Zac Perry: Education, Community, Commitment

Guest Post by Barry B. Conger, Columbia Falls

Dear House District Three Voters:

Election day looms near. There is an awful lot of noise out there right now about national races, but in the end, what really effects our everyday lives happens a lot closer to home. Our property taxes, our children’s education, our personal rights and privileges are most often determined at a much more local level.  For those in House District #3 race for State Legislature, I ask that when you go to the polls on Nov 2nd (please vote!), please be careful when considering who can best carry your concerns and issues to our State House.

If you don’t already know him, I’d like to introduce you to my friend, Zac Perry:

Zac Perry was born in House District 3, grew up in Martin City, went to Canyon Elementary and graduated from Columbia Falls High School – he was football player, a basketball player, a track runner, and still managed to graduate with a perfect 4.0, first in his class. He then took advantage of the great education he received in our small town, and secured a Bachelors degree in political science from prestigious Notre Dame University. Then he brought this education home to the Flathead Valley and to his community.

When Zac is not running the Ox Yoke Inn in Martin City, or teaching kids at Ruder and Glacier Gateway, he is working on building a safer walking/biking system for local kids to get to school, and to rebuild the Historic Red Bridge across the Flathead, and singing in the CF Community Choir, and helping with anything and everything at the Columbia Falls Farmer’s Market, and working with Canyon business leaders to improve the economic climate and extend the business season. When was the last time you saw any of the other candidates in the race participating at this level – not just showing up for public meetings seeking votes, but working behind the scenes to help our community?

The fact that Zac is the only candidate in the District 3 race with a four-year degree from a major university should be telling to folks thinking about how to vote on Nov 2nd . Having a local to represent us who has the knowledge, background, and skills that Zac does is a win for everyone.

The fact that Zac came back to his home town to work with his family running a local business should be a measure of his commitment to the community he lives in. Zac’s deep belief in this community will allow Zac to translate the concerns of all of his constituents into reasonable and effective legislative action.

Zac also works as an educator for School District Six, which should tell you a lot about his strong commitment to education. If you value a quality education for your children, and recognize its benefit  to the entire community,  you need Zac in Helena.

Why are these things important? Because representation of Columbia Falls, Martin City, Hungry Horse, Polebridge, West Glacier, and all the other communities  in the district is personal. We send legislators to Helena to represent OUR needs, OUR issues, OUR values. Zac Perry knows these needs. Zac Perry lives these issues. Zac Perry has our values as his own. Zac will take with him to Helena a deep personal commitment to this community, not a private agenda to forward his own business, and not a radical effort to bring fringe ideas to the Legislature.

With Zac Perry representing us in the State Legislature, we will be able to feel confident that a local native with his eyes squarely on the best interests of our community is representing US in Helena. I believer that Zac will go to Helena with a reasoned attitude, a thorough understanding of local issues – jobs, education, taxation, preserving our way of life – and a deep commitment to serve the community he represents.

I am proud to stand up in support of Zac for House District 3. I believe that he carries with him the very essence of what we should look for in political representation – values, commitment, integrity, education, and a selfless drive to better his community. I hope that you will get to the polls on Nov 2nd and I hope you will send Zac to represent you in Helena.


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