Media Analysis: A Bird in the Hand is a Problem for Roy

Sorry to revisit what I know is a very sensitive subject lately, and I hope I don’t give further offense by doing so.  But Roy Brown looks like he could be in big trouble with the hunting community.

In a new TV ad that is playing in Billings, the Values Energy and Growth PAC has unloaded on Roy Brown, very fairly it appears, unlike the dishonest crap that Roy and his conservative buddies have put up on TV lately.

For some reason this photo of Roy in hunting garb was not made into an issue by Schweitzer or the Democratic party in 2008, probably because the race was never competitive.

Too bad, because it’s definitely a juicy plum.  At first glance it’s simply a campaign photo of Roy in hunting garb, holding some dead geese.  The impression we are supposed to get is that Roy is a sportsman, a big bird-hunter, who will defend the rights of other sportsmen, by wearing his camouflage, his boots and his dorky looking outfit. The photo is now on his state campaign website, where he uses it to imply his “conservative” hunting and gun and outdoor credentials so that wing-nuts like Gary Marbut don’t abandon him.  As we all know, Kendall also has some hunting photos of himself, with various trophies such as deer, elk, turkeys, etc, on his own page.

So one might think it’s a case of dueling camouflage and carcasses.

But alas for poor Roy, there is an unfortunate fact that has been revealed: Roy never hunted in Montana in recorded history (as far back as hunting license information is obtainable, which is to 1989) until 2006 when, coincidentally, he began preparing for his Governor’s run and also faced a rare Senate challenge, from Margie McDonald who had big Dem support.

So, Roy went out and bought a few hunting tags for to protect his political viability, and either shot some geese or had someone else shoot them for him.

The TV ad raises this unfortunate set of facts, but more importantly, it highlights Kendall’s tremendous track record defending hunting land and stream access in Montana. Kendall authored the most important public access law in the state’s history in 2007, and the ad shows Van Dyk, Schweitzer and Bullock at a signing ceremony along a river.

It also shows Kendall with his 4H cow as a ranch kid, an image many voters will probably enjoy.

In the main, this ad sheds a little light on the fact that Roy is a manipulative politician and campaigner.  Maybe people will be more apt to accept the other criticisms of him now, the bad things he’s done as senator, like his votes against choice, against women (like this classic, when he took a “punish the slut” attitude on rape incidents involving teenage girls), against clean energy, against education, and against small businesses rather than big oil companies.  And not to mention Roy’s outrageous claims that Kendall is a “radical environmentalist” simply because he works for an organization that tries to protect ancestral family ranch lands from being destroyed by industry.

Roy is not an outdoors guy, and there is nothing wrong with that at all.  But don’t pose for pictures that imply you are. It’s fraudulent, and so Roy should put the gun away.

Nice job by Chris Cady, who is listed as the treasurer of the Values PAC, for getting at the truth. Exactly who Cady is is a bit of a mystery, but he clearly likes the jugular.


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  1. Since this article and the Ad mention stream access issues and Kendall’s 2007 bill (which Cowgirl claims is “the most important public access law in the state’s history”) I thought I’d provide some background.

    The Montana Supreme Court ruled that ranchers had NO right to attach fences to highway bridges since,
    obviously, they’re on public rights-of-way. Moreover, anglers (and others) DO have the right to access streams where those bridges cross the waterways.

    This all makes perfect sense, since the state owns the riverbeds and up to the high water mark, so “stream access,” which was a 1985 bill, by the way, is guaranteed.

    Kendall’s 2007 bill actually provided less access for anglers because he and his cohorts at FWP decided that ranchers could attach their fences to the bridges, but that they’d have to allow FWP to spend sportsman/woman’s dollars to build passageways either through or over the fences. So instead of ranchers having to build the access points through their illegal fences, we Montanans get to pay for it from our license fees.

    Of course, MCV and some others declared this great “environmental” victory that has little to do with the environment and it isn’t a victory…we actually gave stuff up we didn’t have to. Then again, since the Dems basically got their asses handed to them for the last couple sessions on enviro issues, this is the kind of stuff that passes as a victory these days. Thanks.

  2. No hunting for 30 years, and then a goose and cammos. That should finish Roy off. Sounds like he’s doing an impression of John Kerry.

