February 2011

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Daines Continues Campaign to Manipulate Google Searches

Steve Daines, the Bozeman billionaire running for Congress (at least for now) in Montana, appears to be continuing his campaign to manipulate Google searches toward information he considers favorable, even though his tactics have already been exposed. The most recent example? The so-called “Concerned Women…


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Fundamentalists Strengthen Ties to Shadier Movements

The fact that Chuck Baldwin was tapped to be the keynote speaker for a Flathead “Pro-life” event in Kalispell this January is one more piece of evidence of connections between Montana’s white nationalists and the Flathead area’s anti-choice crusaders.  Chuck Baldwin is  the new-to-the-Flathead preacher…

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Editorial Board Calls Out GOP for Wasting Session On Frivolous Bills

The Missoulian’s editorial board today excoriates the Montana Legislature for focusing on social issues and frivolous, unconstitutional bills instead of focusing on jobs. Exactly how do these proposals relate to jobs and Montana’s still-struggling economy? For that matter, why are legislators talking about requiring ultrasounds…

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Montana’s TEA Party legislators have  realized that the word “legislator” relates somehow to the word “law”, but so far have not been able to figure out that they don’t have the power to change federal laws and the federal constitution. They have also been unable…