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  1. ouch

  2. This is so petty, immature, and stupid… I hope you pack tissues on election day cowgirl! You might want the big box.

    • Election day is handicapped for Republicans no doubt, but because of national issues, a pathetic showing by Obama, inept leadership of Democrats in Congress. The state is in solid shape, has never been managed so well fiscally (and don’t take my word for it–just ask Denny Rehberg, your hero, who has credited B.Schweiter and Dems for a solid financial picture, surplus, etc). So why exactly are you so interested in seeing a Republican takeover at the state level?

  3. That is one dam nice mule deer buck Kendall got himself, and with a bow I must say WOW. I hope he hangs it on a wall some place it is a trophy. Im a rifle hunter and Ive never hunted with a bow I like a 30-06 or a 22-250 thats just me so I respect a man who can kill an animal efficatly with a bow and arrow it shows he has man skills. He is truly an outdoorsman

  4. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | October 15, 2010 8:55 PM at 8:55 PM |

    What a low blow!…….LOVE IT!

  5. This is really dumb. This is the best shot you have got? Come on. I rarely agree with you but get a chuckle out of some of your observations. This one is just dumb.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | October 15, 2010 9:07 PM at 9:07 PM |

      Dumb? How so? A picture’s worth a thousand words, and this one speak VOLUMES beyond that! ANY pic is fair game, and just because she juxtaposed these two does NOT make it dumb! Just telling. Pictures can be metaphors. Oily Roy looks exactly like what he is. So does Van Dyk. Now, you simply have to choose. Is that so hard? Is that really dumb? I think that Cgirl has simply simplified the process for the undecideds out there.

    • Come on, have a sense of humor.

  6. I met Van Dyk at the state convention and I met Roy Brown out on the campaign trail back in 08, why is it that Van Dyk seems more real to me then Brown? Im from a very conservative area of the state and to be honest Van Dyk would fit in here, he is a hunter and a ranch rasied person who looks like atleast from his boots that he knows his way around a barn yard. Yet Roy and he can talk all he wants but my father worked oil rigs in the 70s and 80s one of my grandpas worked oil in the 60s plus raised pigs and dairy cows, and 5 of my uncles on both sides of my family worked the rigs all over Eastern Montana, Western North Dakota and Wyoming, and these are tough men, plus Ive got many friends that work the rigs today, and trust me Roy Brown doesnt have a calus on his hands or any proud flesh in fact I dont think Roy has done a day of hard labor in his life. He is not a representation of Montana so the pics are an accurat representation of both men. You have Kendall Van Dyk a mans man and you have Roy Brown, Mr. Rogers of the big oil industry.

  7. I keep expecting Roy to start singing “Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood an beautiful day in the neighborhood would you be mine would you be mine my neighbor”

  8. Back in 2000 the Republicans accused congressional candidate Nancy Keenan of being a lesbian, just because she is a single woman without a family. So if Roy Brown was a Democrat the Republicans if they looked at him they would be saying he was a vegitarian and a queer I know dam good and well they would play that card, so teabaggers and pubies here is a taste of your medicine

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | October 15, 2010 9:44 PM at 9:44 PM |

      I hear ya. How bout that Mike Taylor dude that used to be a hairdresser? Pubbie’s got ALL knotted up in their knickers when the Dems had the audacity to use ACTUAL FOOTAGE from Mike’s own commercial making him look like a light in the loafers proverbial gay hairdresser! It was funny, just as the man purse thing is. But hey, maybe Oily Roy’s on his way to slay a deer in that plaid sweater and man purse! Maybe he’s got a big Bowie knife in there, and he’s gonna wrestle a deer to ground and slit its throat withOUT a gun! No need for a bow OR a gun for Oily Roy, just a man purse and a set of balls as big as Montana! It’s possible!……..but highly unlikely!

      • Mike Taylor was the most anyoing candidate to be involved in Montana politics in my lifetime. He actually forced me to vote for Max Baucus. First he did the Teddy Roosevelt impersonation way too much, and he is nothing like TR. Then all he did was bitch and moan for his whole campaign and had an anyoing voice and his commercials made me cringe, then finally Montana Dems put one ad out and he quit like and bitched moaned and wined for two years then we never heard from him ever again.

    • You’re missing the point. It isn’t about making fun of a candidate that happens to be a Republican, or payback for what happened to Nancy Keenan, or giving them a taste of their own medicine… this is gay baiting. This is making fun of gays for political points. This is crapping on a huge segment of Democratic base. Bigger picture, folks!

