TEA Party Tax Increasers’ Hypocrisy Exposed

Here at the Montana Cowgirl Blog, much time has been spent addressing the duplicity of Montana Republicans who say they are for lower taxes and smaller, less intrusive government while working to pass bills that raise taxes and  insert government where it doesn’t belong.

So when Rep. Ted Washburn (R-Bozeman) sponsors HB 313, a bill to  increase taxes to raise salaries for 70 of his favorite state employees (game wardens only need apply) we must add this to the growing list of hypocritical acts taken by the GOP this session.

The hypocrisy here is so blatant that even TEA Party legislator Rep. James Knox (R-Billings) had said he was not sure if he will support the bill, saying over at the Montana Watchdog:

“It’s a tough call.”

Only if you’re a giant hypocrite. The bill was tabled in committee yesterday.  Rep. Derek Skees is the TEA Party’s other tax increaser.


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  1. You can be a lifelong trough feeder in Montana government if you are a member of the RCC.
    If you are a member of the in-crowd you have it made regardless of ability.

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