That Didn’t Take Long

The first order of business for Republicans should be to get rid of Schweitzer, and “delouse” the Governor’s residence, according to a source who saw Jana Taylor’s before her fellow Republican House members two days ago in her bid to become Whip. Nice gal. She made a speech littered with insults at the Governor, to a grinning chamber of fellow R lawmakers.

I wasn’t in the building but I’ve gotten bits and pieces from people who saw it and could remember it. Anyone recall some of the specifics? Please share.


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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers! | November 22, 2010 11:44 AM at 11:44 AM |

    GET THE VIDEO! She’s mikey taylor in drag! GOD what a bunch of slimeballs these people are. I say give’em enough rope! But hey, ms. jana taylor has NO idea who’s she’s messin’ with. Where HAS she been? Schweitzer is NOT the guy you want’a purposely piss off. He can make their lives very miserable! All it takes is one little pen! But the truth should be obvious by now to even the most dense out there, that these idiots are NOT interested in good governance, only warfare. Well, BRING IT ON! Sometimes ya gotta get a little dirty if you’re wrestlin’ with pigs!

    • She said something similar to what Cowgirl says she did. I’ve heard it from multiple sources. It was ugly.

      Meanwhile, a poll comes out today that says Schweitzer is one of the most popular Governor’s in America.

      That firm’s polls are rated the most accurate in America according to Nate Silver, the forecaster. So Cowgirl is spot-on. The R’s will shoot themselves in the foot.

  2. We need to monitor these nuts very closely. Since their minds are still back in a rootin’ and tootin’ fantasy version of the nineteenth century, they’re unaware that what they say in a meeting might be recorded.

  3. Oh great the wife of Mr. Crybaby who could dish it out but couldn’t take it is crying about our governor. Now don’t get me wrong there are some things as of recent that I do not agree with Governor Schwietzer on but let me tell you, he is the best dam governor this state has had in its history, bar none and period. Mikey the hairdresser was the most annoying a–hole to ever come into Montana politics at the statewide level. Also to Janna Brian like him or hate him or in my case love him, will be gone come January 2013. Montana has term limits, like them or hate them, they were put there by the voters, in a statewide ballot initative. And atleast Democrats respect the initative process unlike some Republicans. Atleast Democrats are not leading the charge to get rid of a ban on cyanide leach gold minning like Republicans did, or medical marijauna, or outfiter sponsered tags, like the Republicans today. No my party respects the will of the voter. And we don’t cry like babies when our candidates lose, we suck it up, put our big girl and big boy pants on and go forward. Also we don’t eat our young, or send primary opposition after our incumbants if they work to get a budget passed, like Roger Koopman and his band of merry men. We work with the opposition to get things done. Thats what Schwietzer has done his entire time as our governor. I may not have agreed with, and several Democrats may have not agreed with everything he has done, but at the end of they day we are dam proud of the farmer from Whitefish. Who unlike a certain local from that neck of the woods is not a Nazi. Also our legislators don’t go on the floor and shout and scream and cuse like sailors, they may do that in a bar or in private but they atleast have some respect on the floor of the state house, so take that you family values nuts and shove it.

  4. A link? Anybody? Has anyone got a link to anything? Just a link?

  5. Yur slippin’ there Cowgirl. I believe the term used was “fumigate”, not “delouse”, Jana is spelled with 2 “n’s” as in Janna and she was running for (and elected) Speaker Pro Tem, not Whip. It was not 2 days ago (your post dated Nov 22nd which would make it Nov 20th), it was Nov 17th, the day both Parties selected their leadership. I realize that bloggers occasionally take some liberties with the truth, but do try to do better in the future.

    Wolfy – The video links to both party leadership elections were posted online by Marnee Banks as I recall. If you are incapable of finding them, I’ll see if I can dig them up for you.

  6. I don’t give a rats a– if her name is Janna or Jana or Sarah Palin. She is the wife of Mr. Crybaby thats all. Also she is probley just as incompetant as Governor Quiter or hubby Quiter. She will probley quit to if the going gets tough.

  7. somebody’s gotta have the tape. doesn’t the capitol tape all speeches?

  8. I am new to this blog and when I read this I just had to comment. This statement from Mrs. Taylor does not surprise me in the least, she is not known for her class or intellect to be sure. Here’s what’s frightening me at the moment. That she be appointed to replace Senator Bruggamen. This would mean we’d be stuck with Janna “Junk Science” Taylor for some 10 years.

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