January 2011

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A Job for Tony Robbins

If you listened to the Montana GOP’s S.O.T.S. response, or spared yourself 20 minutes of head-pounding boredom and read this weekend’s Chuck Johnson article about it instead, you’ll find that Republican legislators are profoundly lacking in confidence. While Schweitzer and Montana Democrats point to evidence…

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Who Did Rehberg Spend SOTU ‘Date Night’ With? Teabaggers!

For Tuesday’s State of the Union Address, Montana’s millionaire Congressman was one of the few members of Congress who thought it best to sit with his right-wing buddies instead of reaching across the aisle. Look closely at this photo, and you’ll see Dennis Rehberg (upper…

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Nutwatch: An Analysis

Montana’s TEA Partiers seem obsessed with making Montana into the mecca for right-wing nutters. The legislature is no exception.   The same day that the state TEA Party Republicans pushed a radical Arizona-style immigration law, they embraced the “birther” conspiracy about President Barack Obama. The Flathead…