Havre Republicans Prove Rest of Us Wrong

The Republican legislative delegation from Havre, while speaking with the public and the Havre Daily News over the legislative break, took the opportunity to clear their good names and prove wrong the Montanans across the state who have called their work “frivolous and unconstitutional bills that do nothing to create jobs.”

First, new GOP-TEA Representative Kris Hansen doesn’t let evidence get in the way of obvious truth when she publicly proclaimed that:

She said she gets hundreds, even thousands of e-mails each week attacking her for her votes and actions in Helena. She might get three or four telling her she is doing a good job.

Hanson was also quick to offer the proof that Republicans are fixing the economy and creating jobs, and took her opportunity in the spotlight to focus on what surely is one of the best bills of the session, a bill brought by her fellow Havre Republican, Wendy Warburton.

“I expect there area some of you out there who think we’re doing nothing for business since we got to Helena, and that’s not the truth, ” she said.

One of her examples was a bill that will allow landlords to not put carbon monoxide detectors in some of their units.

The Cowgirl Blog had earlier highlighted the bill here. The fine folks at Intelligent Discontent have already pointed out that the GOP has been unfairly picked on by the media, as Hansen, Warburton, and Hutton explain so clearly in their interview. Thank you Havre Republicans for clearing up the situation for the rest of us on the excellent work with which the GOP-controlled legislature is engaged.


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  1. Oh excuse me while I cry for poor kristiiiiiiiiiiii, and the other teanazis. Who don’t give two swings of a rats tail if the working people of this state have a job or not. No excuse me while I cry for kristi here.

  2. I’m still unclear on the Republicant concept. Exactly how does making working and living conditions worse for Montana workers equate to being pro-business? It doesn’t create jobs; it doesn’t foster entrepreneurship; it doesn’t promote a healthy sales market considering that workers will have less money to spend in local economies. All it does is make living conditions worse for most Montanans. Boy, I’d sure be happy if’n someone could explain that thinking to me …

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 27, 2011 5:00 PM at 5:00 PM |

      p.s. And might I add, too, that these morons BLEW it! I don’t know WHO planned the Pubbie strategy, but buddy let me tell ya that they should get their butte fired! Look, it would have been simple. It would have been easy. And it would have been EFFECTIVE!

      Schweitzer already did all the heavy lifting for these dufi. He HAD a very good budget in place. All they had to do was come in, look it over, whine a moan a little bit, spout some platitudes for the camera, and sign ON to the guv’s bill! Hey, it makes economic AND political sense to do the right thing!

      But Nooooo! Not these garbanzos! They were hellbent on doing SOMETHING, even it was wrong! So they did’er! What folly. And now, they’re gonna pay a HUGE price for drinkin’ the tea.

      I blame term limits exclusively for this fiasco. These guys weren’t too bright to begin with, but they had NO concept of governance! Secession AND refusing fed money are NOT the brightest of strategies to follow, and a pisspoor excuse for governance. Since they hang around exclusively with only other teawankers, they thought they were in the majority of Montanans. Wrongo!

      I think that this very well could be the demise of the Pubbie party in Montana for a long time to come. They pleased NO one except for the crazies, and that is NOT always the best policy!……as they’re about to learn. Pastor Himes might be happy, but then, he BEST be figurin’ out how to feed the flocks with the few crumbs and fishheads that the TEAwankers left us! (soup maybe?)

      They need to get some counsel REAL fast from old time Republicans if there are any willing to help these morons out. If their only hope of salvaging anything. Schweitzer’s gonna mop the floor with these fools once again! Hey, we may have the biggest wierdos in the Lege in the country, but by GOD we’ll have the cleanest floors!

    • The only thing I can think of is they want everyone so poor that WalMart is the only option and they can drive wages down to 3.00 an hour. In Ten years , when the Indian’s/chinese demand higher wages they’ll ship sweatshop jobs back here.

  3. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 27, 2011 4:09 PM at 4:09 PM |

    Allow me to put on my pundit hat here for a minute. What’s happened is that the Teankerbill Party has finally culminated in their Judy Mars moment! And that’s the terrible flaw in their movement. Why? Well, read on.

    You see, it’s damned HARD for most people to lie with a stright face, even Teawankers. This creates a HUGE problem for the corporate fascists. Since it’s hard for people to lie with a straight face in front of the cameras, you MUST find people willing to actually BELIEVE their nonsense! And it’s simply human nature that if someone is willing to believe the most outlandish lies, they’re ALSO dumber than dog shit! Or Judy Mars!

    This is EXACTLY why Judy failed! She was an idiot who managed to get elected, but was quickly found out! But now, with the Teankerbell Party, they’ve ALL been found out! They’re ALL freakin’ idiots!

    Hence, Judy left office about twenty-three percent approval rating. I’m bettin’ that the Havre Teawankers is around POINT twenty-three! I mean, when you’ve got a ceritifiable MORON debating Stever Running on global warming and saying it’s a GOOD thing, well, THAT’S JUDY MARS ON STERIODS!

    These folks are done. They’ll soon be gone, and they can continue doing whatever it is that reetards do when not pretending to be politicians. Hope this helps!

    Punditry brought to you by me.

  4. This article in the Havre Daily News cracked me up. I love how they all blame the media for the wacky bills they have up there, instead of taking responsibility for their actions. If they are so proud of the archaic culture war agenda these three personify, why not brag about it? SO funny.

  5. Lt. Col (Ret, Army) Richard Liebert | February 28, 2011 12:51 AM at 12:51 AM |

    Jobs??!! Yes indeed, join the Wendy Warburton ‘Free Militia’ for a job? What will the enlistment criteria be and what ‘complexion’ or ‘persuasion’? I know, the Tea Party has stimulated employment in the spear-hunting guide department and
    also for silencer-hunting trainers? Oh, the joy, can’t wait
    for the second-half of this circus……….

  6. The retards are in Havre and the Utards–the (Morons) moved to Billings, built their temple, and ran for office, with their chosen mascot, cherrie brady.

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