Are Montana R-TEA Legislators the Nation’s Dumbest?

Janna Taylor is going to make Montana famous.  Just not for the reasons she thinks.Hey Alabama, Mississipi, and Utah!  See if you can beat this.

Rep. Janna Taylor (R-Flathead, Lake County) testified against abolishing the death penalty this week.

As the Helena IR reports,

Senate Bill 185, sponsored by Democratic state Sen. David Wanzenried of Missoula, drew emotional testimony during the hearing by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Then Rep. Taylor stepped to the mic.  She has a strange reason for supporting the death penalty. I’m not sure emotional was the first word that came to mind when I watched this Youtube video of Rep. Janna Taylor’s testimony.

You be the judge.

Rep. Taylor posts a “column” every week with her take on the session.  For a very unique look at the legislative process and the minds making Montana law, you won’t want to miss it.

UPDATE: For a great explanation of just how ignorant these comments really are, and why, read this excellent post over at one of my favorite blogs, From Eternity to Here.


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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 10, 2011 7:36 AM at 7:36 AM |

    Sniff! I’m sorry, but that was BEAUTiful! Sniff! I truly see God’s hand in Janna Bobamma Alamba’s testimony! What a tearjerker! It’s all crystal clear now. We MUST have the death penalty! It’s in the Bible! God WANTS retribution! And ‘sides, it’s NOT like we’re stonin’ them to death! (although that would be a good deterent)

    But let’s look at the BIG picture! With all of Ms. Warpburpin’s mlishas runnin’ round, and Skeester’s Keester’s wastin’ commies, and god fearin’ preachers roundin’ up infidels, and Marbutt’s Buttlickers scoopin’ up evil enviros, SOMEone is likely to accidentally SHOOT one of these inbred mlisha morons! So, yes, anyone who wastes one of Wendy’s Wackos really does need to meet his Maker!

    It all makes perfect sense! As we slip and slide into Fuedal Montana, we must have laws in place to keep it the righteeious place of worship for the white, chrisyeean inbred nation that we are destined to become with Vanilla Valley as our new capitol! It’s our destiny! Manifest Destiny! Montanafest Destiny! We are the poineers creating our new, white Homeland for GOD!

    Wow! I get all tingly just thinkin’ about it!

  2. There’s now a statement from the Positive Justice Center on my page which makes some excellent points about HIV- with sensible statements from Montanans to balance this craziness.
    Disclosure: I’m one of them.’s-uninformed-comments-“…ignorance-in-the-first-degree…”/

  3. I emailed Janna Taylor and told her how disgusting her comments were…here is what I got back

    “My words were very poorly chosen, and I apologize for them. I absolutely did not mean to suggest that HIV should considered a weapon, nor that people with HIV are somehow dangerous. HIV cannot be transmitted through saliva nor through casual contact, and Montanans with HIV are simply people living with a virus.

    I was intending to illustrate that there are scenarios we cannot currently conceive of that may warrant the death penalty, and to remove it from the available options for punishment at this time would be misguided. HIV transmission was not an appropriate example.

    Again, I sincerely apologize for my inappropriate and inelegant statement. Janna”

  4. I was not able to watch the youtube video, but Im sure that with this being the wife of Mikey Taylor, aka the most annyoing person to ever get into politics in Montana, Im sure it is just a load of brain power material. I did read her articles on her website, now I’ve been to the DMV twice in the last 6months. First to renew my drivers license and to possibly get a CDL now I did not know that the State of Montana offers the driving test in Chinnese and Russian. In fact I was never offered that opition and I would bet a dollar to a doughnut that I could not find a single person in the DMV that speaks or reads Chinnese or Russian. Also I would be hard pressed to find a Russian speaking driver in Montana except during tourist season. I guess I dont see a need for her English only driving bill, but ok whatever. Now as for the death penalty, I believe it is a complicated issue, in someways Im for it, in someways Im against it. So I struggle with it. But I will say this given the costs of lawyers in our legal system, I do believe it would be cheaper to just give a life in prison sentance. But at the same time Im from a ranching family and there is only one way to take care of predators, and in alot of cases the people on death row are predators, aka sex offenders, rapists, mass murderers, so I say we should take care of them just like ranchers take care of coyotes and wolves. If not we endager the rest of society.

  5. The Button Valley Bugle likes Krayton Kerns, a nullification fan, for the honor of Craziest R-TEA
    He wants the Endangered Species Act nullified

  6. Yes, your legislators do appear to be the dumbest in the nation. What happened Montana? You both got the best Governor and the worst legislators in America. Any insight?

