Slate Says Max Baucus One Top Problems for Democrats and Today’s Election

Slate magazine yesterday posted their own version of the list of problems that will handicap Democrats in today’s elections, among the top:

Max Baucus. Health care might not have happened without Sen. Max Baucus of Montana. Then again, it might have happened a lot faster. Over the course of four months in 2009, Baucus made one compromise after another—scrapping the public option, killing the employer mandate—in order to attract Republican votes that never materialized. That gave Republicans time to demagogue the bill and ate up valuable time on the congressional calendar—time that could have been used to pass legislation like immigration reform or an energy bill (which, of course, would probably have hurt Democrats, too).

It is no secret that the phenomena is having an effect in Montana too.  Montana Republicans’ number one attack on local Dems is to compare them to Democrats in Washington.  Obama and the Washington Dems have offered very little in the way of persuasive rhetoric in defense of the big ticket items like health-care, stimulus and bailout, as I’ve already written about here.


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  1. Cowgirl, ip believes we can trace this all right back to President Obama’s famous words, “I screwed up,” in the days following Tom Daschle‘s withdrawal from public view.

    Max is my senator. Tom Daschle used to be.

  2. Dems have done a terrible job of articulating any of their accomplishments. Reps have done a terrible job–period. Just nixing the ideas of the other party gets absolutely squat done. As for the teabaggers, what is this country putting in the drinking water?

  3. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | November 2, 2010 11:35 AM at 11:35 AM |

    Yippers! “montana’s senator” has been a HUGE imepdiment to real progress. And yippers also, it would have been better with NO health insurance bill. Hasn’t changed anyon’es life ONE bit, ‘cept maybe to enricht the insurance industry.

  4. I dont think the repubs had any interest in seeing Max lose (even if they had no real chance of winning). I proudly voted for that crazy old bastard Robert Kelleher.

  5. What’s the old adage?

    “The bitterest tears are always the sweetest”.

  6. We elect our senators to represent OUR views rather than impose their own. Max chose to be a key player in the health care bill when he knew most Montanans opposed it. In this way he said, in effect,’I know what’s good for you even if you don’t.” He can expect a vigorous primary challenge in 2012. Maybe he’ll fall on his sword and quietly retire. Either way, expect an interesting Dem primary in 2012.

    • sorry to break this to you amazed but that would be 2014. baucus’s senate term is from 2008 to 2014. wish it was 2012. but we are stuck with the contemptible conniving bastard for another 4 years.

  7. Again I ask – with all that money and power out there, why did Max not have an opponent in 2008?

    And please don’t tell me that Max did not know the consequences of all his actions in killing true health care reform. The bill that passed was the bill that was written long before all of his theatrics.

    If people with money and power are at all smart, they would be smart enough to know that weak Democrats are as useful as strong Republicans. Max is not an idiot. He knows what he did, and why.

    • A paid off and flaccid Max inside the tent with and steering the Democrats would be much more valuable to monied interests then a Republican in the minority. There really is no republican party seperate from monied interests so they had no rationale to really try and win the race. That being said I actually think it would have been fantastic to get that nutter Robert Kelleher into the Senate to shake things up a little bit (in the same way Rand Paul may but even more so).

  8. Republicans aren’t going to put up a strong challenger against Max because he is, in many ways, a good friend to them. It’s going to take a challenger from the left that can still win a general.

  9. Ok I think it is time for a review of last night, first our shitty ass candidate who’s only real qualifications were he had a cowboy had lost his ass, in Eastern Montana two incumbant Democrats lost, in Billings Jimmy Knox is heading for Helena, in the Flathead Skees is going to be able to wear his confederate flag to the house of reps in January, hell one candidate in Eastern Montana only got 19 precent of the vote basically Obama fucked us. And his shitty ass leadership has got to go in 2012 I say we as Democrats across this nation get a primary opponent to Obama and kick his ass out in the primary. He fucked the lower races this year.

    • Farmboy, even though we appear to be on the same side politically, I just got to tell you: Shut up. You write like an idiot. You treat punctuation as optional, your spelling is atrocious and you’re really making us all look bad, enshrined forever right here on the Internets. Seriously, shut up.

      Dennis McDonald was not a “shitty ass” candidate. He just didn’t have a great deal of money, in a period in which money talks and everything else rides a horse. Steve Kelly lost to Rehberg by about the same margin, and he’s spent going on a decade blaming us all Democrats for not supporting him. I’m going out on a limb here, and predicting that Steve Kelly won’t write one damned comment castigating Democrats for not supporting Dennis McDonald. McDonald may have had the talent, but he sure as hell didn’t have the tools. It wasn’t the candidate, but then you know that, don’t you?

      How, exactly, did “Obama fucked us”? Are you just looking for a scapegoat? It sure as hell seems like it. And isn’t it convenient that you make Democrats look like retards when you call for a primary against the President. I think you’re actually a righty wingnut. You’re a plant, aren’t you? This is rat-fucking, isn’t it?

      I’ve been reading your spew for some time now, and I don’t trust you at all, ‘Farmboy’. 6 year olds spell better than you. And 10 year olds think better.

  10. Cowgirl, come here baby. Let me hold you.

  11. It’s a creepy country … Democrats, handed a massive victory after eight years of creepiness, seemed determined not to take what they won and do something with it.

    You left us feeling empty and drained- all that enthusiasm in 2008, and you just dashed it into the rocks.

    It’s just weird – one side knows what it wants and goes after it, and the other side just sort of lolligags around and makes excuses and doesn’t do anything to change anything.

    I suppose y’all are going to blame lefties and progressives for this, but it’s your fault. All yours. You blew it.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | November 3, 2010 10:05 PM at 10:05 PM |

      Can’t argue that. Is interesting to see the effects of state of the art propaganda and mind control. I mean, just look at FUX news and their programming. Incredible stuff. And Blimpaugh, who GIVES his programs away for free to stations! The nazis had NUTHIN’ on the corporate fascists of today in the propaganda department. And just try listening to the american family values channel on the radio for an entire day. It will turn your brain to mush! Yeah, they’re christyeeans allright! Sumthin’s happenin’ here. What it is ain’t exactly clear. But I will tell you this. The stupidity level in the country right now is higher than it’s EVER been that I can remember! I mean, sarah palin??? Come ON here! If SHE’S a legitimate candidate for president, then there is no hope! We’re simply doomed and damned for lack of courage to resist.

  12. Since you removed the last posting we’ll try it again. ( stern or rhoads or whoever you are)
    nice attempt to destroy candidates character and election chances. Lets see…….PSC candidtaes , both won, Skees, Knox, Soloman, oh what the heck… you lost, we won..Looking forward to all the Hill and Daines hate from you all and those of you in the Governors administration. Nice that both US Senayors and the gov did NOTHING to help your candidates. Oh wait, the Gov flitted around, only when he could get press. He is almost as popular as McDonald.

  13. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | November 6, 2010 7:15 PM at 7:15 PM |

    You won??? No, not quite, willy. Rearrange the letters just a bit and more correctly, YOU OWN THEM! These are some of the dumbest sumbitches that you Pubs have ever put forth. Skees, Knox. When the nutty gets goin’, just remember that YOU OWN’EM! But I really must ask, WHERE are the Dem equivalents to these crazies? Any?? Any?? EVER?? You party has a way of selecting the most idiotic, outlandish nutjobs OUT there. Do you REALLY think that this enhances your party? Just askin’. These morons will EMBARRASS you! Remember that. You WON=OWN!

  14. Can we have your Governor out here once his term is done? Ours is a real dud. I read about yours on Daily Kos and came here to see more.

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