Skees Forgets Himself in Chamber, and Confirms His Ties to Militia/White Nationalist Fringe

During the 2010 campaign, when Derek Skees (TEA-Whitefish Kalispell) was confronted by the press about his attendance at a conference that featured white supremacists neo nazis and militia leaders, he brushed it off and said he had no idea that the conference would be featuring such people when he accepted the invitation. Skees was also confronted by the fact that his campaign treasurer, a man named Rick Breckenridge, was one of the conference’s chief sponsors. In response, Skees replaced Breckenridge, presumably as a way of showing that he did not tolerate such hateful activity.

So with that background, enjoy this clip of Skees on the floor of the house January 17, posted online here.

UPDATE: The video appears to be back up.  When you click the link, you’ll get to a page that looks like the screenshot below.  Click “Full Video” (above “Order of Business”) and fast forward to 1:20:55.  (Oh, first you may want to download the terrible application “Real Player” because the legislature uses this terrible video format dot-rm that is not readily viewable with modern equipment that anyone uses.)

UPDATE: You can listen to the  Skees and Breckenridge audio clip here. It’s only a few seconds long.


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  1. When is the crazieness of the Montana legislature going to end?

  2. My God we have 19 abortion bills, 124 out of 150 legislators signing up for healthcare, the chairman of the Senate judiciary committee who is also running for attorney general getting arrested in Missoula for an open container, a white supremesit, and the Billings Republicans, when does it stop. We need sanity.

    • They just voted on an abortion bill in which the sponsor compared women to “preg-checked” cattle. Can you f-ing believe it? I heard that a Deer Lodge Democrat woman voted for the bill. Not the brightest bulb I guess.

  3. Whitefish Patriot | January 20, 2011 1:06 PM at 1:06 PM |


    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 20, 2011 1:20 PM at 1:20 PM |

      I fully support his god given right to be an ignorant asshole too. I just wish that he’d a STAYED in Florida to practice this talent! Farmboy touches on it. We’re NOT a southern state! We DON’T spear pigs, and we DON’T hate minorities! And we’re not ALL fundiwackmentalists! It’s not our culture. It’s his. Skees and his inbred outta state transplants are trying to make Montana something that it isn’t.

      BTW, Cowgirl, which one of those should I listen too? When I click on the link, I get a schedule.

      • I clicked on the top on full video and got it to work. Cowgirl – you should post a screen shot of what link to push. It was kind of confusing.

    • Go back to Texas or Alberta, WF Patriot. (PS, the caps lock is usually located on the left side of the keyboard)

    • News Flash, Whitefish Patriot. The Constitution is NOT a “devine” document.

  4. This craziness cant go on forever can it? We are only into the second or third week of the legislature. Its got to end soon, comparing women to preg checked cattle, worshiping Hitler, whats next? And when are the sane people in the Republican party going to stand up and get their party back.

  5. The gaffe you’re looking for is from the floor session on Monday, 1/17. The link you provided is for yesterday’s session.

    Conveniently the MLK Day floor session comes up as “Not Found” by the archives when you try to play it.

    Be of good use and YouTube it so more people can see it without having to navigate all the crap the website puts in the way.

  6. Thank you. I have updated the links to Jan 17 and will work on getting a youtube vid. If tipsters already have such links thanks for letting us know.

  7. The link is not loading the audio or the video

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 21, 2011 9:02 AM at 9:02 AM |

      Same for me. Can someone just explain the gist of what the Skeester said? Is there a transcript somewhere? I really, really want to know what our little Confederidiot said? Did he wear his little cofederate flag lapel pin? He is a reenactor you know. I’m suprised that he HASN’T introduced a bill yet to include the confederate flag in the Montana flag a la South Carolina yet! What’s he waiting for? And seccession? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

  8. It’s overloaded. Too many people are trying to watch it. Either that or the staff suspiciously took it down.

  9. Skees stands up and says, basically, I’d like to introduce a close personal friend of mine, Rick Breckenridge, who was my campaign treasurer during the primary. Rick always said to me, Skees, you can win Whitefish! Rick Breckenridge everybody!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 21, 2011 10:53 AM at 10:53 AM |

