Who Did Rehberg Spend SOTU ‘Date Night’ With? Teabaggers!

For Tuesday’s State of the Union Address, Montana’s millionaire Congressman was one of the few members of Congress who thought it best to sit with his right-wing buddies instead of reaching across the aisle.

Rehberg at the State of the Union Speech...is that Alexander and Scalise he's sitting next to?Look closely at this photo, and you’ll see Dennis Rehberg (upper left, holding a sheet of paper) sandwiched between Congressmen Steve Scalise and Rodney Alexander, both Republicans from Louisiana, and both fellow members of the Tea Party Caucus.

After Dennis Rehberg refused to participate in the spirit of bipartisanship this week, he did admit the seating arrangement was a “big hit.”  Montana’s two Democratic senators, by the way, sat with Republicans.

But when asked by KECI, Rehberg tried to downplay the issue, saying he doesn’t think the seating chart should get so much publicity.  Maybe not, but if you don’t believe in bipartisanship, you’re going to need a better excuse than this:

“Frankly most of the conversations in Washington aren’t necessarily Republican versus Democrat.  What we find is urban versus rural.”

Really?  Maybe that’s why Rehberg voted twice against New York City’s 9/11 emergency responders.  And it looks he’s having a tough time trying to explain those votes, and his lawsuit against Billings firefighters, to Montanans these days…


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  1. He took time out from insulting Montana firemen to show up for the SOTU?

  2. WOW Denny has not only drank the kool aid of the tea party but has went back for seconds. I just go my 1millionth email from him in the last year and he had a survey with loaded questions, it was wonderful. Anyway obviously Rehberg is getting ready for a Republican party primary for something.

  3. If you sit R D R D there will be R’s left out in the cold without a D’s hand to hold.

    But face it, the seating chart thingy was a worthless ploy to make the country feel good. Since when should we value symbolism over substance in our Congress?

    Generally, Rehberg votes how a majority of his constituents would vote. Montanans are a fiscally conservative bunch. And a majority of Montanans (fiscally conservative by nature) would have voted against the bill that contained the 9/11 responder money because the Democrats loaded the bill down with wasteful spending.

    • It always makes me chuckle that republicans in Montana imagine themselves to be “fiscally responsible” when your very existence in this State is wholly subsidized by federal largesse and the tax money of heavily populated blue coastal states. Carry on.

      • Pretty sure my existence in this state has more to do with my parents having sex (ewww) than with the “federal largesse”.

        Although I was born under a democratic administration so maybe I was just another pork barrel project.

    • @fatso – are you bowen greenwood? he used to be fat, and he is a troll who would probably read this blog every day. you need to get a life greenwood.

  4. The Tea Party and the GOP fought the 9/11 responders bill (which was fully funded with cuts in other spending areas) because it would have benefited members of a public employees union, and as every Teabagger knows, unions are the ENEMY, more evil than al Qaida.
    I really don’t think “most” Montanans think that way.

  5. There were a bunch of Rehberg thugs in Helena today up at the state capitol today, anyone know why? Perhaps they were all there to watch the Baucus speech, but it is sort of odd.

  6. The rehberg guys were there to kill mail balloting. Some mistaken idea that they would Lose votes. Amazing

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 28, 2011 6:02 PM at 6:02 PM |

      Someone should ask the Dopey Rheburp thugs if Dopey’s gonna jump on the privatize medicaire bandwagon. Ya know, now it’s gettin’ personal.

      For most folks, it’s been theoretical up to this point. Three trillion on senseless wars? Well, OK. Tax cuts for the super wealthy? We can live with that. Billions to rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan? Sure, if we must.

      But now. NOW! Screw us out of our social securtiy and medicaire? THAT’S PERSONAL, DOPEY! And them’s fightin’ words you worthless piece of sh*t!

      When the hell are people gonna figure things out and get mad? I don’t get it!

  7. I saw Ted Dick, the face of the Montana Democratic Party, at the Capitol this morning?

    Anybody know why?

    I am still laughing that SEIU is nearly dead in Montana despite financial support in the multi-millions of dollars (salaries, outreach, campaigns, organizing etc). So the Montana Democratic Party hires Ted to fix what is wrong. You gotta love it!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 28, 2011 6:15 PM at 6:15 PM |

      That sounds a lot like nervous laughter, fatty. And well it should be. You dudes are about to be outted for what you are.

  8. They were introducing the “Rehberger,” a new Made in Montana product, consisting of 100% taco filling, which is really no less than 30% Argentinian beef. The other 70% is animal waste and filler that can’t be legally added to pet food. Yum!

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