  9. Man, that is funny. I almost choked on my TV diner.

  10. Cowgirl, you know I love you more than I love my luggage, but come on. Why are you gay baiting? This is a feminist blog. Roy Brown: vegetarian, not really a hunter, wears lots of argyle = just as much of a man as Kendal van Dyk.

    This kind of message only sets us back, and slaps some progressive allies in the face.

  11. This is the gay baiting crap that I have had enough of. If I lived in Billings, I’d most certainly vote for Kendall van Dyk! Brown is no friend of, well, most of the human rights issues I advocate for during the session. But his fondness for argyle, messenger-ish man purse bags and his only-too-recently acquired hunting license, not to mention famed vegetarianism, means what, exactly? That he’s too “faggy” for Montana? Why are progressives using coded language? Eastern Montana has gay and lesbian voters, trans voters, allied voters. Don’t slap us in the face.

    • Roy is a wealthy out-of-state oil executive, who who spends his time in the legislature trying to help out of state oil companies get tax breaks, even when they are making more money than any industry in the history of mankind. And he tries to syphon hunting license money to cover for the resulting deficit, even when those funds are supposed to go toward protecting hunting land. Has nothing to do with sexuality, sorry to say.

  12. After the many pixels spent talking about feminist views and not judging people by their appearence/gender on this blog, I was wondering when someone was going to speak up. Does it make one a “Man” to go out and shoot furry things (even if you use a bow)? Does it make one not a man if you carry a laptop case over your shoulder? I guess I just don’t get it. There is no question that I am a man but I haven’t hunted in over two decades. I can put 24 arrows in a 3″ circle at 40 yards with a 60 lb horsebow but am I not a man if I don’t do that to an elk? You are guilty of what you have accused your opponents of doing. That is disgusting and somewhat disappointing.

  13. I guess it is pointless in a partisan environment, but again, Roy Brown is a nice man, a smart and successful man, who simply sees the world differently than you or me. I would not vote for him, but he would not vote for me either. If you were to have coffee with him, when you got back to your office you would quickly discard the idea of putting up a childish insult like this.

  14. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | October 16, 2010 8:09 AM at 8:09 AM |

    Oh ferchrissake! It’s a JOKE, people! As with all jokes, some you like and some you don’t! I happen to LOVE humor, even humor that offends! I found this one funny, and I am COMPLETELY for gay rights! I don’t think that this is gay baiting at all. If anything, it’s WIMP baiting! Look, my gay pals, but YOU’RE logic, all wimps are gays. Well, I guess that I would have to disagree. Not ALL wimps are gay! Or, if your prefer, it could be nerd baiting! But gay baiting? Only to the most sensitvie among us. Geez, I would HATE to be as humorless as you folks. Tough way to live.

    And once again, I see absolutely NOTHING wrong with giving the Pubbies a little of their own medicine! If you don’t like that, just read the posts you agree with. You go, Cowgirl! There are MANY of us immature dems out here that still love silly humor! That’s part of what makes your site attractive. I will never apologize for my sense of humor. Hell, I still love a good fart joke! And as Twain said, “Against the power of laughter, nothing can stand”. Oily Roy NEEDS to be made fun of!

  15. using the tactics of the right makes the user no better than them. i tend to agree with jamee, queery and mark. i once read a book by a cover when i was younger. a certain merchant in town tended to wear expensive and very showy western clothes.everything about him screamed “just came from california to play cowboy”

    then i spent an afternoon with him. he was different than me. not the same values at all. but a decent and very much native montanan who grew up on a ranch and actually did rodeo in his youth. still an expert rider.

    felt like an idiot. i think any one of us can be caught in a candid moment that we would not be proud of. we don’t have to read their book all the way to the end to know we cannot support or vote for them, but our political enemies are human beings and deserve the same respect that we would demand.