      So, this rick moron is a close friend and campaign manager of the Skeester, and this rick moron is also the same guy that brings in Red Beckman to claim that the Jews got what they deserved ’cause they’re godless, and that Hitler was actually doing god’s work! Hmmm. Well, makes perfect sense to me! And gee, I was just worried that maybe the Confederates had arrived when in reality the NAZIS have arrived! And have one of their own in our legislature! Yippers. The Pubbies ought’a be REAL proud of themselves. The set out to make a name for themselves, and they’ve done it. DUMBASSES!

  10. Hmmmm. Looks like the legislative website has mysteriously removed this video.

  11. What a moron, or as Skees and his fellow TEA drinkers would spell it, a moran.

  12. Totally TEAter-tottering toward totalitarianism. Hypocritheocracy by any other name.

  13. Cowgirl, I am nominating you for a Pulitzer. Big news. Nice job here.

    Wait, what? Turns out Skees has never denied knowing Breckenridge and actually listed him as his campaign treasurer on public documents last year.

    You might want to start reading the Flathead Memo a little more closely.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 21, 2011 2:57 PM at 2:57 PM |

      Fathead, are you too a Red Beckman fan? Do you get’ta wear a cute little SS uniform as you do your “reenactments”? Must one buy their own brown shirts, or are they supplied? AND, how could ANYone from Montana be a fan of Red Beckman and HOPE to be taken seriously? Since you’re a big Skeester fan, take a stab at it.

    • Always glad to know someone reads my stuff. Just go to and enter Derek Skees as your search term. The posting to which Fatso refers was not my only post on Skees.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 21, 2011 5:20 PM at 5:20 PM |

      Sorry, Fathead, but if you don’t like what I post, don’t read it! Even a moron should be able to figure it out. It ain’t about me, dude. I simply write the TRVTH. Deal with it.

  14. You know I’ve been attacked by almost everybody here at one point or the other, for spelling, grammer, ect, ect, ect, and you know what I just let it roll off me like water on a ducks back. Hell Larry attacked me the other day when the topic was spear hunting, you know what I did, I didn’t take it personally, in fact I find some of Larry’s posts to be funny and downright full of humor. So to be honest if you can’t stand the heat stay out of the kitchen. If you get offended easily, you don’t want to read or comment on blogs. I come here to blow off some steam from the daily news cycle, because alot of days lately if I don’t blow off the steam and get the idea off my chest and say what I need to say I feel I might go crazy. Plus I learn things here at this blog that I would not learn by reading the Billings Gazette, or the Billings Outpost, or even by reading Left in the West, and esspecially if I listened to Aaron Flint which I have only done twice since he came on air.

  15. On that same line, I just read in the Billings Gazette that Rep. James Knox just had a heart attack. Now I’ve disagreed with Mr. Knox several times both during the campaign and during this legislative session, but Im not above puting him in my prayers. So tonight as I go to sleep Im going to pray for James that he makes a speedy recovery. And I pray for his family and friends as well. I may disagree with him politically but I wish him good health.

  16. Hey y’all, ( is that correct?)jest thought i’d giver my 2 cent. Why don’t all you pig pokers bend over and keeiss yera sses gubye cause old Derek can see through yer bs, yup, right through ya like a cheap winder dressin, and ya know what he sees, yes sir, he sees communist tatooed on yer dirty soul.

  17. Heck, i gotta get back to my re-loadin, can’t pend all night his’n n her’n wit u brain dead pig pokers.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 22, 2011 7:29 AM at 7:29 AM |

      Re-load?? You seem more like the type of fella that plays with his gun just to see how many times it shoots! Sorry, but that’s my commie soul talking. Is this really the Skeester? Come on, Skeester. I know it’s you! Give us a substantial argument if you have one, not simply nonsense. Oh, don’t get me wrong. Nonsense has it’s place, but it really should be accompanied with argument, not subtle, silly threats. That just makes you look inbred, dude.

