Cowgirl Flashback: Geese, 2004

Here is the story that the Billings Gazette ran when John Kerry made an ass of himself a few days before the election in 2004, going out and getting a photo-op with a few dead geese. Remind you of anyone we know?

This article will be enjoyed by all. Pay particular attention to the Cheney quote,

“The second amendment is about more than just a photo op,”;

…the reporter’s own assertion that Kerry was using the occasion as part of

“a long fight against an elite image”;

and the part where the reporter points out that nobody saw him shoot the goose.


3 Comments on "Cowgirl Flashback: Geese, 2004"

  1. Hmmm, what’s that sound??? Could it be the sound of Cowgirl scraping the bottom of the barrel?? So Roy isn’t a super sportsman running on a single issue. Duly noted. What else ya got?? What else does Van Dyk have?

    Roy will win this race handily – and he should, he’s done a hell of a job representing the voters in SD 25.

    • 40% of voters hunt in roy’s district; they don’t like this fake crap. Plus I wouldn’t be surprised, Judy, if you were on the edge of your seat and in a glorious mood, when FoxNews went after Kerry in 2004 for being a phony sportsman.

      • 40% huh? Impressive for an urban district. However, how many of that 40% would list sportsmen/women issues as their #1 concern?? I’m banking on less than 20.

        In a year like this, Roy Brown knows what voters care about. Roy knows that Montanans are concerned about jobs and the economy. That might be because he knows his voters, he visits them multiple times every cycle. So when see ya Roy with his “man-purse,” go ahead and laugh – he’s out getting votes.

        I stand by my statement; come November, the fine people of SD 25 will re-elect Roy Brown.

        And sure… I probably laughed at Kerry back in 04 for many of his numerous gaffes. He was one funny bastard.

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