    • You know what I’d like to see? Pictures of these rugged outdoorsmen actually plucking/skinning and gutting their kills. I don’t have the first doubt that KvD has done it several times. He’s actual hunter, and shares in the Montana life style. Same with the despicable Joe Balyeat, even when he poached an elk on Ted Turner’s land. But see, this is the thing. When they do the really not fun part of hunting (that’s not always true in that I actually enjoy skinning) they are actually proving that they are killing for a reason. I don’t really care whether it’s meat or enjoyment or communing with the outdoors; mostly it’s all of the above. Just show me that those guys are out there to kill for a reason less base than just proving what a ‘man’s man’ they are, sharing ‘our values’ which they don’t and all. So, I really want to see a picture of some politician with his bloodied arm scooping the guts out the cavity of a Canadian honker, or covered in wet smelly feathers having dipped that bird in the boiling water of a 20 quart stock pot.

      Or how ’bout this? A picture of a smiling, if sheepish, politico coming off a hunt all sweaty and dirty and he totally got skunked … but land sakes what a great time he had.

  3. Now that’s a real hunter for you. Roy is a buffoon.

  4. First–Isn’t this a rosie picture…

    Second, it seems that your access to good info has dried up. On top of all of that, Matt is correct the 1985 bill was the biggest victory in history.

    Instead of taking people at their word, maybe you should double check on Roy. I bet he has had conservation and hunting licenses more then Kendall lets on.

    Just some random thoughts from this Mom’s head.

  5. No, Walt’s really funny. Nothing like that here.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | October 20, 2010 9:03 PM at 9:03 PM |

      No, it’s really ME! We Rangers like to dress up in drag in our down time when we’re not blowin’ corporate polluter’s shit up! It’s kind of a hobby of ours!

  6. Folks, its none of the above, thanks for asking, thanks for refraining from baseless allegations against people or you will not be welcome.

  7. Patriots right… good is an amazing little tool.
    I guess no one got my little hint about a ‘rosie’ picture…
    Patriot gave you livingston, I gave you rosie.

    • “good” is an amazing little tool, and so are you. See my comment to patriot above. Feel free to email me for the proof of how wrong you are, before you continue to stalk the wrong person.

  8. All of your are wrong. Stop implicating people who have no involvement. I don’t want to get complaints from people you’re attempting to link to this blog for your own petty political games or your comments will be deleted.

    • MT Cowgirl: You’d have to expect that if you run an anonymous blog and post the type of things that you do (much of it attacking, much of it overtly one-sided political in nature) that some people would wager a guess at the real identities of the people who post here under the “Montana Cowgirl” name. These are hardly “baseless allegations.” After all, you folks running this blog created this very situation and dynamic with your anonymous postings.

      In that light, I’ve heard from numerous sources that “Montana Cowgirl” is a joint effort between Jessica Rhoades and Eric Stern.

      The easiest way for you to solve these types of “allegations” is just to come clean or significantly scale back some of the type of content on this site. Of course, you folks could just chose to erase this comment or prevent me from ever commenting again. We’ll see what happens.

  9. My favorite part is how ol’ oily Roy’s pants are about 4 inches too short. That is vintage political photo-op oversight. He must have had to borrow the pants from the big boy next to him. Roy is one stuffed goose. I am surprised he still doesn’t have his manpurse on.

    • Not defending anyone here, but just pointing out that I actually make a practice of having my hunting pants too short. I know many hunters who do the same thing. Heck, look at most historical photos featuring hunters or backcountry travelers, they likely had short pants on too. I’ve found that having some “high waters” in the backcountry, rather than a normal fitting pant-length, is drier, cleaner and quieter. Thanks.

  10. Cowgirl is becoming a hovering threat – a little bit of power (having her own blog) and quite predictably she cannot resist using it. Calm down. It’s just a blog, a fart in a wind storm. You do know that, don’t you?

    If you cannot look at a political ad – any! political ad, and see psychological manipulation as a substitute for political discourse, then you are a fool. The best thing for all of us to do is use our DVR’s to skillfully skip all ads, all speeches, all debates, and simply look at interests. Who is buying these people? If they are not bought, vote for them, no matter the party.

    And good luck at that.

