Lunacy in the Legislature

Rep. David Howard (R-TEA Park City)The black helicopters are circling this session, especially around the tin-foil bedecked head of one T.E.A. Party Republican, Rep. David Howard, who (mis)represents the voters of the Park City Montana area, House District 60.

Howard bills always draw the craziest supporting testimony, and House Bill 274 which was heard on Jan 27 in the House Judiciary Committee, is no exception.

In fact, check out the video below, in which a supporter of this David Howard bill  makes one of the most outlandish claims heard in the Montana legislature to date, and in this session, that’s really saying something.

Rep. Howard’s bill would encourage the harassment of anyone that appears to be something other than Caucasian (read Indians) by encouraging Montanans to file complaints about anyone they believe could be an immigrant working without documentation.  Every single complaint would have to be investigated by the state, even those based purely on race, appearance, and language. After a complaint is filed, businesses would have to defend themselves in an administrative tribunal.  (No word on who would be running the shop on their absence.)

This bill would even allow complaints to be filed based on rumor and speculation. People of color, those who do not speak English, or anyone who “appears” to be foreign will be harmed.  (The fact is, most illegal immigrants in Montana are Canadians, but hey, whatever.)  This would probably lead to harassment of Indians by mouthbreathers, though Indians are the least foreign of anyone in Montana, as they were obviously here first.

The bill also requires every business in the state to sign up for a national database to track citizens.  The system has high error rates and incident testing has shown significant employer abuses, according to opponents of the bill.  Just the kind of thing Montanans (don’t) love.

The video above is an excerpt of a Youtube video originally created by Helena, MT attorney Shahid Haque-Hausrath, of the Border Crossing Law Firm, P.C. Thanks to Mr. Haque-Hausrath for creating the video to help expose the racist testimony and legislation being proposed in the Montana legislature.  You’ll want to watch the full video here, which has lots of crazy, ignorant and racist testimony.…


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  1. I wanted to watch both videos, but 8 minutes is just to long to watch at work. Nonetheless, I thought it was basically good information. Thanks for posting.

  2. Of more importance, in that footage, is that long time Butte legislator JD Lynch has an itch and he knows how to scratch it….ear, nose, scalp, nose, eye, cell! Go JD!

  3. Well I learned something new today, we have illegal aliens working at Malstrom Airforce Base. According to the guy in the VFW had and American Flag tie. Its just terrible that we have all these middle easterners coming here to the United States to pour concrete, dry wall, pick vegtables, and shear sheep. We must do something about this right away, after all we need to save the McDonalds jobs.

  4. would it be possible to request an investigation of the sponsor and his supporters? They, after, promote some pretty “alien” ideas, suggesting that they might not be from this planet, let alone any recognizable place on earth.

  5. It’s as if red states are competing for “mutants of change” awards or something. Look at this bill to mandate the ownership of a firearm from South Dakota’s one-party Politburo.

  6. This guy is a total jackass, have you read his FB lately? He worries about saying things about Romney just look at his FB page, a moron.

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