Calling It Like It Is

The values that the Democrats and Republicans are talking about this session should lead to some common ground:

Governor Schweitzer is focused on higher paying jobs.  So are  Sen. Carol Williams of Missoula, the Senate Minority Leader, and Rep. Jon Sesso of Butte, the House Minority Leader, who co-wrote a guest editorial that highlighted the economic climate that brings higher paying jobs.

From the opinion in today’s IR:

We see a state that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce ranked No. 1 for entrepreneurs and business start-ups. We see a state that Forbes magazine called one of the fastest climbers among business-friendly states. We see a state with the fastest growing oil production in the nation. We see a state that just opened its first new coal mine in 29 years, producing 235 good jobs. In Butte, we’re proud of the new foundry and 60 workers that are making titanium parts for customers around the world.

Meanwhile, however, the GOP message is all over the place.

First, leader Millburn says Republicans aren’t focused on social issues.  Right.  Next thing you know, a chunk of Republicans runs out with a big media circus all about….chipping away at constitutional rights.

Then another Republican faction claims they are all about the Constitution and forms its own caucus.  Meanwhile, some Republicans are working in committees to lie about the state of the budget in order to make massive cuts to essential services for schools, the elderly and the disabled.

Cuts that aren’t justified given, as Williams and Sesso point out, that last session Schweitzer and the dems:

Passed a balanced budget and left $300 million in the bank to ride out the downturn we saw coming. We’re still in the black today, and the budget we pass for the next two years will keep us there. At the same time, we will eliminate the business equipment tax for most small businesses, reduce homeowners’ property taxes, and keep a healthy balance (more than $100 million) in savings to protect against any more bumps in the road.


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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 19, 2011 9:01 AM at 9:01 AM |

    Allow me. These wacks take there marching orders for the national nazis.

  2. You seem to be repeating Republican talking points and crediting Democrats with achieving them. Do you have any Democratic talking points available? Just curious. I’d like to believe there are two parties, but evidence says otherwise.

  3. Coal, oil, timber, mining and livestock. Yep, that’s what’s going to boost wages and employment. Do any of these legislators in either party read anything about what sectors of Montana’s economy are actually growing organically, with private capital investment? The “old” subdisized industries have been sucking federal handouts for decades, with sub-par results. There is an opportunity cost when capital is invested poorly. But who’s counting?

  4. The latest waste of time bill to hit the legislature is probley by our good friend Mr. Derek Skees, he wants to cut the supreme court from 7 justices to 5, why I dont know. Then you have no less then 19 bills dealing with abortion and hell there will probley be one to ban sex on Christmas soon, because that is an issue we need to deal with. And in the mean time when they arent raising there pay or going to sign up for the government health insurance. They waste their time with bills like spear hunting, or the size of the supreme court, or electing the board of regents. I’ve already heard some dyed in the wool Republicans complaining about the Republicans at the legislature. Basically what I look for is the Republican party to be the most divided cluster f–k in the histroy of Montana after this session is over.

  5. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 19, 2011 12:54 PM at 12:54 PM |

    The really sad thing is that two Dem legislators need to point this out to people. Just WHERE IN THE HELL are the little corporate, wussified newspaper editors? AWOL?! I mean, ferchrissakes, EVERYone with a pulse knows what these idiot teabaggers are up to. Yet I have YET to see even ONE state daily editorialize about their nonsense. What a bunch of friggin’ WUSSIES! The GF Spitoon is probably one of the worst. (Moseman) These bozos don’t have a nut BETWEEN the whole lot of them! What a joke. They do a tremendous disservice to the state by being tacitly complicit in this bullshit nonsense. Abortion, spearchucking, messing with the Supremes, screwing a perfectly good budget, end of life issues, draconian DUI laws, defunding education, etc. and on and on and on! This is NOT what the majority of the people of Montana WANT these yahoos to be doing! But yet, there sit the fat little greedy corporate pimp editors, SCARED out of the fat little pants, whimpering, afraid to offer up an opinion on the obvious nuttiness going on in Helena. These guys make me puke! Guess they’re afraid that someone’s gona “take’em out”, or “be armed and dangerous”, or “lock and load” on them! Yeah, the righties got THEIR number alright. ZERO!, as in zero balls!