  18. Well jest in from replacing those “posted” signs and think i’d bedder git to cleanin my rifle soon, but thought, since you asked i’d respond. But before i do i’d like to ask a question. Did ya ever hear of the book “all corvettes are RED”? Well,anyway, it made me think of another book i read once but can’t remember the title. Oh, i got er, “all environmentalists are RED, or just plain ignerent”. you owtta pick yer self up a copy and do some enlightnin. Now about the aguin, i ain’t much fer aguin, ya see, cause, well it just don’t do much good to spend time wit a bunch o inbred pig pokers, cause they usually can’t see da trees through da forest, ifin ya git my drift, but i’ll give er a go.
    “World Peace” AHHHHH !! wouldn’t it be nice. 2 bad da guys at un are so darn clever, ya know, cause it leaves all you dumb pig pokers neutered, kinda like teats on a bull. ifin y’all had a clue ued see dat teats on a bull jest ain’t no good for nothin. Do ya git my meanin? Ok, how bout dis, you give me yer guns, give me your land, give me yer women and children, and you can have da rest. Got it!

  19. Hey, i forgot one, give me da fuits of your labor, and you can have da rest!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 22, 2011 12:52 PM at 12:52 PM |

      So that’s it? U.N. bad, enviros commies? Oh, and you have a gun? Wow! That’s all you got? No WONDER you’re anonymous, dude. Sorry, Skeester ol’ boy, but I expected better. Again, nonsense is fine but it does NOT replace a well-thought out argument. You see, I just put your ENTIRE argument into three short sentences. Try again. Oh, and BTW, it’s hard to fear someone of your “calbre” shall we say even though you continually allued to guns. It comes off as humorous, not scary! I’m sorry to be so blunt. But if you’re gonna be scary, BE SCARY! It’s damn hard to hit a target that’s laffin’ their asses of at you! Hope this helps, LIB. I do like your accent though.

  20. Hey enviro, you git it on da first try !! You are onta sumpin, “U.N. bad, eviros commie”, and i taught you pig pokers were all inbred and ignernt. Now yu done sumpt up my argument in 4 words.
    As fer some sorta “threat”, i ain’t quite got yer meanin, but i kin say dat i’m a peace lovin fool jest like you.
    Now i do gots ta git some more “posted” signs up beforin it gits dark, and den i gots ta git some more a dat re-loadin done, so guess dats all fer now.

  21. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 22, 2011 4:54 PM at 4:54 PM |

    OK, we’ll see ya later than, dude. Give my regards to the other three percenters. You ARE one, right? You know, the dudes who use less than three percent of their brains! AddyYose!

  22. “Posted signs”–check
    “Rifle cleaned”–check
    Sure do feel good to get er done!

    Hey enviro, you had enough? Tought you wanted to talk about well tought out arguments.

    Let me sum up yourin argument;
    born outside the state of Montana = bad, of no value, inbred
    reenactor = bad, of no value, inbred nazi
    organizer of public meeting about freedom from tyranny = bad, of no value,inbred
    freedom of speech = reserved exclusively for inbred pig pokin enviro nazi
    freedom of opinion = reserved exclusively for inbred pig pokin enviro nazi

    How dat, i git it don’t i?

    I tel ya, ifin you tink dat is a well taught out argument, you might want to talk wit your pshyciamatrist about dem drugs he been givin ya, n maybe suggest he hold up on does hallucinagenics.

    3% er? well heck, only need 3% o my brain to talk wit u, i’ll save da rest for da guys wit a well taught out argument.

    Anyways, i gotta git, my knife, she needs some sharpenin so dats all da time i got

    • “…“Posted signs”–check
      “Rifle cleaned”–check…”

      I dunno, but most people, (at least ones who know one end of a rifle from the other) CLEAN their rifle first, THEN reload. Not the other way around. Just sayin’

      Side note: When you read in the papers about someone who’s gun went off “while cleaning” it?

