Nutwatch: An Analysis

Montana’s TEA Partiers seem obsessed with making Montana into the mecca for right-wing nutters.

The legislature is no exception.   The same day that the state TEA Party Republicans pushed a radical Arizona-style immigration law, they embraced the “birther” conspiracy about President Barack Obama. The Flathead Beacon reported today that state House TEA Party Republican Bob Wagner (R-Harrison) has introduced a birther bill would require Obama and any future federal candidate to show her birth certificate to order to be included on the ballot in the presidential election.

But the birther bill could potentially backfire against the Montana GOP if the public comes to believe that such nutty extremism drives their whole agenda. While the TEA Party wing of the MT GOP has yet to explicitly link its birther bill with the anti-immigration, black helicopter, anti-UN, anti-victims of domestic violence, anti-Indian, anti-vaccine and other conspiracy theory based legislation, it seems clear that all of these initiatives spring from the same desire to play to the right-wing base. The same GOP lawmakers are behind most of the proposals, after all.

By the way, isn’t the fact that Obama’s “illegal” human (as the Helena IR would write) status old news by now? How is Rep. Wagner just now getting around to pandering to the crazies about this? He just likes the Constitution you say?  Sure, he loves it. He loves it so much he chopped it up into pieces, put it in the blender, and freebased it with a little baking soda.

But these bills won’t improve the lives the state’s crackpot conspiracy theorists and TEA party ralliers-nor will they create higher paying jobs or attract innovative businesses to Montana. They will simply humiliate the legislators who’ve endorsed the measures by making them (and our state) the laughingstocks of the nation-a task they set out upon achieving even before they were elected. The birther bill–and the other black helicopter, Area 51-level conspiracy, racist, sexist and fundi bills–are all forms of reactionary hysteria, but much of this legislation could actually cause profound substantive harm to Montana residents.

The more these ideas are linked, the better.


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  1. This Baldwin guy is so dam crazy I dont know where to start. But I will say this Chuck Baldwin I was born in Montana the great grandson and grandson of sheep ranchers, cowboys and homesteaders. My daddy was an oil driller, heavy equipment opperator, sheep rancher, bartender and autobodyman. Me I drive a 4×4 pickup have hunting rifles and shotguns and fishing poles in it right now, plus I have a real cowboy hat and real Montana mud on my Montana boots that I would not let you lick. So Chuck Baldwin get your Florida a– out of my state.

  2. You’re good for two things, Cowgirl:

    1. Being a soul-less, shame-less hack for Brian Schweitzer, and
    2. Exposing the crazies.

    Credit where credit is due, this post is excellent. Sure wish these people would address the real problems impacting the state and stop focusing on this shit.

  3. Seven cases of domestic terrorism since the Unabomber, seven red states.

  4. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 27, 2011 6:43 AM at 6:43 AM |

    Baldwin. BWHHAHAAA! Now there’s one funny dude. Isn’t he the head of Inbreds for Jesus? Look, as I’ve said many times before, our press has been complicit in this shit. I have YET to see ONE story on what the Constitupid Party really is all about. They have some scary, very scary, anti-American beliefs. And now, Pastor Chucky is comin’ here with his Inbreds for Jesus Whored talkin’ up violence. Well, it’s probably time for the people of Montana to send his dumb ass packin’. What a buffoon.

  5. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 27, 2011 6:49 AM at 6:49 AM |

    p.s. And I guess that the saddest thing for me is to see the mainstream churches just sit on their asses and NOT condemn this vile hatred being spewed in the name of Jesus. What the hell is WRONG with people?! Must these wackos start killing people before the mainstreamers get off their asses? There is NOTHING christian about the purveyors of hate in the name of Jesus! Even a moron can figure that one out!

  6. Gee, I think I’ll run. I had a dream the other night that I was the queen of Sweden and everyone was buying me diamonds and bathtubs full of gin martinis. And then the dancing pandas started bowing and feeding me ice cream.

    And then, my meds kicked in and I had to come back from Pluto.

  7. If you doubt for a moment that this man is a seriously dangerous wackadoodle, take a look at his sermon about leaving his church in Florida.

    Batshiat crazy. Posse Comitatus lives.

  8. I can’t. Even. Deal. It’s laughable, really. I mean, the reason movies like Blazing Saddles have legs is because viewers can relate, in a gallows-humor kind of way, to satire based on reality. We need a Mel Brooks-ian comedy about the Montana Legislature.