  6. You know Larry you make a good point, this is about the only media source in Montana with guts anymore. Cause NBS and Aaron Flint and Taylor Brown are neo-cons, the tv stations only do feel good stories, and the newspapers are spineless at least on the editorial page. So basically we need media. Information is power.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 19, 2011 3:10 PM at 3:10 PM |

      Farmboy, like good the good little poodles that they are, they all wear their little corporate collars proudly. The LAST good editorial that I can remember was when the Missoulian wrote the one about Judy Mars. It was right on, and it was damn funny. But that’s it. Oh, and Gary Svee’s “endorsment” of sen. cornpone burns. Can’t forget that classic.

      These boys are as controlled as much as when Anaconda ran things. It’s a pretty sad situation and one NOT conducive to democracy. I couldn’t live with myself. I don’t know how they do it. They know better.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 19, 2011 3:34 PM at 3:34 PM |

      p.s. Ya know, Farmboy, these dirtbag editors are NOT the least bit hesitant to endorse the various candidates. But when the SH*T HITS THE FAN because of the bozos they endorsed, they meekly munch on their milktoast and wash it down with whine. Well, I say if you’r GONNA endorse a slimebal, YOU OWN’EM! So, at LEAST have the narlies to either be for or against the sh*t bills they come up with! It’s only fair. You endorse a slimeball, you OWN a slimeball’s legislation! So, how bout some opinions on it!

  7. I believe their payed off

  8. In politics there are strange bed fellows. Also politicians are like diapers they must be changed accordingly. But yes once you make that endorsement or mark that box on your ballot you own them, then the rule of pottery barn applys, if you break it you buy it.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 20, 2011 6:47 AM at 6:47 AM |

      Yeah, the GF Spitoon was all Lady GaGa ’bout Dopey Rheburp in their endorsement. Well then, how BOUT that health care that Dopey is working so hard to destroy, along with all the OTHER sh*t designed to simply destroy Obama! The Spitoon should be REAL proud to own a moron like Dopey! Guess that they don’t need to worry ’bout the fifty million or so in this country W/O health care of any kind! What a joke. Yippers. They OWN themsleves a Dopey Rheburp!

  9. I get a chuckle out of the Democrats whimpering about the revenue estimate. That number was developed by the interim committee and unanimously approved in November. Ever Democrat on the committee voted for it. If you think it is too low, go to House tax and ammend it.

  10. One thing that is apparent is that Dave Lewis has finally stopped being a moderate and started being a true conservative. He has finally stopped listening to the dems and voting hard right every time–i guess that is becuz he is termed out. What a tool.

  11. @ dave;
    And I get a chuckle out of the Chickenhawk Republicans who stand on the sidelines waving flags and bragging about their patriotism…but when it was their turn to serve, the phony cowards evaded service and let someone else fight their battles for them, EG; Rush “Pilonidal Cyst” Limbaugh, Dick “5 Deferments” Cheney, Karl Rove, Newt Gingrich, Sean Hannity, Dick Armey, Bill Bennett, Trent “I had other priorities” Lott, Glenn Beck, et al.

  12. Yet Gore and Kerry both served in Vietnam and were treated like sh=t on the campaign trail by Republicans and then lets not forget Max Cleland down in Georgia

  13. @ Eric;
    Just for the record…when, where and what branch did you serve?

    Rodger S., USN (’68-72)

  14. None of your business ‘Rodger S.’ – although I doubt it’s your real name –

    drop me an email if you want to know –

    BTW – just because you were sitting on a loading dock somewhere for 4 years doesn’t give you keen political insight. (Figured it’s about time somebody told you that)

  15. @ Eric;

    Just like I figured…another Chickenhawk. By not enlisting for combat and allowing someone else to fight your battles is a silent form of “loathing the military.”

  16. @ Eric;
    So did GW Bush, Coobs, and he didn’t finish his tour either. Like I said, Chickenhawk. (Figured it’s about time somebody told you that)

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