“Man Purse-gate” Becomes Statewide Story

Matt Gouras, Associated Press, has done a profile of Cowgirl, citing my blog as having an “uncanny knack” for getting the inside scoop! Sorry for you GOPers who don’t know how to set up a blog to receive tips or use Google.

Under discussion in his piece–in fact the reason he wrote the piece–is the “controversy” about the “Man v. Man Purse” dueling photos.  Gouras uses the article to ask rhetorically whether it “crossed the line” and said I was “under fire” from liberals (I guess one or two people qualifies as an entire movement for Gouras, but not to the rest of the world.)  As my fellow blogger and activist ally D. Gregory Smith who blogs at From Eternity to Here and Bilerico.com says:

Cowgirl has never presented herself as anything other than an ally in the struggle for LGBT Montanan’s rights. She’s entitled to a little tongue-in-cheek humor as far as I’m concerned.

But whatever, the fact is that Jamee Greer is an amazing organizer. I’ve  praised his work in the past and appreciated the kind words and information he’s provided to this blog time and again.  I am sincerely sorry to offend him, and have greatly appreciated all the comments on my post on Roy Brown.

Given what Tea Party candidates around the state are doing and saying (in Whitefish they are hanging around with Militia members and Nazi apologists; in Bozeman they are calling gays beastialists, in Helena they are distorting the truth about health and tolerance, in Red Lodge they are making vulgar slurs, and the GOP platform calls for imprisoning gay citizens), I’m planning to continue to fight hate from here on out.

Actually, the most salient part of Man-Purse-gate is what happened a week after the photos were posted: a TV commercial aired, revealing that Roy Brown never hunted in Montana until he ran for Governor and went out and bought a hunting license to help his political career, posing for an idiotic photo with a bunch of dead geese, a la John Kerry in 2004.  (See below.)  So it potentially takes on more relevance now, and perhaps vindicates the original purpose in my talking about a man purse, which was that Roy is an urban landlord, not a rugged outdoorsman. Sexual orientation had nothing to do with it.

And as for the likelihood that Roy and his geese get the same front-page coverage as Kerry’s geese (Kerry’s goosegate was front page material in the days before the 2004 election), my guess is that the Gazette will not cover Roy’s goosegate at all, simply because this time it’s a  Republican, not a Democrat, who is eating goose.

John Kerry treats the second amendment as a photo op.Roy Brown treats the second amendment as a photo op.


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  1. Cowgirl, saw it in the Gazette; thought it was freakin’ funny. Btw: I can see ten goddesses from my house.

  2. Good job CG. You’ve hit the big-time. Greer is a good guy, even if Drama is his middle name. He is excused for overreacting, however, given his good work in other areas.

  3. Hey neighbor! Thanks for the visit and the comments, and for including me on The Floor.

  4. One thing I didn’t quite understand is whether Greer was talking for his organization, or for himself? Is the MHRN, as an organization, taking the public position that MPGate constitutes an act of hate/bigotry?

  5. MHRN is a joke. There are serious racists, fascists running for public office in Montana and they choose to comment on a man purse. OMG.

  6. Has anyone considered that this whole thing is one big set up, orchestrated by Cowgirl so that Billings Gazette readers would open the paper and read about their state senator wearing a purse? Just like when they started the rumors about Roy being a vegetarian. This is a liberal blogger, a liberal Human Rights Activist, and a liberal reporter all working together, to try to slam a conservative Senator.

    • What on earth is your basis for calling AP’s Matt Gouras a “liberal reporter?”

    • Now that is a worthy conspiracy theory of a ‘patriot’. George Soros must be involved in this somehow, I just know it. I bet cowgirl was parked in george soros’ Bentley outside the OPI building.

  7. So who are you? I’d think it’s going to behoove you to get that out now. Dumb approach otherwise.

  8. I don’t know what all the ire is about. What Roy is wearing is clearly more of a satchel. It’s not a murse (which, by the way, is the correct metrosexual way to describe a man-purse).