  9. The best thing is that Paster Chuck and his followers have about as many kids as the average Utah family.

    While your girlfriends wait patiently in the lobby of Planned Parenthood.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 27, 2011 1:04 PM at 1:04 PM |

      Yes but, is Pester Chucky gonna provide JOBS for all his inbreds when they get here?? Funny, but when I look in the ads, I DON’T see many jobs for racist, militia member, white supremnit, fundiwackmentalist, posse committmetatis, or nazi! Gee, those are NOT the current occupations that are in big demand! So, what’s Pester Chucky gonna do, the loaves and fishes thingy??

      True story. Comin’ thru Livingston two days ago, my wife said, “Oh my God. Would you look at that”! And she was pointing to the most pathetic looking pickup and camper that I have EVER SEEN, and I’ve seen lots of them. It was just kinda hangin’ on ready to disintegrate with the first bump. I simply had to get a closer look.

      As I got closer, there were warning signs on the camper, like Beware of Dog, etc., as if the owner had ANYthing of value to steal. And now, I had to see where this thing was from. Then I saw them, the texass plates. Uh huh, I said, just as I suspected. Another one of Pester Chucky’s flock headed to the Flathead Valley in pursuit of “freedom” I suppose.

      Pester Chucky’s whored is INDEED a bizarre mixture of the theatre of the absurd. The do NOT have the so-called “god gene”. They are blessed with the ever popular DUMBass gene! It’s gonna be fun! Maybe we should open a theme park with them and employ them ALL, kind of creation theme park where folks can come and see the actual missing links!

      WELCOME TO MONTANA, PESTER CHUCKY! We things the way they are, we APPRECIATE the comic relief! And BTW, dude, luv your scam! Just where does one get one of them theology degrees like you got? You see, I’m gettin’ so poor, I just might have to become a scam artist, Oopsie!, I mean paster myself! I could probly fleece the sheep as well as you, for as they say, there’s a fool and a christian born every second!

  10. Who is Funding these nuts? This stuff is just smoke and mirrors to sneak some really bad stuff thru.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 27, 2011 1:15 PM at 1:15 PM |

      The Tea Party is nearly entirely funded by the Koch Brothers, of Dallas fame, whose father was the exact same dude who engendered violence against JFK back in the day. They plastered Dallas with wanted dead or alive posters of Kennedy throughout the entire city. They are HUGE Birchers and hate mongers. There record is long and ugly, and there for anyone willing to take a look. And unfortunately, this crap has made it into our Lege. And well, yes, Montana does NOT have a press worth a hill of beans, otherwise this stuff would be wellknown!

  11. He moved to Montana in September, 2010. How did he get his name on the ballot and get elected? I know about the Koch Brothers, but I was asking does he have any local funding?

  12. Holy tea flavored nutcakes. You couldn’t make crap like this up if you tried. Baldwin reminds me of the Martin Sheen character in Deadzone. And you can really hear the tinfoil crinkle in those comments left with the article in the flathead beacon piece.

  13. You left Paster Rowlie Hutton off the list. Pastor Hutton, an elected lawmaker from Havre Montana, is Wendy Warburtons pastor and you better believe he is Pastor Baldwin of the highline. The nuts are running the henhouse Cowgirl. Make no mistake about that.

  14. Im a Christian with a strong relationship with Jesus Christ. Yet I believe in a strong seperation between church and state. It says in the bible “give unto cezar what is cezar’s and give onto God what is God’s”. Also we don’t live in and I don’t want to live in a theocracy. We are a democratic republic. We have a secular government, that is elected by the majority of it’s citizens to represent us on three levels, local, state, and federal. There are times when I totally disagree with my elected leaders but they are elected. And yes I will sometimes go crazy trying to figure out why the majority of the voters elect some a–holes but those a–holes are elected and thats that, we live with them till they either a. resign or die b. get caught doing something illegal or c. get voted or term limited out of office. Also I do believe I live in a center of right state, in a moderate country. So being a moderate person I sometimes really pull my hair out of my head, but also I do believe that my homestate of Montana is not a right wing thocracy. And I believe that the greater majority of people do not want that. In a poll done this summer 83% or US citizens claimed to be Christians of some strip, yet only 20% of US citizens attend church on a regular basis, which for the purposes of the poll was once a month. So that shows me people like Chuck Baldwin, Dr. Dobson, Rev. Hutton and Wendy Warburton are not the mainstream of America or Montana.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 28, 2011 9:24 AM at 9:24 AM |

