“Refudiating” Has Cousins in Montana Legislature

Now that Republicans have brought national attention to the Montana Legislature, it’s fitting to take a closer look at some of the reasons behind the fame: the unique qualities of GOP legislators and their supporters of which you may not yet be familiar.

Representative Pat Ingraham (R-Thompson Falls) places such high esteem on the English language that she  voted to require that drivers license exams be given only in English (House Bill 302 by Rep. Janna Taylor, R-Dayton). Her esteem is also apparent in the video below, in which Rep. Ingraham demonstrates her ability to come up with new, never before used words such as “revelant” while speaking to the Montana House of Representatives.

Derek Skees (R-Whitefish Kalispell) is beyond a student of constitutional history. In fact, he’s a teacher of it down at the local Perkins diner chain.  However, the bills he’s presented this session demonstrate that he not only understands constitutional history enough to teach a class at Perkins, he even has a working familiarity with historical documents of which college professors have never heard.  Listen to Rep. Skees’ unique historical insights as he presents yet another nullification bill, HJ 20. (Click here to hear “Magna Carter.”)

No one loves learning more than the Lewis and Clark County TEA Party, the group that sued the Helena School District to stop them from teaching kids about basic health, presumably to allow more time for other topics, such as great literature. As pointed out by commenters here, Conservative TEA Party leader Tim Ravndal values Shakespeare as a particular favorite.

So perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised, with the degree of learning and knowledge our lawmakers demonstrate, if these same individuals do not remember one small fact: where in history the road to nullification ended –with the firing on Fort Sumter, in 1861, and finally in defeat at Appomattox, in 1865 when the Civil War finally ended.   They will undoubtedly recall for years to come the events of 2012, when many of them will be up for re-election.  That’s when we should remind the public of the demonstrated knowledge of our lawmakers, the evidence of which will benefit us all.


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  1. Pizza Ranch GOP in the Legislature | February 23, 2011 5:27 PM at 5:27 PM |

    The Montana GOP has elevated stupid to an artform.these folks are an embarrasment to Montana. I can’t wait for the Daily Show skit!

  2. Cowgirl,

    I agree with your assessment of Republican hypocrisy. However, the problem with criticizing anyone’s use (or misuse) of language is that you often make mistakes of your own, opening you to the charge that you’re really no smarter: “that she that she” and “No one loves learning more then….”

    Keep up the good work–but take a few minutes to proofread.

  3. All I have to say is this: Elections matter people!! They matter big. And for all of you who sat around saying, “no one is progressive enough for me” and “i work on progressive policy not politics” THIS is the result. Behold.

  4. And the hits just keep on coming! Unfortunately, this legislative session is turning out to be good for comedic value if nothing else. Love your blog, cowgirl. You’re bringing me back in to the world of Montana politics after ignoring it for a few years. Just sorry the re-entry is marked with these ridiculous nullification shenanigans.

  5. Lt. Col (Ret, Army) Richard Liebert | February 24, 2011 12:39 AM at 12:39 AM |

    EVERYBODY better turn out and vote friends next year…it’s our DUTY, just as my soldier comrades ‘on point’ in Afghanistan…Americans better get out of the ‘lazyboy’ and elections DO have consequences, and now we’re seeing Montana
    as a laughstock, with ‘General Skees’ and the Warburton Militia
    ready to seize Malmstrom, so we can start the interment camps maybe? How about we turn ALL the federal dollars back and fly the planes back – Mike Milburn can start, he’s a pilot and signed
    up for this ‘tea bagger rodeo- to the Air National Guard, which
    I’m sure takes pause as Ed Buttrey – local business who supports military and is he now ‘hijacked’ by his own rhetoritc – when
    it comes to the Department of Defense making basing decisions?

    As for health care, let’s go to DENNYCARE, since we don’t believe
    in education and science, and that said, maybe that appllies to modern medicine, the same techology that saved Denny’s leg from
    the boating accident, or bring on the blood-letters, leaches and snake-healers?

    Finally, get a load of Denny’s ‘sophistry’ about his ‘anguish’ seniors may lose FOOD bank options, because of the deficit, helped on by the ‘Dubbya’..?

    We’ve SQUANDER Billions my friends and the Tea Baggers begrudge MY AUNT her little box of groceries? Has our nation become so intolerant, hard-hearted and uncaring, as we VILIFY public servants who plow our roads and teach our kids, and the WALL STREET BANKSTERS go on getting bonuses, NO jail and BILLIONS in
    bailouts, government ‘wink and a nod’ and laugh at us all in the Middle Class?

    There’s an old saying and Tea Party take heed, ‘Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining!!

  6. Oh, that edumacation is overrated anyway. Why should these fine chuckleheads waste their time on little things like English?

  7. And we wonder why these legislators don’t want to support education, they figured they didn’t need it and look how successful they are….oh…wait…never mind.

  8. Rep. Ingraham may have an excuse. Her testimony appears to be prepared in advance, as she is reading it. Perhaps it was prepared by the man behind this terrible bill, former legislator Jeff Lazloffy(sp?), who now runs the local Focus on the Family Chapter out of Laurel Montana. This Lazsloffy character is none too bright himself, and even appeared to testify in favor of Montana’s birther bill, (remember that guy who was made a fool of himself on CNN?)

    Either way, I can’t stop watching this clip.

  9. Revelant: Adjective. That which is not true or valid in a conventional sense, but rather revealed from Zenu on High with the help of a tin foil hat to improve reception. Revelant.

  10. Hey I found another one. Wendy Warburton uses “electronical” This woman is DUMB. http://www.youtube.com/user/shitmyrepsaid#p/a/u/2/s2n7NnzhxMU

  11. I just looked at the Billings Gazette, and was astonished that the Missoula ordinace bill passed, and that the senate Republicans got rid of the incentives for renewable energy. Henceforth Montana will go back to last place in the renewable energy industry and we will be beaten by our neighbors. I just wonder what the stratagy is for the Montana Republicans? Do they have a long term vision for this state? Say whatever you want about Schweitzer but he is one of the few politicians that I have known of that have had long term vision for this state. The Republicans on the other hand, most of them are merchants of fear. They do not have answers for problems, just problems, and fear. And in the short term that will get you votes, in the long term it does nothing. In a few short years we will look back at the 2011 legislature and we will laugh at them, they will be the subject of ridicule in Montana histroy classes when my kids are in high school.

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