Rehberg’s Fundraising Report

Denny Rehberg’s campaign fundraising and expense report has just come out, and it looks like Denny might have gone on another bender.

The report contains enormous sums of food and drink expense entries like “Montana Lil’s Casino-$95” or “Congressional Liquor–$25”, or “Capitol Grille, $1795.” All in all, entertainment seems to account for about 75% of the quarter million dollars spent this cycle. The Cat’s Paw, Choppers Pub and Grub, Bucks T4.  It goes on and on.  Truth is I don’t blame Denny. Why not enjoy yourself if you haven’t a competitive race?  About $10K was spent at “Cash Creek Casino Resort” in Brooks, California.

But the big ticket item is $23,000 for a blowout at Spanish Peaks resort, which is especially strange given that there was a similar event at Spanish Peaks, for a similar price tag, in an earlier campaign report. The best part of the Spanish Peaks thing is the dozen or so entries for $50 or $75 or like amounts, spent at the Conoco station at Big Sky on the same day as the big bash.  They probably ran out of beer at the fundraiser, and needed to take emergency action.

Erik Iverson, who is heading a new PAC that is attacking Democrats in legislative races, seems to be up to mischief, having received over $40,000 this quarter from Rehberg’s campaign war chest.  Lot’s of money is also shown going to a range of “consulting” firms most of which are located in the DC area, which could be for just about anything, including the outrageous push calls now circulating around the state and aimed at Democratic legislative candidates. Also a lot of money paid to “Special Projects” listed at 400 N. California, Helena, MT. Unclear what that entity is.

And once again, Rehberg spent pretty much everything he raised. This is a bizarre phenomenon that has recurred over several quarterly periods, and makes no sense at all. I did offer an explanation a while back that perhaps Rehberg is simply pre-paying his obligations for a run for Governor, using federal money since he isn’t allowed to carry any of that over into a gubernatorial race.  Certainly if he’s running against Tester, he’d be saving every nickel since he could use his House war chest for a Senate run.  Tester would be a formidable opponent, perhaps Rehberg’s already ducked out.  Very strange doings. Stay tuned to this blog for more analysis in this regard; you won’t find any of this mentioned in Montana papers, because Rehberg has them in his pocket, and reporters are barred from covering interesting matters such as these.


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  1. Rehberg can spend his money how ever he wants, if you guys had put up a real opponent, maybe things would be different.

  2. Ingemar Johansson | October 18, 2010 7:12 AM at 7:12 AM |

    Nice to know what Denny’s spending.

    The White never did release the total cost figures on the First Ladies trip to Spain.

  3. The law requires that political campaign expenditures by candidates be disclosed.

  4. Rehberg is to lazy to be a gov. All he does now is sit in the back and vote no. A governor has to work hard every day. Sorry CG, not buying this.

  5. I live a few miles from the Cache Creek Casino, and I just started reading this blog a few weeks ago.

    I sense a conspiracy….

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