      “Gun went off while cleaning = I was messing around with my gun and I’m using the cleaning my gun bit as an excuse when it fired and killed/wounded someone!”

      (In order to CLEAN a gun, the first thing you do is UNLOAD it).

  23. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 22, 2011 9:20 PM at 9:20 PM |

    OUCH! I see I touched a nerve there, Skeester. Hey, it’s OK, dude. But you forgot one, the most important one.

    Construct a straw man? CHECK!

    You got nuthin’, dude. Silly, silly stuff.

    Land posted? Check! (big landowner are ya? I bet! Did someone actually tresspass on your half acre when you weren’t looking?

    Rifle allusions? Check! Are you REALLY the only dude with rifles? Make you feel real big to fondle them, don’t it!

    Re-loaded? More gun allusions. Silly, silly stuff. Did you forget that you’re livin’ in Montana now, inbred? We ALL have guns, dufus.

    Yes, born outside Montana bad for those morons who attempt to bring their hate, bigotry, and intoleance here. Doesn’t work. You know what I mean, guys who romantacize the the supposed glory days of the inglorious south! Not our history, dude. That’s your banjo pickin’ Deliverance culture. Sorry.

    Confederate reenactor? Simply a dumbass. That’s all. End of argument.

    Organizer who brings in this Red Breck something moron who thinks that Hitler was doing god’s work? Well yes, he’s a sicko and his brand of hatred is not welcome here in Montana.

    Freedom of speech? Well, you got it dude. And so far, you’ve simply shown yourself to be a hateful, bigoted moron. Can’t help you out there, dude. You’re on your own. But I don’t see anyone hindering you from making an ass of yourself.

    Freedom of opinion?? Seems that you were full ably to express one, such as it is.

    And finally, tyranny?? Is someone tyrannizing you, little fella? Maybe you should report that to the authorities. OOOPS! I forgot. You don’t BELIEVE in authority.

    In conclusion, dude, you’re pathetic. And for the record, straw men are NOT an argument! Sorry, Skeester. Or is this Red. Nighty night, little dude. Y’all come on back when your done playin’ with your gun! You are good for a laugh! BTW, try spending some time sharpening your WIT instead of your knife. It’ll do you more good here.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 22, 2011 9:34 PM at 9:34 PM |

      p.s. Sorry for the typos, LIB. I was laffin’ my arse off at your post, coupled with a shot or two of whiskey, and I couldn’t hardly post. But please, WHO are you, dude? Sure you’re dumb as dog doo doo, but you got spunk. I like that. You’re just kidding, right? You’re not as dumb as you let on, are you?

  24. Dude? what’s dat. anyway i tink u must figure more words yer usin da more taught out that der argument is. Well i tink u did tink alot er bout it but it still ain’t well tought out.
    how bout y don’t you just come on out wit it, what are u intendin ta say.

    dat you hate outtastaters dat decide to live in Montana
    dat reenacters are dumbasses
    you don’t like my wit
    dat only yourin brand o hatred and intolerance is allowed here in Montana

    Ya know ur brand o enlightnin ain’t wort much, but you are gettin some where wit dat der argument, yeah, i meen does points o yourins, well…yeah rigt.

    I tink yer wit is up to bout a half, guess ued be a half wit now, so you keepum o workin on it till u git der. i know, u ain’t able ta talk no more cause u gotta git to one a dem der how to b a super giant a hole meetins.
    give me a nudge when ya feel like a 5/8 wit, (dat should keep em busy fer about a week) and i be happi to let ya waste my time again.

