbearing, but not banned. Have at me. Dick.

  4. Let’s see now….candidates not shooting themselves in the foot by posting anti-gay slurs on Facebook? Candidates not shooting themselves in the foot by writing 700-word, rambling letters to the editors of newspapers? Candidates not posing wearing funny costumes or masks or carrying misspelled signs? Hmm. Who will I be voting for? Who?

  5. Just for the record, they needed somebody better at Photoshop editing. Just saying …

    • It would be very subtle if done – raising an evil eyebrow … since this basic ad is probably running in various forms nationwide, I suppose they don’t have time at national HQ to photoshop all of the evildoers, so that would be done locally by Connor’s high school class.

      Reminds me – have you ever noticed the good/evil look that we all possess? Take someone’s photo, anyone’s, and cover half the face, and then the other. One side will be kind, the other evil with few exceptions.

      Then there’s this: http://www.time.com/time/covers/0,16641,19990405,00.html

      Subtle,eh? Is that an Evildoer or what? And Clinton, man, what a Crimestopper.

      • Yawn. Mark, some people really are assholes. Making them look like assholes in a political ad is not such a bad thing. And I did notice that your awesome intellect couldn’t find any propaganda manipulations in the ad posted; you just had to once again scream and wail that it’s propaganda and THEY (in black helicopters, no doubts) probably did such nasty mind bending stuffages.

        No shit, Sherlock. I’m certain that you’re the only one who’s ever seen anything like it … Yawn.

        • See now, this is exactly what I mean –

          Mark, some people really are assholes. Making them look like assholes in a political ad is not such a bad thing.

          You don’t even know the purpose of the ad. It has nothing to do with the quality of the people involved.

          Ah, never mind. Jesus, you’re too dense.

  6. Good video, Montana Democratic Party. Keep telling the truth about these extremists. I hope it gets wide distribution.

  7. I’m betting there’s a lot more material out there, ripe for the picking and truth-telling. We don’t need to wait for the paid party staffers to dig more up, but let’s welcome their help. In the meantime, write letters to your local newspaper, talk to your kids, cousins, uncles, aunts, neighbors and friends. Send a tip or two to Montana Cowgirl as this blog is proven effective in getting articles about teaparty craziness to go viral. There’s a handy button at the top left of this page.

  8. You think they could have at least hired a professional to put together that ad, the quality was horrible.

  9. Are we going to see where Van Dyk violated the law posted on this blog? Appears he posted a photo of his ballot to his Facebook page, voting for himself. Looks like a violation of MCA 13-35-201.
    13-35-201. Electors and ballots. (1) An elector may not show the contents of the elector’s ballot to anyone after it is marked. An elector may not place any mark upon the ballot by which it may be identified as the one voted by the elector.

    • yes that’s a very important prosecution that must be brought, because god forbid we find out that the candidate is voting for himself.

      • Any candidate that doesn’t vote for herself is a moron-if she can’t support herself, why should we. I support it.

        • I agree – it is a silly law – but it IS the law and he did violate it. Doesn’t matter if he had posted the ballot showing he voted for himself or for CC-2/I-164 or whatever – he broke the law.

          • Mark just feels special because he has reached new levels of cynicism. He’s kid who’s too cool to do his homework because ‘there’s no point.’

            Frankly, I’m not ashamed that good-cop bad-cop works – I’ll take any ‘cop’ that doesn’t kill 100,000 innocent people in a pointless war, rack up trillions in debt with next to nothing to show for it, and doesn’t show complete contempt for homosexuals, minorities, and immigrants. If that means I miss out on Mark’s mysterious idea of the perfect political movement, its a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

        • WTF, CG? Even you should know that someone that doesn’t live in their district cannot vote for themselves.

        • This just reinforces that Van Dyk is childish and immature with this “look at me – I voted for myself” crap and that he does not belong in the Legislature.

  10. Dang it, my wife left her completed mail-in ballot on the kitchen table in plain sight and I accidentally eyeballed it. I love her, but I’m going to have to turn her in. The law is the law.

  11. I think this is a great ad. If the democrats didn’t have the sources, my guess is they wouldn’t run it.

  12. “So we are to take the word (second hand) of an anonomous commenter of an internet blog run by an anonomous blogger that it was a Skees supporter.”
    – by Moorcat

    Uh…you might wanna take a look in the mirror there, hypocrite. What makes you think your anonimty is any better than there’s?

  13. The point here – that I have tried to make before when Cowgirl posts these smear posts – is that by attacking these people from the stance of unsubstanciated smear posts, you end up looking just as wingnut as the people you are attacking. That point has apparently escaped you.

    As I have said before, I would not vote for either Skees or Knox – not because of Cowgirl’s attempts to smear them, but because the substanciated stances these wingnuts have taken are just that – Wingnut. Not all conservatives are wingnuts and it insults those of us that tend toward conservatism every time you guys attempt to say we are. Hell, I was one of Lindeen’s strongest supporters (and still am, BTW), not because she was a conservative, but because she was a hard working REPRESENTATIVE that was willing to listen to the concerns of all her constituants and make educated votes/choices based on representing her constituantcy.

    As far as the anonimity issue, while I don’t agree with Eric’s lame and hamfisted efforts to “out” Cowgirl, he accidently makes the point that for all we know, Cowgirl is a tool of the Montana Democratic Party Machine or connected to a PAC. Her anonimity forces the question – why does she post so many unsubstanciated smear posts. As Wulfgar reminded me when I called her on one of them, she is welcome to run her blog anyway she wants (it was my expectation to find substancial information here, not hers) but he also reminded me that as long as she allows this kind of smear campaigns, I can take what I see here with a large grain of salt. It is my own nature to call Bullshit when I read it.