  9. @ Patriot;

    Just for the record, which branch of the armed forces did you serve, and where were you stationed?

    – R.S., USN (’68-72)

  10. Also this. I won’t reveal my sources, so you can quit emailing me about it.

  11. If the state wants me to stop using its wireless, they should stop broadcasting it into my living room. I have no control and I live two blocks from the nearest state building.

  12. For Illustration only | October 22, 2010 7:18 AM at 7:18 AM |

    Just for illustration purposes only…I am sitting in my home, in my P.J.s while writing this comment. Oh by the way I am using the state internet from the capitol campus. I am not Cowgirl.

    • This is what I don’t understand – Using State wireless is one thing. But if Cowgirl is actually using a State computer, then either the IT staff in her building already know who she is, or the State has far inferior internet security than a public high school. Either one is possible, I suppose, but considering the ethics of using a State computer to do anything partisan, you would think there’d be records of net activity for any logged-in employee. This makes me think Cowgirl, who is not an idiot, isn’t using State computers or she doesn’t care too much about her anonymity. Or she’s got a good relationship with her IT folks.

  13. I saw this story yesterday in the Flathead Beacon. The thing that really bothers me about it is the way it obsesses over “anonymity,” as though it’s some huge scandal that we don’t know who MC is IRL. For one thing, she’s not anonymous, she’s pseudonymous — personally, I think there’s a significant difference. “Anonymous” is the jerk who leaves drive-by comments on blogs. We may not know your offline identity, but we know your voice and as an online persona you maintain accountability for what you say.

    But philosophical issues aside, the real problem I see when people start obsessing over a blogger’s identity and going on hunts through IP addresses and access logs is that it starts to stink of harassment. My instinct is that somebody is hoping to “out” you, and probably collect a scalp (ala Armando or Dan Rather). It’s not cool, it’s not okay.

  14. I just posted a response to the all ginned-up anger against MtCowgirl over at 4 & 20. I mean this in two ways: (1) I posted over at 4 & 20 and (2) there’s ginned-up anger over at 4 & 20.

  15. Cowgirl, what’s your can size?

  16. Man Purse gate? Why am I thinking Man Pig Bear?

    Seriously, the only insult anyone could take from the humorous post would be as an LGBT being compared to Oily Roy. I’d sooner be likened to pond scum.

  17. I see. You didn’t mean it to be a gay joke by using gay terminology against a conservative. We keep forgetting that it is okay for liberals to do and say anything they want, and simply say…they didn’t mean it that way…when they get confronted for making a gaffe. Kind of like when a black man calls another black man the “N-word”…that’s okay.

    You could have simply pointed out the “obviousness” of the photo-op situation without making any slurs.

    Once you realize that it has always been the two party system that is the running joke to play “us” against each other while they trot off to the local watering hole after hours and off camera being the best of buds…you may yet learn something.

  18. Cowgirl is getting a bum rap on this. She’s pithier, more explicit, in her criticism of politicians than other bloggers, but that’s a style, not a crime. Those who found the “man-purse” caption offensive have exercised their right to disagree, but while I understand that they feel genuinely aggrieved, I do not concur in their judgment that Cowgirl owes them an apology.

    Overall, she’s doing a fine job and ought to be commended for publishing things that the mainstream news media find uninteresting or radioactive.

  19. I am expecting the floodgates of wrath to be opened against the MillerCoors brewing co for their actions:

    “The Man Purse”

    Start the letter writing.
    Contact your senator, your congressperson, the FCC, the President.
    This is a Top Priority.

  20. Hey-its true-u can get on the state wireless without a password or anything! Here I am now blogging on the state wireless. Come and get me FBI!!

  21. clearly who ever you are are not OK with what you write or you fear what might happen if in fact you come out with your real identity. That’s why one should never write something on the web or anywhere else where you might fear repercussions on what might happen if it gets out!

    You should never write something that you cannot defend in front of someones face.

    you are a coward…..but we all know that and that is exactly why you won’t post your name to the end of your blog.