    Till den i’ma goin a keep does midnight fires burnin, keep o melting that lead and hope dat it ain’t forced on me ta makum swiss cheese outa some pig pokin enviro nazzi dat kant readum “posted sign”. i gotta find dat swiss cheese recipe again.

    oh yeah, one more ting, u really r a shinning example of what not ter let ur kids grow up to be, kinda like um dat gum i git stuck on my boot de udder day.

    hope dis don’t git ur grits 2 much, kinda sound like u got one a dem short fuses dats always goin off too soon. dat aint good fer much except pre mature … taught process.

    seeya enviro nazzi

  25. Cowgirl, sound um like maybe u r all fer free speech, so long as um it concurs wit urin opinion. guess maybe dat might make u as one sided as youin forum makes skees out a be. Lotta hatred, intolerance, false accusations, libel, u name it, long as u identify de target an character assasinate it.
    “forum” “a place for public meeting for purpose of open discussion and ideas”
    What u have here aint no forum, what it is, obviously, is a hit job site for charactor assasinations, where as long as u stick to the theme “character assasination” your ideas r welcome.
    your forum was hi-jacked long before i arrived on the screen.
    as for “calming down”, guess that is just more typical rhetoric in an attempt to do a character assasination on “LIB”, since it is obvious to the casual observer that all of my comments are very “calm”
    but thanks for the opportunity u provide to do hit pieces.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 23, 2011 10:23 AM at 10:23 AM |

      Geez, LIB, you didn’t just go all victim on us, did ya?! Now THAT is really pathetic, dude! No, no one is picking on your little pal, the Skeester. His record speaks for itself and has been well documented. Read the above. The dude loves him some racists, militia, white suprmennit, Jew hating pals! Where is that in error? It’s not. Now, if you can defend that behavior, do it! And really, wearing a Confederidiot Flag in a parade?? In Montana?? Nope, no racism there!

      And ya know, LIB, there’s Godwin’s law, and then there’s Godwin’s law for morons where in the first one to threaten violence loses by exposing themselves to be an abject moron. Look at your post above. You lose. You’re gonna “make swiss cheese” outta someone with lead? Now THAT’ real bright. As I said before, you got nuthin’. Sad, so sad.

      I’m done. Hijack away. But you’ve lost and you know it. Buh bye!

  26. Cowgirl, just one more comment.
    U allowed your “forum” to be highjacked when u allowed “larry kralj” to drag the conversation down to name calling, “inbred” & “fundawackamentalists”, and to bring his brand of hatred filled agitation to the “open forum”.
    Once again, thank you.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 23, 2011 10:26 AM at 10:26 AM |

      OK, Lib. I won’t call you names. Defend Skees’s relationship with racists, militias, and Red Beckman. Do I hate? OH yes. I hate racism, intolerance, and ignorance.

  27. I think LIB and Larry are the same person.

  28. Larry, you are pure, arn’t you now! It is, of course, obvious that you hate since all of your rhetoric is laced with hate. You pretend to be a peace lover and yet insist on using hatred to accomplish peace. Sorry, “dude” but hatred has never served to accomplish peace.
    As for “violence”, there is nothing, what so ever, violent in any of my conversation. References to lead, to knives, to re-loading, to cleaning my rifle, are all perfectly legitimate references to the “legal” things I like to do, and they give you, the other person involved in the “forum”, an idea of who I am. But rather than understanding who I am you instead take them as a threat. Why? Because you hate.
    “Swiss chese”, as a metaphor, to the concept of defending private property rights, a right of the people to bear arms in defence of private property, as specified in the United States Constitution, is something you take as a threat. Why? Because you hate.
    My conversation with you is a perfect example of what is wrong in the world today, hatred.
    See, a guy wearing a lapel pin with a confederate flag on it, ain’t no threat to me, but to you, it is reason enough to hate.
    Because an individual is in the same room with a different individual and that second individual might hold a belief which is one of bigotry and hatred, you condem all in the room to the same fate. Why? Because you hate.
    Your discussion on the subject of Derek Skees is without original thought, without an original idea, and without solution. Your conversation is merely one of hatred.
    As far as ignorance is concerned, when was the last time you saw ignorance? My guess would be it was this morning while you shaved in the mirror.
    Ignorance and hatred is all you have, and you are happy to level that hatred and ignorance at anyone with whom you disagree.

  29. If the representatives who were elected are really serious about finding ways to minimize wasteful “spending”, why are they using the expensive time of the legislative staff by asking them to draft so many non-essential bills?

