Hardhitting Mailer: Bigot in Bozeman

A mailer in Bozeman has surfaced, calling Tom Burnett, the Tea Party Candidate, a bigot because he told gay people that they are the equivalent of people who practice beastiality, incest, and pedophilia. (What is pictured here is not the mailer, if someone has a copy, send it to me and I’ll post it. )

Marnee Banks blogged about it recently, though not about the substance of the issue.  Rather, she questions why the mailer uses this site as a source. The reason the mailer cited my blog, I presume, is that shortly after Tom Burnett wrote these despicable anti-gay statements on his own website, he removed them. He removed it because locals in Bozeman were horrified. A few local folks even ran ads in the Chronicle, denouncing him for the comments (ad pictured).

The state press corp missed it or simply didn’t care, but this blog was on the scene and covered it, catching the ugly anti-gay bigot Tom Burnett making bigoted remarks, then trying to cover them up like a dog who kicks dirt backwards with his hind legs after doing his business.


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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | October 29, 2010 3:20 PM at 3:20 PM |

    Ya just gotta wonder what the point of satiety is for fear, hatred, and bigotry. It’s all the teabaggers got. It’s the southern strategy writ large. I suspect that when real, everyday issues start affecting enough people, hopefully, they will start seeking answers from those other than homophobes, haters, religeeous wackos, nutjobs, rightwing crazies, and corporate fascists! We can only hope I guess.

  2. ‘I don’t believe the cockroaches exist because I don’t know who it was that held the camera filming them while they skittered away.’

    Banks is just covering press ass. You found it, and they didn’t care to. And it’s so much more important that people think highly of the press than that the press actually do their job. look at this statement:

    “The parties, candidates, and campaigns are exhausting their best and most reliable assets, the media.”

    That’s right. The media should be held in high esteem, given flowers, kissed gently on the neck. They have such a hard job, being “assets” and all … to politicians. Back in my youthful naive days, I actually thought the press served the public. They are “best”, and “most reliable”. Kinda like FOX news, no doubts. And when someone exposes something they don’t want to deal with? Well then it’s a full on Betty Davis snit about their fee fees, their struggles, how tired they f@cking are. But no journalistic comment about whether the quote ever occurred and was recorded. None.

    Hundreds of people have seen Tom’s blog, before he started to purge it. The press won’t follow a real story. They will simply whine that you were cited and their ignorance wasn’t. If they didn’t report it, being all tired and all, then it really didn’t happen. No cockroaches here.

  3. Exposing the dirt is controversial, and if reporters are too scared to report on politics then the people who lose are the citizens of the democracy.

  4. For Illustration only | October 29, 2010 8:05 PM at 8:05 PM |

    I’m on almost every press release list from public officials, major political parties and other major issue groups.

    The press people for the these organizations (and blogers on both sides) are literally writing interesting stories for the press to basically cut and paste go to the response email from the other side and copy and paste the response and we get
    and this
    and this

    for news 4 days until the election.

    Boo hoo being a reporter is hard. I don’t have to do my job and write the stories I should write and then be critical when someone else is doing my job for me.

    The press is supposed to be the referee in these elections and in public discourse and they act like they are not even in the stadium.

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