    • Or you could watch the ads, understand them for what they are, and either laugh or groan in agony. I don’t think you are really saying anything that the type of people that read a political blog haven’t already figured out. But you do seem to be a known troll.

      What if I gave money to some of the candidates and so technically they have been bought by me. Can I vote for them in that instance?

      • Let’s see, I use my real name, Mr. Ruby, and I am the troll. Gotcha.

        …the type of people that read a political blog haven’t already figured out.

        Did you even read the post above your comment or the succeeding comments? They sort of disprove your point, troll.

        • Yeah they all seem to indicate reasonably intelligent people either laughing at or defending Roy Brown due to the content of the commercial which was the point of the post as I see it. I don’t see anybody being psychologically manipulated, just people who have already made up their minds and poking fun at the candidates and each other. Also a few posts discussing the merits of the stream access bill and the secret identities of the blog owner. Im sure it makes you feel important to imagine you are educating people though. Aren’t you in your 60s? Isnt that kind of old to be an internet troll? Just askin.

          • You talk about people who have already made up their minds. They are known as the “base” – these are the people who actually cheer and jeer at debates like it was a football game. Honest, I sat in a pizza parlor in Bozeman in 2004 and listened as people watched the Bush-Kerry debate, and they were drinking it up and acting just like football fans. There is tremendous personal validation in elections.

            But the target of advertisements is not the base, and yes, they are psychologically manipulative, and hint, Mr. Ruby, if they work, you don’t know it. Each ad has a surface gloss and an embedded message, the latter well-crafted and aimed at a target audience. Some are better than others. In Montana I think they passed a law, in 1953 with the advent to TV, that every candidate has to appear in red/black plaid with a gun. That, and they ahve to whore out their families as window dressing.

            Educating people? Get real – I just comment as the parade passes by. Every now and then someone realizes that the real fun is on the curb watching fools pass by.

            • My point being that the posters on this blog would for the most part be pretty accurately classified as being of ‘the base’ (whether the right or left), therefore not the targets of the ads and not ‘fooled’ by them.

              Yet the point of your self-important lessons on campaign ads is to try and educate all of us on their true purpose. The implication being that we don’t already know that. And now you claim that was never your intent all along. So clearly your obvious intent is merely to troll.

              • Well, if we all already know it, why is no one else saying it? Please – these are blogs – people are well into saying things they don’t know, much less things they do.

                Advertising culture is the air we breathe, our thought culture. We parse these ads as if they had intellectual content. But they a re not. They are manipulative, and the odd thing is that they are the sum total of our elections. Nothing else of importance is going on. They are us. We do not think. We vote, but that is only the effect of manipulation, and not a sentient act.

  11. Manufactured outrage is fun! Jump, doggies, jump!

  12. Like I said, you can’t make baseless accusations against people who aren’t public officials. These comments are being taken down–I’m not going to mess with legal problems.

    • Fine, so you deleted the comment I made here at 9:16 am that contained the names of two individuals that numerous sources have told me manage this blog.

      However, I’ll re-post the rest of my comment below:

      MT Cowgirl: You’d have to expect that if you run an anonymous blog and post the type of things that you do (much of it attacking, much of it overtly one-sided political in nature) that some people would wager a guess at the real identities of the people who post here under the “Montana Cowgirl” name. These are hardly “baseless allegations.” After all, you folks running this blog created this very situation and dynamic with your anonymous postings.

      The easiest way for you to solve these types of “allegations” is just to come clean or significantly scale back some of the type of content on this site. Of course, you folks could just chose to erase this comment or prevent me from ever commenting again. We’ll see what happens. [My original comment was deleted a little after noon.]

      • It never occurred to me that Montana Cowgirl was a nom de plume, but of course! It is the Democratic Party at work. I looked at the picture of CG above, and my first thought was they can’t be real. Turns out right.

  13. I’m a hunter mostly big game and I can say this I honestly dont care if Roy Brown is a hunter or not, same with anybody running for a government office, as long as they do the job I honestly dont care what they do in their personal lives. For example I thaught the business with Clinton and Lewinski was none of our business it was a personal matter that should have been left out of the political arena. But I do have one question did Roy actually shot the birds or not because if he didnt shot the bird and put his tag on them or claimed them as part of his daily bag, then he has just committed a crime. And that does affect my vote and that is the business of the public.