  16. Why is that when you say you are a Democrat and a hunter people get a confused look on their faces? Im a Democrat, a gun owner, a hunter, a small business person to an extent, and from a ranching family, yet I consider myself very normal. I volunteer at my local gun club, I go to church on Sundays usually, and I live in a small community in Eastern Montana, oh and I work in the natural resource development industry. Yet today I can relate to Kendall Van Dyk, yet the Republicans in my hometown they would vote for Roy Brown even though he is a city boy through and through, Im not saying he is queer because I dont believe he is, but he most defintetly is a city boy. And these pictures show that

  17. Wow, next you’re going to tell Roy Brown to grow some balls and to quit being such a woman about everything.

    I hereby render everything you’ve ever said about misogynistic talk completely moot – even though I actually agreed with it at the time. So the next time someone tells you to buck up and stop being such a girl, be sure to have a “sense of humor” about it, OK? The next time you’re discriminated against in the workplace, just go with the flow, OK?

    You are a hack, Cowgirl. And you seem all too willing to sacrifice your own principles for the sake of both political expediency and a joke.

    You’re part of the problem.

  18. I have no problem calling out elitists for what they are. Get over it.

    • Wow… now you’re talking about “elitism.” That’s rich. You know, I have this feeling about you… if everyone in both parties switched overnight from R to D and D to R, you’d still be supporting the D’s no matter what.

      Mindless hackery.

      • i don’t see what is wrong with exposing hypocrites, racists, profiteering oil men, and outright lunatics running for office in montana, steve t.

        cowgirl might not be perfect. none of us is perfect in the execution. but i think saying that her heart is not in the right place is a bit much don’t you?

        she has exposed a lot of cockroaches and militant white supremist homophobes out there recently. just what have you done to staunch the hate lately, steve that gives you the right to hurl rocks?

        enlighten us.

        • “i don’t see what is wrong with exposing hypocrites, racists, profiteering oil men, and outright lunatics”

          None of which she was doing here. She was going after a dude’s manliness because he carries a laptop instead of slaughtering animals with high-powered weapons.

          And I wouldn’t give two shits had I not watched her excorciate countless other bloggers for similar misogynistic bullshit directed at her favored candidates. All of whom responded to her with the same “lighten up,” and “it’s just a joke” bullshit. They were dead wrong then, and she is dead wrong now.

          And spare me the “what have you done lately” bullshit, p-bear. Your delusions of grandeur aside, I’m pretty sure we’re on the exact same page on that front. In fact, I think if you changed your ways solely by using capital letters from time to time like the rest of us, you’d increase your effectiveness over national and local politics tenfold. (10 X 0 = 0)

          But hey, don’t worry about any of the stuff I said just now, p-bear. It’s just a joke.

          • you are wrong and you are being malicious. consider this a warning. the point of this post is to compare Brown’s country club elitism with Kendall’s Montana roots. your attempt to read something else into it to attack me is tiresome and off base.

            • I’m being malicious. I’ve been warned.

              This post, however, was the epitomy of reason.

              I’ve never been banned from a blog before, but I’d be happy to make this my first go of it.

              Cowgirl, you are a mindless, malicious hack. And I’ve never once seen you admit when you’ve crossed the line – something we all should have to do once in a while.

              Oh, and you’re a hypocrite. Remember, I agreed wholeheartedly with you when you told people to stop being mysoginistic on your blog. At least one of us is being consistent here.

              • No matter how tedious you get, I have the right to call out Roy Brown for being a fake hunter, for only getting a hunting license to get elected, for being a country-clubber whose home is featured in elitist decorating magazines, and in short, for being out of touch with the people in his district and more at home in a big city somewhere. You’re the one reading into this post something that isn’t there.

                • “I have the right to call out Roy Brown for being a fake hunter, for only getting a hunting license to get elected, for being a country-clubber whose home is featured in elitist decorating magazines, and in short, for being out of touch with the people in his district…”

                  None of which you were doing here. But nice job of moving the goalposts.


          • “it’s just a joke.”

            exactly what i consider it.

            • A local radio host in Denver suggested that they be allowed to build the mosque in NYC and then we hijack an airliner and fly it into it. His audience yelled and applauded. Then there was a public uproar and Olbermann named him worst person and then he said it was “just a joke” and god just get a sense of humor.

              Cowgirl was criticizing Brown because of his personal appearance. Very shallow. And anyway, I think the guy on the left looks like a Palin supporter, which seems a turn on for the CG. Is she closeted redneck?

  19. hyperbole is the essence of blogging. lord knows i am guilty of it continually. we put our stuff out there and sometimes it works. sometimes it doesn’t.

    the sad thing is that blogs about lady gaga and bret favre are much more popular than any political blogs, by a factor of 10 or more. it is difficult to get any attention without picking up the tools of the extremists. but i guess i am saying that the 95% of good work you do is not in any way negated by a post which is misunderstood or taken badly. keep up the good work cg.
    it is endless and it certainly doesn’t pay but i’ll be trying right along with you.

