Joe Read Has Trouble Understanding that One Can't Legislate the Laws of NatureMontana’s TEA Party legislators have  realized that the word “legislator” relates somehow to the word “law”, but so far have not been able to figure out that they don’t have the power to change federal laws and the federal constitution. They have also been unable to determine that they don’t have the ability to change the laws of nature.

The latest TEA Party Republican to garner national attention is Rep. Joe Read (R-Ronan) who has been busy touting his claims that Montana can legislate away science and for his inability to figure out the difference between climate and weather

“As a citizen legislature, we are inclined to believe with the sun on our hands and our face,” he said, “and we’re not seeing the global warming.”

Rep. Read offers up this gem when explaining his bill to that climate change is good here on today’s must-read post.


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  1. How did he get elected?

    “Representative Joe Read refused to tell citizens where he/she stands on any of the issues addressed in the 2010 Political Courage Test, despite repeated requests from Vote Smart, national media, and prominent political leaders.”

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 19, 2011 12:03 PM at 12:03 PM |

      I guess that Alan “coalson” Olson of Roundup must have been term limited out. Alan USED to be the go to guy to gut environmental laws. And he did a DAMN good job of it on behalf of Westmoreland Coal. I know. I attended the hearings on his bills to make reclamation whatEVER Westmoreland SAID it was! In fact, on one bill, the ONLY proponent were from the COAL industry! Yet they passed anyway.

      I wonder, does Alan still work for Haliburton? Funny how slime sticks together!

      • hey duffus(sp), He is a State Senator…..if you will not repect his position, why should I you?

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 20, 2011 5:14 AM at 5:14 AM |

          Because he’s simply an industry pimp in addition to being a st. senator. Sorry, but I don’t RESPECT that! Dudes who use their political positions simply to enrich themselves are PIMPS, pure and simple!

          Now, the specific bill that I’m referring to unDID twenty hard fought years of development BETWEEN ranchers and the coal companies. The end result was a agreement that made EVERYone involved happy and proud. AND, it made reclamation of the disturbed land real! The agreement lasted for twenty years, and was the pride of both the landowners AND the Coalstrip.

          Then, along comes little alan coalson haliburton boy, at the behest of Westmoreland coal, and with the Pubbie majorities, they unDID twenty years worth of work! Is THIS the kind of st. senator that Montana respects? Not me!

          As I mentioned, Aynus, dig through and find the public testimony. I WAS THERE! I watched the entire thing. And I testified! The ONLY people who supported little alan’s bill were the COAL people! Oh, and one dude who CLAIMED (lied) to be a rancher affected by the deal. That’s it! Westmoreland coal and a blatant liar! Think I’m lying? Well, GET THE TRANSCRIPTS! Alan’s bill changed reclamation to WHATeve the coal companies SAY it is! How do you think THAT’S gonna work out for ya? Only a MORON, Oops!, sorr, I mean a guy like you, Aynus, would think that that’s a great idea.

          So, my little Anynus, hope this helps! I simply don’t like industry pimps and have ZERO respect for them! That is NOT what our government is supposed to be about!

          Now, why don’t you go ask alan coalson!

      • Larry, I agree with you on just about everything you say but why do you feel the need to be such a douche bag with your delivery of the message. It seems you would make a stronger point if your method of delivery wasn’t so #!#!ed up. You point disappears in the mindless insults.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 24, 2011 1:33 PM at 1:33 PM |

          Guess ’cause I’m just a DOUCHE BAG! But hey, thanks for the critique. Noted and ignored.

          But you see, Kevin, I do NOT write to inform ANYone. If people in this country are SO friggin’ stupid that they can’t figure things out, then all is lost. Hence, I have no “point” to make.

          You see, Kev, the Rangers have been pariahs for as long as I can remember. Mainstream environmental groups distance themselves from us as far as they can get. But in PRIVATE, evniros come and thank us for being there when needed. For you see, we do the work behind the lines that others cannot or will not do.

          Now, that being said, you have YOUR part to play in all this, and I do what I have to do. My writing is my style which originates in my unique personality and background. I have some unique experiences that allow me to write the way I do where others are not qualified to do so. In other words, I do not fear the brownshirts, and I can’t STAND them! They’re bullies. I WANT to anger them! They WANT to intimidate decent people into not showing up. ie. Showing up with guns, etc. I can’t allow them to do that. They must understand that everyone is not afraid of them. I guess my message is more for them than you.

          Look, this AIN’T play. These guys are fascists, real fascists, and they’re out to hurt people and remake the country into something that is NOT America.