      Farmboy, of course your right again. But google sometime Dominionism and Christian Reconstructionism. It’s pure christo-fascism. And it’s EXACTLY what these inbreds for Jesus want. Oh, and the Constistupid Party is one of the worst, yet all the little wussified newspapers in this state treat them as legitimate. The Constistupids want to replace civil law with Biblical law. Hmmm, now THERE’S a great idea! Death for adultery. Death for abortion. Death for homos. etc. and on and on. The sad thing is that all the state newspapers are too big a wussies to point this out. Might hurt their cirulation to pring the truth. How would like wendy warpedburpin’ deciding your fate for you when you get caught foolin’ around?

      • I agree Larry I think both you and I don’t want to live in a thocracy. Actually Barry Goldwater a Republican presidential candidate said it best in 1964 “Im running for president because I want a government that is out of your bedrooms, out of your wallets, and out of your daily lives”. Well the current Republicans would be wise to remember this quote. Because right now they are anything but and have been for years. I can name the patriot act, Terry Scivo down in Florida back in 05, and this year the umteen hundred abortion bills in the Montana State legislature.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 28, 2011 2:25 PM at 2:25 PM |

          Yeah, abortion. These morons KNOW that they’re never gonna win over the other side on abortion. Therefore, they are gonna try like hell to outlaw it! Ain’t THAT real nice. Seems to me that when the country is pretty much split right down the middle on the issue, it SHOULD be legal! But if they don’t want an abortion, fine, don’t have to have one. But keep your damn religion to yourself! Hell, even the Catholics USED to be fairly lenient on abortion.

          This whole abortion thing has taken on a life of its own. The christo-fascists have ascribed unto themselves an arbiter role that even ALL the major religions won’t do! ALL the world’s great religions have a differing view on when life begins. Then along come the fundis and guys like Pester Chucky Cheesey Baldwin who think that they’re the final authority on when life begins! It’s all very humorous and very dangerous, especially when the inbreds start shooting people, bombing clinics, and inciting other inbreds to violence. But basically, it’s all part of their plan to subjugate women and divide the country. That’s all.

          • I think the Republicans need abortion to be legal. Think about it from 2000 to 2008 the Republican party controled the Whitehouse all eight years, the US Senate for 5yrs, US House for 6yrs, and the US Supreme Court for 8 years. Yet during that time they NEVER submitted a bill to ban abortion. They need legalized abortion, it gets Evangelical Christians excited and too the polls, plus it gets them to get out their checkbooks and donate money. The whole thing is a scam on middle America

  15. 2/5/2011

    It is not an immigration problem; it is an invasion problem;
    Driven by the desire for cheap wage slaves, for greedy Americans.

    The invasion of an unarmed army of foreign nationals to be worked as slaves so we can enjoy cheap food and some farmers/corporations can get richer.

    In 1986 about 3.6 million legalized. Now the 2010 estimate is about 12 million. In 2034 the estimate is 48.8 million illegal foreign nationals living in the USA. The USA cannot absorb that many criminals and continue to be a country of law abiding citizens and a good place to live.

    We cannot afford to have the USA become more like Mexico. The world cannot afford to have the USA become more like Mexico.
    If the illegal foreign nationals want a better life for themselves and their families then they should stay in their countries and work and fight for a better life.

    Special thanks to Martin Luther, King Henry VII and Queen Elizabeth for the defeat of the Spanish Armada. (Spanish Roman Child-Sex-Abuse Church Armada (RCC)) America could have easily been dominated by the RCC, and developed just like Mexico, Central America, and South America, under the thumb of the RCC, overpopulated, underemployed and undereducated. Where would they run to, to get away from their mess they have created?

    The invasion of an unarmed army of foreign nations is a clear and present danger to the sovereignty of the USA.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 7, 2011 6:54 PM at 6:54 PM |

      Picked a lot of FRUIT in your life, have you butt ugly? Din’t think so. Or, maybe you’ve cleaned a lot of crappers. You lose. You’re simply to easily threatened, as are all rightwing wacks.

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