  30. I heard a clip of a guy thanking a former employee. Where’s the part about the nazis?

  31. More on Wendy’s plan for Montana, if the Home Guard damages any thing/who the State of Montana will pay for it.

  32. Much ado about nothing as usual. Derek did not retract or avoid. Everything he has done is above the board and respectable.

    You guys think that if you yell “Fire” enough times Derek Skees will burst into flames….

    • Um, not at all, Dougie. We just want the phony Chickenhawk Carpetbagger to go back to Florida; and to actually enlist in the service, rather than letting someone else fight his battles for him overseas.

  33. Does anyone by chance have a link to Skees firing Breckenridge from his campagin? doin some research,, hoping to find it quoted somewhere

  34. In this video, Skees refers to Breckenridge has has treasurer during the primary. This means at some point he was not the treasurer any more.

  35. Hey Rodger S., Why don’t you take your own advise and LEAVE. Your hatred filled rhetoric in no way represents Montana nor its people, so get off your phony “I’m a Montanan” ride and LEAVE.

  36. LIB – This kind of behavior on blogs is known as “trolling.” It is not welcome here.

  37. Best way to handal trolls is to ignore them, since, the word is, they get payed to post on blogs and get more money if their posts get replyed to.

  38. Lib’s posts have skees written all over them. He’s famous for trolling.

  39. You’re all about free speach now aint’cha, so long as it tote’s the party line. When a regular every day person, with no ties to no one but themselves and their family, posts on your free speach blog you don’t like it and you tell them to “sit down and shuddup”, kinda like Zbigniew Brzezinski would do if you were to disagree with him.
    I am soo glad to see all ya standin up for the rights of the people to be free.
    The reality is that the right and the left have much more in common than they are willing to admit, and blogs like this one are happy to help continue the left right dialectic so as to keep you all hating each other, rather than doing something productive.
    In reality you are no different than the right wing talk radio hosts who serve to distract and keep busy their groupies, you do the same by continuing the right left dialectic distraction.

    Are these Republican representatives in Helena “dumb” and “corrupt”, sure, many of them are, but not all of them are.
    Are these Democrat representatives in Helena “dumb” and “corrupt”, sure, many of them are, but not all of them are.
    It is the people’s job to weed out the dumb and corrupt, and to then replace them with representatives we can trust.
    If all you’re capable of doing is to help the “dumb and corrupt” steal the natural rights of the people to be free and prosperous, then you are part of the problem.
    Envirofudamentalwackalists seek one thing, to take your natural right to be free, and to deliver that right up the chain of command to the United Nations. ”
    Earth Charter” 1992, signed by GHW Bush, this is who the Environmental Rangers really follow.
    Neocons, like Rehberg, seek one thing, to take your natural right to be free, and to deliver that right up the chain of command to the United Nations.
    I am sick of listening to hate mongers the likes of which are on this blog and many others like it, they are the real trolls.

    Cowgirl, if you are so virtuous why do you keep telling me to shut up and sit down? Do you really have a problem with free speach, or do you just hate anyone who does not tote the party line?

    I know you love EnvironMENTAL Ranger, because he does tote it for you, (I even have speculated that YOU ARE the Environmental Ranger), but are you really so affraid of a real discussion that you will continue to try and silence those of us who are engaged.

  40. trust no one:

    Derek is currently WORKING and does not have time to post.
    Also he is literate and educated and so I really doubt that “lib’ IS He.

    Just my opinion……..

  41. Representative,David Howard, Park City, is an implant from California, and is pushing his right wing religious and personal moral agenda on Montanans, also.

    Wendy Warburton, Representative for the Havre area is also a right wing and religious nut who comes from a family who believes the white race (in America) is the Israelite race. Wendy Warburton is on a mission to protect gun rights, start a militia, stop abortion, and to stop medical marijuana. Other than that, she has no political platforms, and is 100% clueless about the economy. How she got reelected in our area (Havre, MT), is a sad commentary for the people who vote here.

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