  22. noczars, clearly who ever you are, you are not OK with what you write or you fear what might happen if, in fact, you come out with your real identity…you are a coward. ironic, ain’t it??

  23. Actually, noczars (I can only imagine you aren’t using your real name for irony’s sake), anonymous writing on political topics is a long and cherished tradition in America. Thomas Paine used anonymous fliers to argue for enlightenment values before he wrote openly for independence, both to protect himself and to hide the fact that he was working class and relatively uneducated. Anonymity allows ideas and statements to be judged on their inherent reasonableness, as opposed to the supposed authority of the author. As long as Cowgirl continues to cite sources, her identity iss unimportant (on the other hand, it does mean we can’t take her word to mean anything if she doesn’t cite sources).

    By the way, why is it that a person shouldn’t write on a blog anonymously, but they can give millions to an anonymous organization to make commercials for them. I’ve never bothered to maintain my confidentiality, but I respect Cowgirl’s insistence on hers.

  24. I love you MT Cowgirl. Please keep it up!

  25. Hasnt man purse gate been overblown just me, and for the love of Christ both parties as of this morning have spent 200k on the brown v van dyk race is it really worth this much? At this point I think we’ve taken this victory at all costs thing a tad to far, in fact so far that now I dont give a shit who wins

  26. I’ll always defend Cowgirl’s right to anonymity. In addition, I’ll always defend her right to say pretty much whatever the hell she wants.

    But if she behaves like a Dem political operative and doesn’t even attempt, for one second, to refute the notion that she is one… well than I’m going to go ahead and assume that she’s a tool.

    That’s because she is one. A soulless, mindless, partisan hack. She’s playing for a team and has no principles. And she proves it over, and over, and over again.

    Keep up the good work, tool!

    • I’ve defended myself time and time again. The fast majority of information from this blog, including the infamous Koopman letter, comes from tips. I will not reveal my sources. However, it seems like there are people who just want to believe what they will anyway. Your opinion is your own.

      • However, it seems like there are people who just want to believe what they will anyway.

        Again … self-awareness is key.

      • You are adept at refuting accusations and requests that were never put forth.

        I don’t give a shit about your sources. What I do give a shit about is that you are a tool. And, for that matter, you are clearly paid to be one. And you haven’t refuted it.

        My guess is you won’t.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | October 26, 2010 10:02 AM at 10:02 AM |

          Holy cow! You mean she actually gets PAID to bash Pubbies? What the hell, do ya need any help, Cowgirl?! For you see, I’ve been doin’ that for FREE for as long as there’ve been blogs! And I find it a truly honorable endeavor whether one gets paid or not! And yes, I too think that Cowgirl is a tool…………A BIG OL’ HAMMER! ‘Cause buddy let me tall ya she NAILS it each and every time! Hey, whadaayknow, I guess that I’m a tool too! BTW, stevie, if you don’t LIKE it here, why read it? Kinda stupid to read things that make you angry, doncha think? Aren’t there some nice Pubbie tool sites out there for ya?

          • FUCK YEAH!


            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | October 26, 2010 1:34 PM at 1:34 PM |

              Wow! Now THERE’S that vaunted “soul, mind, and principles” that stevie talks about ON display! What soul! What mind! What principles! Wow, stevie, I see what you mean! You GOT it, dude! Obvious that YOU ain’t no political hack! BTW, what was that “team” you’re again? Sheesh, you’re a funny little fella. But please, for the record, could you just EXPOUND just a bit on YOUR “soul, mind, and principles”? They just GOTTA be real profound!……..and real funny too!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | October 26, 2010 1:40 PM at 1:40 PM |

      See below! Stevie boy’s gonna show us his soul! BHWHAHAHAHA!

  27. George Soros!

  28. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | October 26, 2010 1:38 PM at 1:38 PM |

    Come ON, stevie! Show us you “mind, soul, and principles”! We NEED a good laugh! You didn’t REALLY accuse Cowgirl of having none of those, didja, if YOU can’t even show us YOURS, now could you? Say sumthin’ REAL smart, little dude! Oh, and put your “soul” into it!

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