The Montana GOP Hypocrite of the Week Award Goes to….

Lee Randall calls himself a Representative.…Lee Randall, the do-nothing legislator from House District 39.

Even though the good people of Eastern Montana granted Randall the title of “Representative” for the district, “Representative” Randall’s website doesn’t appear to contain a single word about about “working for you” or the importance of the ideas and concerns of other people besides himself.  In fact, Randall writes that the very idea of compromise is something he views as “sacrificing freedom.” (You are, however, encouraged to help him get elected.)

With this kind of attitude, it’s a wonder Randall passed a single bill.  Oh, he didn’t. Randall managed to make a few speeches, collect his expense checks and accomplish exactly nothing.  Nor apparently could he stand up and be accountable for his actions, instead he skipped out on two public forums.

For calling himself a Representative, and turning that title into a farce, we bestow upon Lee Randall is the Montana Cowgirl Blog’s GOP Hypocrite of the Week Award.  Many happy returns.   Randall faces Democratic challenger C.W. Drew in the race for House District 39.


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  1. Lee sponsored HB 625 – a Right to Work bill which Speaker Bergren refused to allow to be heard. Lee also sponsored HB 592 – a bill against NAIS that passed the House 98/ and was killed in the Senate.

    We need more “do nothing” reps like Lee.

    • Sponsoring 2 bills and passing none of them with a tied house and a Republican majority in the senate is nothing to brag about. But in one session he did sponsor more bills then Rehberg did in nearly a decade.

  2. If by “right to work” you mean eliminate unions, then no, that is not what we need. The 40 hour work week, child labor laws, and the minimum wage are good things.

    • A lot of unions have outlived their usefulness. The majority of union workers are in government and not the private sector. I suspect you fall into that category.

      And just for your information, Right to Work does not eliminate unions. It just makes membership voluntary and not forced.

      When companies do a buyout of a business in 6 states and 5 of them are RTW and MT is not and they close the MT office, do you see a problem?

      Just for the record, I think minimum wage is a horrible idea. Child labor laws are a good thing – but we have no say in Mexico or China. Tell the French a 40 hour work week is a good thing – they will laugh at you.

      • “Unions” per se can be two-edged in that they advance the general well-being but at the same time hold some slackers in security. It is the latter aspect that business people dwell on – they paint all of unionism as a slacker movement. But the smarter ones know that it is not the slackers that are the problem, but rather the power that comes from organizing. Owners want a compliant work force, and the best way to achieve this is to threaten each worker individually. No one individual can stand up to that kind of power. Many joining hands can.

        That companies can pick and choose among states and go to those where unions are weakest to set up plants? You think that a virtue? You would have found during the heyday of unionism that the strongest economies existed in union states, and weakest in RTW ones. Like, say, the south. It’s not one-to-one correlation – just enough to show that your idea that choosing 5 of the 6, and 6th being Montana is not a problem for Montana, but for the other five.

        In short, unions are a good thing, but it is in the interest of business to convince us that they are a bad thing.

      • Really? I’d like to see you survive on even a minimum wage job, let alone below it! Meanwhile we bailout corporations so they can give their CEO’s million dollar bonuses while unemployment runs out. Poor rich republicans!

  3. He is a ginger. They have no souls.

  4. Hey! Only a ginger can call another ginger ginger!

  5. I was at two of those forms and most of them are being put on by the Tea party Mr. Drew a Democrat shows up but Mr Randall does not what gives here?

  6. I just heard that Mr. Randall is not going to be at the candidates form at Circle either, apparently too busy in South Dakota. Is he a chicken?

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