  14. Who cares who cowgirl is, ok maybe some of us just need to blow off some steam thats what we are doing here, if you cant stand that get out of here. Sides righties have run some of the shitiest dirtiest campaigns for years, get over it

  15. Interesting article here:

    Montana Cowgirl: Anonymous political blogger under fire from other liberals

    • …and here:

      AP: Anonymous political blogger using state computer network, sometimes ‘all day long’

      • This article says it is not who you say it was Koehler. Learn to read.

      • Matthew, kindly show me how Gouras proves any of his claims. The Ap was provided an IP address supposedly linked to Cowgirl by an anonymous source. Gouras, being a hack, wraps it up with the pretty bow of progressives hating on each other, when really he was just masking the fact that he wants to know who Montana Cowgirl really is and accuse her of impropriety having nothing to do with a progressive slap fight (how quaint). That’s win-win for him, and you buy it hook-line-sinker.

        Gouras may be right and he may be wrong. Obviously, you don’t care. You just find it all so “interesting”, I’m certain.

        Cowgirl: The marvelous thing about being anonymous is that you say what you want.

        Koehler: The marvelous thing about anonymous people is that you can say whatever you want about them.

        • Rob/Wulfgar: For the record, I didn’t even see the Gouras/AP article until this afternoon, when a Missoulian reporter posted it on a facebook page of a state rep elect who was disappointed with some totally crazy comments the Missoulian’s management allowed to be posted on-line about homeless people.

          Anyway, I had already made my posts here this morning before I saw the AP article this afternoon. So, yes, in light of what we’ve been talking about here, I found the Gouras article “interesting.” Big deal.

          Regarding your request: “Matthew, kindly show me how Gouras proves any of his claims”…I suggest you contact the “Matt” who wrote the actual story. Matt Gouras’ email is just like all the AP reporters… first initial, last name at Thanks.

          • Good suggestion. It still doesn’t clarify why you seem so willing to promote rumor …

            I’ll get back to you after contacting Gouras. (Any bets on whether or not he doesn’t respond?)

            • Excuse me, Rob/Wulfgar, but I figured I could pass along a “rumor” on a blog run by some anonymous people that bill their blog, first and foremost, as a blog for “political gossip.” I guess “political gossip” can only be shared by the anonymous ones, eh?

              Anyway, I’m sure if you deal with Gouras in a professional manner (may don’t refer to him as a “hack” as you do above) he’ll respond to you. I’ve always had positive and professional dealings with him on environmental issues over the years. Thanks.

            • So you’re going to fold on the bet. And no, I didn’t refer to him as a hack. If you’d like the text, though you don’t deserve it, here it is:

              Good afternoon,

              As a Montana blogger, and IT professional, I found some rather gaping holes in your article published about Montana Cowgirl. You state with certainty that she was posting from the Montana Capitol network, but haven’t actually shown any evidence of that in the record. You were provided, one can only assume, an IP address associated with a specific comment. Yet you refuse to establish those as evidence when making a rather certain claim that can directly impact another life. Is this what you see as journalism?

              What was the comment? What was the IP address? Who verified it? Who fed it to you? How do you know the things you claim as certain? How do I, as a citizen, know that you won’t publish similar unverified allegations against me? I know you have an issue with accountability, but yet you seem to have none. Why not?

              I have spent many years supporting Montana blogs and Montana bloggers, whether I agree with them or not. I find this press attack hypocritical and rather outrageous. You have attacked an anonymous Montana blogger based on an anonymous source, and yet expect that your anonymous claims should trump all others. I’m sorry, but they don’t. Kindly provide to me the comment which is the source of your claims and the IP address from which they came. That is a simple request, and I will support your allegations should they prove true. It’s not actually funny that I think you won’t supply or support anything.

              Best wishes,

              Rob Kailey/Wulfgar


              He won’t respond. You know it and I know it. And in your mind, that will somehow be my fault. (Bet you post that before he even has a chance to respond.)

