More Driving Problems for Rs: This Time, a Hit And Run

Something about Republicans and traffic ordinances simply doesn’t mix.

First it was the infamous and tragic Shane Hedges DUI accident and death of the House Speaker, and felony charges all around, with Judy Martz barely escaping a prosecution for evidence tampering. Rs have kept a steady pace since then. Greg Barkus got a few DUIs on the road over the last decade; Scott Boggio, a GOP legislator from Red Lodge, ran up on a curb while driving around with another repub, Elsie Arntzen, and got pulled over, and turned out to be massively drunk, though of course Arntzen, a DUI Task Force member, expressed the usual right-wing-passenger-shock, and said she “had no idea” driver Boggio was impaired.

Then Brad Johnson, the Secretary of State, got pulled over for a DUI and went subsequently to treatment, though it didn’t seem to phase him: from a rehab center, he actively continued campaigning in his PSC race.

And of course then Barkus went for the hat-trick, a third DUI, this time in style by running a boat up into the rocky shore of Flathead Lake, causing injuries all around, with passenger Rehberg, drunk himself, taking a page out of Arntzen’s script and saying he was shocked to hear that the driver was impaired.

Then there was recently Brad Molnar, who mowed his car into that of some hapless girl a few months ago, and fled the scene and yesterday was placed under a restraining order from any contact with the victim.

Drinking, Driving, Boating, Hit and Runs. What is most important is that Republicans will often fight publicly for stiffer sentencing for criminals, and against the evil smoking of marijuana, and in favor of “values”.


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  1. A bunch of us in Basin were commiserating after Alan Hale won in HD77 and a poaching charge came up. Nothing comes up in google searches. Anybody?

  2. Oh Cow pie, here you go again running off at the tail again.
    See the list below and I don’t get my info from the governor.

    Another drunk Democrat Massachusetts senator driven home by cops (…/1760a9a5c1b73c80?lnk=raot -)

    Snowden, attorney general’s aide, charged with DUI – (
    Young Democrats to Raise Money off of Convicted Criminal ( criminal/)
    Not so Great Moments in Recent Black History | Indiana Barrister (…/not_so_great_moments_in_recent.html)

    Dale Cardwell arrested for DUI (

    And now a list of Dems that have found wanting in the sober department:
    Michael C. Gruitza
    Lisa M. Boscola
    Joey Pendleton
    Gonzalo Barrientos
    Herb Snyder
    Brian S. Dempsey
    Lyman Hoffman
    Tom Rukavina
    Paul L. Kujawski
    Stephen Adamini
    Shirley Krug
    Frank Boyle
    Russ Decker
    Kenneth W. Ruffing
    Jerry W. Cooper
    Harold Dutton
    Karim Camara
    Jeff Rabon
    Rob Briley
    John D. Sabini
    Jon Riki Karamatsu
    Chuck Graham
    Ron Menor

    All the above are or were sitting legislators. I left off the Republicans, that’s your job. What’s your point, other than no other news, except your new hard line SEIU party executive director?

  3. It is hard to believe that drinking problems are more prevalent in one branch of The Party than the other. I suggest you move on to less mundane matters.

  4. Word on the street is that Arntzen is mulling a run for state school superintendent, in which case Linda McCulloch is toast.

  5. Linda McCulloch is no longer the education director, she is the Secretary of State now. I believe Anna Whiting Sorrell is the Governor’s education director.

  6. Denise Juneau is the state Superintendent of Schools. Whiting Sorrell heads the Department of Health and Human Services.

    • There is a big difference. DPHHS has lterally ten times the number of employees as the office of Public Instruction, and much greater responsibilites and budget. It puts Whiting Sorrell at a higher rank than many state elected depertment directors.

  7. Whoever it is (and who cares, really) is toast.

  8. Oops-thanks Jalepenopopperz. I keep confusing that office. Which one used to work for the governor?

  9. Hey Cowgirl… You should ask Senator John Melcher about drinking problems…

  10. I remember back in the mid 80’s his state director was standing on the bank of the Clark Fork. They thought he had fallen into the river…

    His daughter use to have that house behind the family in, or when they carried him off the plane at the Minneapolis airport.

  11. Aware and Not Stupid | December 1, 2010 4:48 AM at 4:48 AM |

    Any of you loyal Democrats out there remember Rep. Jerry Driscoll, D-Billings? I believe it was a DUI when he served in the House in Montana that got his name in the paper if my memory serves me correctly.

  12. First we have had both Republicans and Democrats get DUIs while serving in public office, it is a sad thing to say but it is the truth. But I do think as a whole the Democrats do a better job of policing their party then the Republicans do. Case in point Congressman Mark Foley, he molested congressional pages and the Republican leadership in congress for years turned a blind eye. Now if a Democrat had done that first he would have been hung by the Focus on the Family group, then hung in the media, then throwed out of the caucus by party leadership within about a week of it coming out. Foley got away for years, and so did Larry Craig, the good clean Mormon from Idaho who sat on the NRA board. So did Ted Haggart who preached from the pulpit every Sunday, and led the National Association of Evangelicals and went and got high on meth and had a boyfriend. So if the Republicans want to throw stones I say bring it on, but just remember you live in a glass house too.

  13. So farm toy, do you really want to get into this? Your far left party doesn’t have clean hands on this issue either. I don’t deny that both have problems, but when Cow Pie or you bring these types of things up and only mention one party, you might expect a rebutal.

  14. The point is NOBODY has clean fricking hands on this issue and any related (infidelity, sexual scandals, financial, etc) since bad behavior doesn’t stop on either side of the isle. BUT one party in this country does tend to regularly assume an air of definite moral superiority, uses the same as part of its platform, loves to finger point when it falls outside their party but tends to turtle up and protect its own when the culprit has a big ol ‘R’ by his/her name.

    It’s the hypocrisy (stupid). Of course, that’s not saying you are at all…just borrowing the phrase. Bad behavior is bad behavior no matter the affiliation.

  15. Yup just like this poster there Houser lake….oh wait Cow Pie is a D. Deeply burrowed into the satte party government.

  16. While I enjoyed reading the MT Cowgirl blog for the first time, I fear that a few brain cells perished by reading the comments.

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