2 Comments on "How Low Will a Whitefish GOP Candidate Go?"

  1. Whitefish Resident | October 20, 2010 6:51 AM at 6:51 AM |

    This one is more like how low will you folks go to make something what it is not. I feel bad for the person who wrote an email to a candidate only to have that email used as part of a smear. And then to insult the writer? I now feel confident to send an email to Hammerquist asking my questions, NOT! is this his measure of honor?

  2. I recieved one of those calls and the caller was clearly from the USA not another country as Hammerquist reported, as a matter of record, I have recieved repeated calls- all of them from Democrat bases, to put the blame for Hammerman not knowing what his party or his pac is doing is clearly a little crybaby tactic. Not falling for it! You can try to lay blame elsewhere but the ties go back to you Hammerquist. Just like the NValley PAC with officers in the PAC being key campaing supporters funded through the Montana Democrat Party via Democratic Legislators Alumni Association. The Six degrees of seperation are not enough to keep your hands clean of the PAC involvement!

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