              • Rob: I have no beef with you. However, you you did say in your post here at 3:51 pm that: “Gouras, being a hack, wraps it up with the pretty bow…” so that’s why I even brought it up. I think your letter to Gouras brought up some good points, hopefully those aren’t lost or ignored because of the tone of some of your other words to him. Anyway, if you find anything out let us know.

                P.S. Given your comment above about wanting to see “pictures of these rugged outdoorsmen actually plucking/skinning and gutting their kills” I’d hope you’d go easy on me and at least give me a few bonus points for chiming in here in between butchering a bighorn sheep. Enjoy this beautiful evening! Looks like this never-ending Indian Summer ends this weekend.

              • Matthew, you are an evil bastard. I haven’t even been able to buy my tags. For 5 years in a row now, I’ve been meaning to take the last week of October off. And now you rub my nose in this? You are a cad sir, and I challenge you to a duel. Yes, a duel. Choose your weapon, you scalawag!

            • Just for the record, there has been no response from Gouras. Did anyone think, seriously, that there would be?

        • Can I say the Schweitzer officials questioned in the Missoulian are as nervous as a couple of pregnant nuns??? Just joking Cowgirl.

          This great free publicity for your blog. I bet Coobs would get down on his knees for this kind of attention.

          Who were the anonymous sources questioning the anonymous bloggers IP address? Seems a little weak of Gouras to quote this ‘anonymous’ source in an attempt to out someone else’s anonymity. Can anyone tap onto the State’s wireless as long as you are in range? How would someone even determine info about her IP? Computer wizards please explain.

  16. We cant speculate… but you can break state law?
    Wow Cowgirl, gotta love your Montana values! I guess we know that Denise isn’t running the most ethical ship on earth.

    Wulfgar, like you from time to time… I made a mistake. I meant google. Sorry, but, you are just an attack dog. Can’t blame you. Its the only thing you have. –oh is that an attack? I will probably get deleted… This is a one sided website, that stymies political discussions. Glad to see you liberals are “changing business as usual…”

    Cowgirl where is your big post on the Governor’s illegal fundraiser. Don’t deny that you wouldn’t attack a Republican for doing the same thing. And in case you plan to use the Racicot defense… State laws have been updated since then. So, good luck riding that dead horse.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | October 21, 2010 3:13 PM at 3:13 PM |

      Emma, Emma, EMMA! May I call you Enema for short? Look, Enema, you people are REALLY the slowest folks I know. Every time you attack Schweitzer, he kicks your ASSES for you! And this time is no exception! By attacking him for the EXACT SAME THING RATCO did makes you folks look ridiculous! And it also makes you look like clueless whiners. It makes you look like you have to CONTRIVE grievances against the governor because you have nothing legitimate to accuse him of! Look, take if from me. He doesn’t have all that much time left in office. DON’T keep getting for asses kicked trying to attack him! Just keep a leetle log book about all the things you hate about Schweitzer, just like Boob Keenan of Big Dork. That way, you can feel like your accomplishing something! BTW, how’s Booby’s little book coming? Is it read for publication???????

    • Emma, I did not attack you. I invited you to email me so that I can offer you proof of how misguided you are about the person you are stalking as being “Cowgirl”. I did that to protect that poor innocent woman from your goofy allegations, not to protect Cowgirl. If that’s too much for you to understand or for your delicate fee fee’s to bear, then I’m terribly sorry.

      Wait, no I’m not. It’s actually what I expected.

  17. Though Emma seems incapable of wrapping her little thinky-works around such a simple concept, it needs to be clarified:

    Misuse of state computer systems isn’t against the law. It is against state computer policy and the subject could be terminated for violation. But if it turns out that Cowgirl has used state computer resources inappropriately, like a good little teabagger Emma won’t be satisfied with anything less than a hanging.

  18. Anyone can pick up the states wireless that lives in the area of the state campus. I live on 8th and I get “free wireless.”

    • Yeah thats what I thought. Im pretty sure I have been using their wireless for a while now myself. Maybe I am really Cowgirl.

  19. Just to be clear, Cowgirl – “This” – Brown being a fake hunter –

    You posting mysognistic bullshit questioning a candidate’s manliness, on the other hand – well, that’s a sensitive subject. And you seem to be too obtuse to figure out why.

    But I guess admitting your wrong during an election season wouldn’t behoove a paid political operative such as yourself.

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