  20. First I want to say Im sorry I brought up sexuality in my posts last night. In no way what so ever was these pictures to be brought up as sexual in nature because they are not. Also to any Gays Lesbians or Bisexuals or Transgender people if Ive offended you Im sincerely and humbly sorry. But even with my appology these photos still show a difference between these two candidates. One is a hunter a sportsman, a country person who is also comfortable in an urban setting. One shows a city boy a country club elitist who probley doesnt know the first thing about a barn yard or the back side of a cow, or doesnt even know the difference between a 30-06 and a bb gun, yet the NRA favors Republican candidates, so does the stockgrowers association, outfitters and guides association and Montana Farm Buruea just to name a few. Yet Kendall probley knows more about the hills then Roy Brown, Derek Skees and Jimmy Knox combined

  21. that’s a very good point farmboy. stockgrowers and nra will back roy brown, even though kendall was a 4H kid, grew up on a ranch, and has been firing weapons his whole life.

    • And yet, Kendall doesn’t believe anyone is responsible enough to carry concealed without a permit in HIS district.

      It’s OK for HIM to “fire weapons” because he is responsible – he just doesn’t trust the rest of us.

      The source for that is his house floor testimony on HB228 “terrible bill, just terrible”.

      Keep this psychotic child that cannot control his temper in house committees where he belongs – on his ranch and in the woods. It is he that is “intellectually small”, not the opponents that testify against his bills.

  22. You can attempt to characterize this post any way you want, Cowgirl. Unfortunately for you, those Characterizations FAIL utterly. The captions you added to the pictures (“Man” and “Man Purse”) are completely and utterly gay bating and attempt to call into question Brown’s “manliness”. You are utterly guilty of the thing you spend a great deal of time talking about on this Blog – Hypocrisy.

  23. Trying to characterize somebody as “gay” for carrying a laptop case trying to imply that if they were gay, they are somehow lesser is exactly as cool as the bullies that led to that string of suicides– that is to say, not cool at all. Let’s act like adults, not middle-school bullies. If Roy Brown is half a man, he’ll denounce this sophmoric blog and the immature clowns behind it.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | October 17, 2010 9:22 AM at 9:22 AM |

      Gay? Nah. Just nerdy! We had a guy who looked just LIKE Oily Roy and his man purse in High School, except that he carried a brief case…IN HIGH SCHOOL! Only a true NERD carried a briefcase in high school! And he always sat in the front row. So, when he was engrossed in the lectures, we used to carefully slide his briefcase down the aisle from kid to kid until it reached the back of the room. Then, when no one was looking, out the open window it went! Oh GOD that was funny! At the end of class the poor nerd could not find his briefcase anywhere! There was nothing gay about it. Just nerdy! That poor slob with the briefcase looked a LOT like Oily Roy and his man purse! Get it. It’s funny! Hey, no one ASKED Oily Roy to run for office. If you’re gonna run, DON’T whine when someone points out that you’re carryin’ a MAN PURSE! That’s the NERD’S resposne! Own up to it! You go, Cowgirl! Keep hammerin’ the nerds! Unfortunately for Oily Roy, there’s no teacher here to give you dentetion!!

  24. Shouldn’t you be calling Roy out on his positions and his voting history, and not whether he fits cultural expectations about manliness?

    Perhaps you should call out some of our female Senators on their clothing choices next. How about Diane Sands – why does that woman have such a butch haircut? Let’s elect a REAL woman.

    Cowgirl, I’m sure you have had men talk down to you about your experiences of sexism – because they don’t perceive it, it doesn’t exist. Now your readers are telling you that your post was homophobic, and you’re essentially plugging your ears and yelling that you can’t hear them. This is a disappointing reaction.

  25. kelly-just cuz you say it’s homphopic, don’t make it so.

  26. And that brings up the question – who gets to define what is homophobic? Apparently in this case, straight people do. Just as white people get to define what is racist, and men get to define what is sexist. But it doesn’t work so well that way, does it?

    I’m not sure how exactly you can argue that saying a man is not a man because he has a “man purse” is not homophobic. Pls advise.