          So, I have fun with them. I believe that it’s important to laugh at fascists. HEY, if Cowgirl ever asks me to quit writing, I’ll gladly do it. But just because YOU don’t like it, I think I’ll just continuing do it. Besides, I think that there a lot of readers who actually like what I write. Sorry that you don’t.

          • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 24, 2011 1:47 PM at 1:47 PM |

            p.s. And one other thing, I’ve always said that issues are issues, NOT commenters! Don’t get distracted from the issues. I’m NOT a public figure. Public figures are fair game because they ARE public figures influencing issues and policy. I’m just a simple commenter. Some folks just can’t tell the difference. You should really save your comments for the issues, NOT another poster. That’s just douchey. If you feel strongly, like I do, about the issues, FIRE AWAY! You just did, and hit ME! That’s a bad shot, and that’s a douche shot!

  2. I think there is an over-reliance here on the use of the term “nut.” There has always been that element – but sanity has very little to do with political views. As with religion, we inherit most of our views from our parents, and then assiduously set about on a course of self-validation. Those who you call “nuts” and “nutjobs” and “wackos” are really just people who have never exposed themselves to alternate viewpoints. There’s an easy remedy to this problem in the form of the old “Fairness Doctrine” where government mandated that alternate viewpoints be allowed an airing on public airwaves. The sophists of the right wing eliminated that doctrine based on “free speech” when their objective was really to create the environment that we are in now. It is not free speech. It is one-sided diatribes 24-7.

    So your job as Democrats is not to excoriate the nutballs, but rather to reach them. Start on the premise that all people can be reasoned with. After all, they assume that you are nuts too, and that is only because they never deal with you personally. You and they are polarized.

    Once you reach them, and talk and reason with them, you will find that far from being nuts, they are merely stupid. But that is the state of America – the smart people manipulate the stupid people to do their work for them.

    Democrats, of course, could never, ever be manipulated in this manner. You’re way too smart.

    • Mark, in order to “reach them”, one has to get through a core virtue tied strongly to their identity. That virtue is the very goodness of the stupidity they hail. If one starts with the premise that “they can be reasoned with”, then one ends up in the same impotent position as our President has often found himself. They can’t be reasoned with because they celebrate the very stupidity you think it’s a “Democrats” job to talk them out of.

      • You’re way off here. The president’s charade is not to reach Republicans, as he is already one of them. It is to fool you, of course, but you could never, ever be manipulated in this manner. You’re way too smart. Kabuki theater has never, to my knowledge, succeeded with you.

        I’m talking about polarization where people form isolated groups and talk about each other but never too each other. People become caricatures that way, which is what has happened. The constsnt “nut” references here are indicative of a breakdown in communication.

        • Didn’t even bother to read the link, did you?

          • You are extremely obtuse. You would have to be hit by an 18 wheeler, and even then I’m not sure that you would be bolted out of your egocentric analysis habits. You presume to know that you’ve got things figured out. When I said “you’re way off” it never even occurred to you that you were way off. You were simply saying to me that I need to align my thinking with yours. I cannot go down that path.

            Th balloon juice writer is focused on Bushies. He’s been misdirected and has misunderestimated his own vulnerability to deceit. As do you.

  3. I wonder where he goes in the off-season, the Middle Ages?

  4. Its more than “Nuts” its people who lied to be elected and are now doing what the morming e-mali from the Koch Brothers says to do. Some where there’s payoffsof one kind or another involved.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 20, 2011 9:52 AM at 9:52 AM |

      THESE are the same Big Kochs whose daddy did his best to create a violent climate of hate just prior and leading up to Kennedy’s trip to Dallas, including plastering the city with wanted posters of Kennedy. Nice guys, huh? Incredible that the Birch society, founded by their daddy, has become mainstream. Scary actually. These sick b*stards do NOT have American’s best interests at heart. In fact, the bile they preach is anti-American as it gets.

      As I’ve said many times, you gotta know who you’re really dealing with. Dopey will surely be their golden boy here in Montana. I mean, the Dopester has ALREADY aligned himself and pledged allegiance to the Big Kocks tea party movement. Couldn’t be plainer. Dopey’s one of the Big Koch’s little kochs!

      But it’s gonna be hard to follow the money thanks to the Big Kochs buying themselves a majority on the Supreme Court. Hell, SOME of the members openly attended their little get together for them. Citizens United is actually more appropriately termed Kochs and Murkochs (murdoch) united! These folks would have loved Hitler, or Hitler was anti-commie too!

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