A Job for Tony Robbins

If you listened to the Montana GOP’s S.O.T.S. response, or spared yourself 20 minutes of head-pounding boredom and read this weekend’s Chuck Johnson article about it instead, you’ll find that Republican legislators are profoundly lacking in confidence.

While Schweitzer and Montana Democrats point to evidence that Montana’s economy is growing, Republicans are pretty down on Montana.

The improving economic outlook Dems are talking about is also the outlook validated by independent sources.  As Mr. Johnson reports:

[E]conomists at the University of Montana Bureau of Business and Economic Research are more optimistic about the state’s future economy.

“After enduring the broadest, deepest recession seen in the state in 25 years, Montanans can expect to see better growth arrive in the state economy in 2011,” Patrick Barkey and Paul Polzin, the bureau’s director and director emeritus, said in their 2011 Economic Outlook.

So if facts and logic don’t persuade Republicans in the legislature, what’s the deal? Maybe they just need a little motivational self help.

I’m talking about Tony Robbins, the motivational speaker famous for infomercials in which he commands people to “unleash the power within,” (and sometimes use that power to mock him, but that’s a different topic.)

How could Tony Robbins help? First, Robbins would likely try to find out what’s causing the R’s pessimism. After all, the caucus has swollen to the highest number of R’s in recent history. (They also seem to be swelling with self regard, from the head down.)

The pessimism and negative view of the state Republicans appear to share could have negative political consequences.  If the leaders of the GOP caucus can’t convince the public that this is a good place to do business, they won’t convince voters that they can they can successfully run the state.

Which means Republicans could be so far gone even Robbins can’t help. He’s got experience motivating millions of people, but GOP legislators and their staff have been successfully unmotivated to step up, make decisions based on facts, science, and research, and do right by Montana for decades.


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  1. The modern Republican Party since around 1998 has become the merchants of fear party. In 2000 for example they sold people in middle America to be afraid of Al Gore because he was going to take away our guns, and tax us to death. In 02 and 04 they played the terrorism card, keep us safe from the Arabs. In 06 they didn’t have anything to sell but Conrad Burns did try to sell some bullcrap about Jon Tester and he tried to play too the terrorism thing a bit. Then 08 McCain tried to sell us this mighty military leader thing and the sky would fall if we elected Obama. And in 10 they sold people a bill of goods on jobs and the economy and they basically said keep the Democrats in and it will get worse, put us in and we will make it better, plus they sold a bunch of fear on the unknown healthcare bill. But for the most part they dont have origional ideas, they just have fear. In fact during my lifetime I have only seen 1 major politician with an origional idea in this state at the statewide level, and that was Brian Schweitzer.

  2. I’ve begun to wonder if the Republicans, who always talk about the business climate, don’t think they might be driving businesses away with their dire pronouncements about Montana.

    Then I remember they’d rather win elections than govern.

  3. One wonders if the state is flush with cash, how come the Governor wants to transfer the money from the Treasure State Endowment Fund to the general fund to BALANCE THE BUDGET? Maybe Sterns/Rhoads/cowpie could answer that.

  4. Senator Peterson has some junk bill called make the Code of the West the “Code” of Montana. One of the 10 commandments-oh I mean Codes-is “ride for the brand.”

    The Montana basing seems to be in violation of this. Or perhaps by “the brand” he meant Exxon-Mobile.

  5. Ingemar Johansson | January 31, 2011 8:40 PM at 8:40 PM |

    Didn’t ya hear? Obama Care struck down. Seems to me its you guys a heading into a funk.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 31, 2011 9:34 PM at 9:34 PM |

      Struck down in court??? Oh…my…goodness, Ingrid! But wait! Isn’t there something that says the supreme court will have the final say? Best wait before orgasming, Ingrid. It ain’t over til the fat court sings, sweetie!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 31, 2011 10:00 PM at 10:00 PM |

      p.s. Ingrid, only a freakin’ MORON would think that it isn’t constitutional. Uh oh. Did I just insult you? I’m sorry, cupcake.

      • only a freakin’ MORON would think that it isn’t constitutional

        Don’t be so hard on yourself.

        Congress can no more force me to buy health insurance than it can force me to buy food or anything else. They have clearly overstepped their Constitutional authority.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 1, 2011 11:10 AM at 11:10 AM |

          Got car insurance, do ya? Gee, that was simple, bout as simple as you, EMPTY. Your “liberty” exists in your teensy, tiny little mind. That’s all. You see, EMPTY, the gubmint alREADY forces you to do all KINDS of things that you don’t want to do. Maybe it’s time for you to move!

          • I choose to drive so I do have car insurance. I can choose not to drive and not buy car insurance.

            Nice try – what else does the “gubmint” force me to buy? Not do, as you try to change the topic, but buy. See, that was really simple.

            • MT Liberty has a point. Doesn’t anyone remember how the so-called individual mandate was the very most regressive giveaway to the insurance industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and corporate America of all the possibilities? Remember the proposal to have employers purchase insurance, not individuals? Remember the public option? Let’s not just assume that the so called Affordable Care Act was good because some so-called Democrats (who really aren’t Dems) wrote it.

            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 2, 2011 6:08 AM at 6:08 AM |

              Right ON, dude! You’re an island. You’re an army of one. You’re a BRAIN cell of one! Look, dufus, while the REST of us have to pay for your medical bills, we’re gonna make YOU pay some too! It’s only fair, Empty, unless of course you never “choose” to get sick! You lose again!

              And yes, Cowgirl, I fully supported single payer, but Empty would whine about that too. Socialism and all. Guess that the brain cell of one never chooses to get sic (bad thing is that dinks like that KNOW

              • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 2, 2011 6:09 AM at 6:09 AM |

                WE WON’T LET HIM DIE! Wish we could. Save a lotta money. We WASTE a lotta money on uninsured dinks who CHOOSE not to insure! How bout single payer, where EVERYONE is insured. How bout it, Empty?

    • I’m eager to see the logic he’s employing to throw out the baby with the bathwater. In a similar ruling, the judge only found the requirement that everyone purchase insurance to be unconstitutional (still a dubious line of reasoning.) Most people think it is a good idea not to decline people with preexisting conditions, think it’s a good idea to allow young people to stay on their parents’ insurance plans for a few more years and not allow insurance companies to drop you for reaching a lifetime cap.

  6. The republicans will fight to the death to preserve their liberty to not buy health insurance and then go to the ER and pass their costs onto everyone else.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 1, 2011 11:13 AM at 11:13 AM |

      Yeah, kinda like their heroine, Anyus Rand. Seems that ol’d Aynus was the biggest gubmint sucker around toward the end of her life when she got sick! Go figure. Seems that when push came to shove, compassionate fascism was NOT enough for Aynus. Atlas shrugged and Aynus PLUGGED into the system.

  7. When the republicans talk about “freedom” it means the “Freedom” to rip people off, steal from those with less and get off scoff free it their caught

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