So Stupid

Creepy photo of Derek Skees with a creepy sign and a woman in a creepy mask.Let’s face it.  Sometimes politicians do stupid things.  And yesterday, Derek Skees, R-TEA-Whitefish Kalispell, may have won first prize in this category with his bills to to kill green energy jobs.

In 2004 there was not a single megawatt of wind power being generated in Montana, despite the fact that Montana is one of the windiest places in America. Neighboring states like Wyoming and the Dakotas had growing wind industries, but Montana, with dopes like Judy Martz and a 25-year entrenched Republican legislature, couldn’t be bothered to try to make an effort to help create this industry in our state.

Schweitzer and the Dems come in and put together a legislative package to bring wind production and transmission, with tax incentives and a renewable energy energy portfolio which requires utilities to use wind power if it is available.  And the Governor lures some investment to the state by marketing opportunities to develop energy projects and sell power to places like California where demand for clean power is virtually unlimited.  The result? We now have three to four hundred megawatts of wind power being generated and another several hundred about to go online in the next year, as well as transmission projects some of which are already under construction, creating a backbone for additional wind-farms and other electricity projects.

And what does the Right Wing do to help this effort, now that it has taken over the legislature? Monday, the legislature heard two bills introduced by a right wing nut from Kalispell (representing, oddly, a liberal district–Whitefish).  Derek Skees proposed to bills that would together dismantle Schweitzer’s renewable energy incentives. (And increase taxes, did he forget what the T in T.E.A. stands for already?)

That makes great sense.


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  1. Its the TEA Party Tax Increase! This nut has lost it.

  2. The Tea Party talks about national security but does not do anything.. see article

  3. Who needs these green jobs when you can have nullification? Reminder, the tea party in MT has nothing to do with jobs.

  4. Too bad they can’t channel some of the hot air they’ve been generating in Helena the past few weeks! We could all reap the benefits. Of course, the alcohol fumes might interfere with the “clean, green” operation of our equipment…

  5. With a growing global population, we are going to need energy, from all sources, water, and food supplies. Derek Skees and his ilk in the teabaggers are shooting this state in the foot. Renewable energy and the energy business as a whole is the future of the state of Montana. Apperently this joker does not see that. Judy from Mars did not see it, and the Republican legislators from the past did not see it. Hell they sold us out like Benadict Aronld to deregulation. Basically that is what Marc Ratco was he was a traitor to Montana just like Judus was a traitor to Jesus. All because they see today not tommrow.

  6. This is not about politics- true politics is about assessment, strategy and action, all in the name of the common good. There’s no assessment here, just judgment. And hasty, uninformed, ridiculous judgment at that. There’s no strategy here, just simple obstructionism, sabotage and reactive bullying. The action is, therefore, based on uninformed judgment, obstructionism and bullying.

    This is posturing and silly, ideological theatrics. Sadly, it’s got some traction. For the life of me, I can’t see why.


  7. If green energy is such a great idea, how come private investors are not breaking down the door to get into the market.

    We are talking about using public sector funds,ie. Our tax money to sponsor these projects.

    Just like ethanol, it is not as rosy as it sounds. It is more expensive, produces more carbon than advertized,and has driven up food prices.

    Lets take the electric car. Still runs off of coal-powered electric plants. Costs more than normal car. And will be subsidized by….you guessed more of your tax dollars.

    Stop using emotional arguments and do the research. you may find that the grass is not so green over there.

  8. Lt. Col (Ret, Army) Richard Liebert | February 17, 2011 12:01 AM at 12:01 AM |

    Mr. Skees ‘went on the skids’ with his inarticulate and grossly uninformed presentation I heard on the legislative audio link
    of the HB244 hearing………Tea Party so far has been ‘All hat and no cattle’ in regards to just how many JOBS they’ve come up with, while the renewable energy teams are DOING it with thousands of megawatts of potential and as coordinator the Montana Strategic Biofuels Project (, I can assure the Tea Party that growing oilseeds for military aviation fuel (that’s ENERGY independence) puts idle (yes, isn’t that what’s important jobs, get moving?) CRP land back to work instead of billions spent
    on idle acres, and farmers produce again a vital crop (two million acres of FLAX in WWII, and with just limited harvest and planting techology!), that provides jobs to crush, transport and refine here in MONTANA….that’s thousands of jobs right there, but NO, the Tea Party rolls forth SB253 to KILL biofuel incentives, what few that are left and they don’t ‘have’ the time to reinstate expired biodiesel production incentives???


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