  27. YES, Cowgirl. You are right: Brown might have thrown the first barbs at Kendall and unfairly labeled him “Tax Hike van Dyk.” Brown acted like a jerk, and it is fair to respond.

    So, you tried to throw back at him. Except you didn’t use an argument of substance or value. No, instead you threw me at him. You threw my LGBT friends at him. You threw a considerably active and engaged group within the Democratic base at him. And for what gain?

    I don’t think you are homophobic. But there are a lot of feminists in Montana who will have zero faith in what you write from now on. And everyday you have a chance to gain that trust back by acknowledging you made a mistake, that you, perhaps unintentionally, threw a community under the bus in the heat of a campaign season’s vitriol and fuss. But instead you keep posting more demeaning language to LGBT folks and digging a deeper hole for yourself.

    Whatever potential anti-gay, anti-feminist votes, if any, are picked up for Kendall by making fun of men who are effeminate, “elitist” or “stylish” or “sissies”– let’s just say “faggy” — none of those votes are worth the damage done to the LGBT community in return. While we have seen considerable gains in recent years, LGBT Montanans still face serious and substantial oppression from many directions – including a misperception that LGBT people shouldn’t run for office because our sexual orientation or gender identity will made a campaign target by opponents. The implications from this “Roy Brown is a sissy” tactic are simple: why should gay people remain involved in politics, civic engagement or anything in the public sphere when we’re not even real Montanans? When our men aren’t manly enough, or our women too butch, to be real Montanans?

    This excuse that you are targeting his “elitism” — while from your heart, I bet you genuinely think you are — is really just coded homophobia. Perhaps ones “elitism” is a subscription to the Economist, an advanced degree from an institution of higher education, a liking of wine over beer, or a dislike of shooting animals for sport; but some Montanans will use other words to describe the thing you call “elitism.” None of those words help the LGBT community, the progressive movement – nor will they activate anybody in the Democratic base at a time when the base is needed more than ever before.

  28. cowgirl- now might be a good time for a mea culpa. lord knows i have done quite a few in my short tenure at 4&20 – much worse offenses than yours i might add.

    it will be painful at first but you’ll feel better and get better as a result of it. the s.o. has to hit me longside the head every once in awhile to learn me some manners when i am getting too caught up in partisanship. she tells me that it ruins my credibility with reasonable people who normally support my views. she is always right. i think jamee is giving you an opening here. i would take hold of the olive branch.

    i have to admit it made me pretty uncomfortable too. we all need editors.

    i feel for ya kid. in support. pb

  29. Cowgirl – you crossed a line. If you don’t know that, you are quite dense. You went after Roy Brown based on personal appearance, and then even threw in Macho Man to boot. All very un-feminist, in violation of your own core beliefs.

    Fair enough. We all screw up. People tell me that I do. But your hands-over-the-ears defense makes it all the worse, and has really taken you down in terms of ability to self-reflect and think properly.

    By the way, that cartoon girl you use at the top of your website really has a nice set on her. Ya think?

  30. You think that one so sensitive about women’s issues would not harp on personal appearance or judge men based on apparent manliness

    No Mark, you think that. That’s because you have no concept beyond your own little brainy works. That would be because you’re intentionally dumb, and rather arrogant about it. Now ‘m being Captain Obvious. Sorry, pal. But, obvious is obvious.

    • Pardon me for not being precise in my wording, captain Obtuse:

      “You would think” is out now, and “one would think” is in. The “one” would refer to an objective observer.

      I really have to spell things out for you – interesting thing about you – you lack ability to deal with nuance, an authoritarian trait.

  31. By Mark T;
    “Why do you follow me around?”

    Because he’s a lonely troll.

    And an asshole.

  32. Let’s stop worrying about a photo for the next couple weeks and go work our asses off for progressive candidates.

  33. Seriously, people. Get a sense of humor. I would almost bet that most of the people commenting here are the same ones who flood the Gazette and other papers with your Pro-Roy rants. Ironically, the pictures that have raised such a stink here are provided by the candidates. They chose what they wore and what they were doing in them. AND it is called a ‘man-purse.” Yes, this has turned something somewhat comical (can’t say it was brilliant but it was funny) into something where people are trying to paint a very cynical picture. It’s a dark path indeed – and one where Roy’s supporters are heavily involved in the muckraking Roy says he isn’t part of.

  34. It looks more like a laptop bag than a purse… are you suggesting a ‘man’ can’t have a computer?

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