  7. Also this, did you see you made Buzzflash for this? “Are Montana TEA Party Legislators the Nation’s Dumbest?”

  8. Who is this EnvironMENTAL Ranger jackass anyway? Do you virtuous people really want a skunk the likes of Enviromentalwackalist representing you’all? Do the smart thing and run him off your blog before he takes you down with him. You have to know that he is an A-#1 phony, hoping to sucker unsuspecting good people into worshipping at the phony alter of the “EARTH GOD”, while he himself worships at the alter of the “Sun God”, just like George HW Bush, GW Bush, Bill Clinton, and all the other Globalists. The Sun is their “GOD”, and they worship his rising. Wake up!

  9. Man from Ohio, “The best Governor”, have you lost your mind? Or is your blindness caused by the liberal kool-aid?

    What is it that makes Schweitzer “the best Governor” in your eyes?

    In your perfect world, what has Schweitzer done for you?

  10. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 13, 2011 11:09 AM at 11:09 AM |

    Ouch! Geez, Lib, I was gonna invite you to my birthday party too! But sorry. You give me too much credit. I represent ONLY myself. That’s all. No one else. In fact, MOST people do not like me at all. (guess i don’t blame’em) It comes with the terrority when one speaks on the TRVTH and nothing but the TRVTH. Most people don’t want to hear it and attempt to silence it, just as you have done. It bothers them, because once you know what the TRVTH is, you must either act or consider yourself a coward. That is NOT what most people want to hear. The BIG difference I guess between you and me is that I would never attempt to silence you.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 13, 2011 1:01 PM at 1:01 PM |

      p.s. But you’re quite right on one point, LIB. I do INDEED think that ALL organized religions are just so much bullsh*t. (Except maybe Buddhism) On balance, it’s pretty hard to argue that they’ve done more good than harm for the world. And yes, I think that one can be spiritual withOUT belonging to an organized religion. And yes, I see the Creator in his creation…..AND LUV IT! But I fear you guys, the Fundiwackmentalists, for your ignorance and superstitution. You have NO idea what you believe. Nor do you have any idea of the origins of your “religion”. Try MY religion for locating your religion’s origins, Paganism! Dressed up of course, but it’s all IN there! YOU are the Pagan and don’t even realize it! Ooops! There’s the TRVTH again. No WONDER you hate me.

  11. You are really a BS artist aren’t you! just what is the “TRVTH”, in your little mind. Why don’t you spell it out for the people to hear. And, by the by,for the record, you in fact are the one who does not like it when others voice their opinion, that is why you use all of your hatred filled rhetoric to try and scare people into silence.
    When I read your BS I imagine, in my mind, a very little person standing on a very big box full of Bull.

    Hey Enviro, you know the difference between you and a Real Montanan? With real Montanans the Bull is on the outside of the boots!

    Hey, at least you are correct on one count, “you represent only yourself”, and fortunately you have not infected too many real Montanans.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 14, 2011 7:12 AM at 7:12 AM |

      Sigh. You’re gonna get yourself tossed, dufus. Do try to address an issue now and then instead of just me. I don’t mind, but it becomes distracting. You don’t like me. I think we get that. But I’m NOT the one making public policy here. I’m NOT a public figure. So you’re wasting your time and annoying others by simply bashing me. Have a nice day. I’m done with you.

  12. What issue is it that you have adrressed lately? That certain people should leave the state? What issue is that exactly, umm LIFE, no, umm LIBERTY, no, umm PERSUIT OF HAPPINESS, no. You want to talk about an issue, you don’t want to talk about any issue you just want to ride in on your horse wearing a white hood and burn a cross, then kick those, who you disagree with, outta the state!
    I must admit you are very good at coming up with names for people in order to discredit them, is this your only talent, or have you actually, ever, accomplished anything productive in your life?
    My money is on the fact that you sit back and collect your guvvament check, while continuing to support those politicians that do the confiscating of OTHER PEOPLE’s money on you behalf.
    If you had to produce for yourself, you would end up eating a lot of BS pie, cus that’s all you got. The psuedo intellect, gonna show the rest of the world how its done! Yeah right !
    You want a blog, then why don’t ya spend yer time doing something productive instead of pushing SOCIALISM!

  13. Again the left is weak. you will support and feed human garbage forever because it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Maybe later you will even change your mind, because ,after all, Everyone deserves another chance,right?
    then this same criminal goes out and kills another innocent human. We see this time and time again.
    Now when we have d.n.a. proof of guilt, it is time to use the death penalty.

    • DNA evidence has exonerated more people from life in prison and death row then it has convicted them to the same without corroboration. That is as it should be, and proves that we’ve had a sad little habit of putting the innocent to death along with the guilty. I’m certain that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, you lefty liberal, you.

  14. Yes. We have the nation’s dumbest legislature, hands down.

  15. Senator Dave Wanzenried (D, Missoula) will be having a fundraiser in Butte to help raise funds for his race to be Governor! He has been on our side against HB161, , He also addressed the Garden City Cannabis Expo, supporting access to MMJ in Montana, .

    He will also be on The Growing Green Show Friday, June, 3rd 5:30-6:30PM on Channel 7 LIVE STREAMING VIDEO!

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