    • he (Eric) accidently (sic) makes the point that for all we know, Cowgirl is a tool of the Montana Democratic Party Machine or connected to a PAC.

      Right, and for all we know, she’s a fucking mermaid.

      Didn’t you claim that you weren’t going to give this blog any weight? You sure seem to comment a lot, given that this blog is run by a mermaid …

      • Not giving the arguments any weight has little to do with reading or responding to it. Occationally, there is some decent information (like what was posted earlier today about the snowmobile lawsuit – far more information than we were given in our local papers about the suit). Further, this blog (as a gossip blog) seems more active than most of the truely informational sites (like Left in the West and ECW) so it is fun to read. I enjoy reading blogs for entertainment as much as I do for information. The hard part is seperating which is which.

    • Everybody have fun tonight. Everybody Wang Chung tonight.

  14. Your presence is welcome, and you are, of course, welcome to draw your own conclusions at will.

    • In truth, I do not think you are a member of the Montana Democratic Machine nor a paid campaigner for any candidate. I think, in fact, that you embody much what the Tea Party stood for originally – a growing discontent with the political machine, both local and federal – but the left side of the coin, therefore less radical/nutcase and more literate. I actually enjoy your writing even if I don’t agree with it so I return to read your site regularly.

      As far as the anonimity issue, it is certainly your choice. I am the last one to completely fault you for it as I was actually arrested for my views being expressed on my blog. I can understand the desire to stay anonomous. The tradeoff is credibility. I was willing to openly standby what I wrote and I paid the price for it (and given the choice, I wouldn’t change a thing because the public official that had me arrested lost a lot of moral ground when the local paper ran the story).

      Your site is entertaining if nothing else and occationally, I learn something that I don’t see on the more informative blogs. Unlike most in the Montana Blog-O-Sphere, I am not a parisen voter (neither Democrat or Republican) and I like to make my choices based on my own perseptions of the issues.

  15. one has to sift and crush much raw ore to find an ounce of gold. cowgirl has produced quite a bit of gold here.

    i applaud her for her irrepressible spirit in outing haters, racists and social deviants and presenting them to the voters in an unvarnished light so that we may judge.

    some posts fall flat but many hit the mark. in either case, it takes a certain amount of courage and endurance (and a smidge of insanity) to do this stuff right and she does do it right, anonymous or not.

  16. “This first thing liberals do when they can’t use a substantive argument, is resort to name-calling.”
    – Rush Limbaugh

    “Because, moron, I am hardly anonomous.”
    – Moorcat

    • Wow – Rodger quotes Limbaugh. The man is well-read! His status is raised in my eyes! After all, we all know that Limbaugh never resorts to name calling.

  17. the very fact that eric comes here to do damage control for the far right is proof of this blog’s effectiveness. when you are drawing flack you are doing something right.

  18. “And for the record, it’s “theirs”.”
    – Wulfgar

    And you might want to remind your older brother, it’s “occasionally.”

  19. “Unlike most in the Montana Blog-O-Sphere, I am not a parisen voter (neither Democrat or Republican) and I like to make my choices based on my own perseptions of the issues.”
    – Moorcat


    And for the record, it’s “partisan.”

    • In what way is what I wrote Bullshit? I have proven through my voting record that I do not vote a party ticket (not that you would have the faintest clue given your complete lack of information about me). I am curious how or why you claim my statement is Bullshit…

  20. You are welcome to correct my spelling as much as you want. My disgraphia is well documented and while it took me a long time to develop the ability to type at all, be my guest at poking fun at my disability..


  21. In truth, that responce was probably not fair. Disgraphia is far less understood than dislexia. Most people attribute bad spelling to either low intellegence or laziness so it is not that far a stretch to use bad spelling as an excuse to harrass someone.

    In my case, I use a spell/english checker almost constantly. They usually find the letters I miss, the words I miss (my most common mistake) or my mispelled words. Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out how to use my checker when responding to other people’s blog.

  22. We don’t care about spelling in the comments. Comments are supposed to be casual. We care about it among TEA baggers, because they are the ones with the signs that say ‘this is America, speak english’ and all that. If I knew how, I would figure out away to let people edit their own comments, but that would require you all to sign in, and by doing that, you’d be less anonymous, which would be unfair.

    • I stopped apologizing about my spelling mistakes, missed letter and missed words a long time ago. Before I figured out how to use setup a spell checker for my blog, I had my wife proof read all my posts. The insults really haven’t bothered me since I left high school. My posts/comments etc are understandable, even if they do contain mispellings. At least Wulfgar doesn’t have to re-write all my notes like he did when we debated together – my handwriting is horrible. Thank the maker for computers. Now people can understand what I write.

  23. “…be my guest at poking fun at my disability..”
    – Moorcat

    Methinks thou doth whine too much, hypocrite. So stop playing the victim – it doesn’t jive with the macho image you’re trying to portray.

  24. @ Cowgirl;

    So Wulfgar’s not your spelling/grammar Nazi? Good to know.

  25. @ Mark T.;

    Oh yeah. And my favorite Lardbaugh quote, when he was attacking Bill Clinton on a daily basis for eight years, was “Never trust a draft dodger.”

    And Lardbaugh’s military experience?

    Two different deferments; a student deferment, and then after he dropped out of college and lost that, the CHICKENHAWK received a medical from his family physician for a pimple on his ass.

  26. Has anybody noticed that all the things on this ad have been popping up on this blog. So clearly this is just a party front.

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