Fundamentalists Strengthen Ties to Shadier Movements

The fact that Chuck Baldwin was tapped to be the keynote speaker for a Flathead “Pro-life” event in Kalispell this January is one more piece of evidence of connections between Montana’s white nationalists and the Flathead area’s anti-choice crusaders.  Chuck Baldwin is  the new-to-the-Flathead preacher and constitution party presidential candidate whose columns are archived on, a racist website that regularly bashes immigrants, and who states that he believes the South was right in the Civil War (although he quickly adds that he is no racist).

The connection between race-based politics and Flathead area anti-choicers is alive and well as Cheryl Wolfe outlines on her blog in a must-read piece: GOP Manifest Destiny.


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  1. Doug, THIS is a funny article. Here, Baldwin repeats all the charges against him, thereby ensuring that those who didn’t read Mr. Brown’s earlier piece get the problems with Baldwin’s statements. It is one creepy piece of writing to be sure. All about is progeny and weird theories on who was born where. For example:

    It takes more than one’s birthplace to make one a genuine contributor to what makes a place unique.

    Did not our Lord say basically the same thing when he said of non-relatives, “Behold, my mother and brothers”?

    I was born in Indiana, but haven’t lived there since 1971. Am I really a Hoosier?</blockquote?

    I wonder how Mr. Baldwin would feel about applying these same words to immigrants to America?

  2. I miss this blog when i do not have the time to visit.You guys are anything but boring!!
    Where do I start? The South was right in that the 10 th amendment should be upheld. The south was wrong to continue slavery,and we corrected it. Lincoln, who passed the Emancipation Proclamation first tried to compromise,(ie.,allow slavery to continue in order to maintain the Union.)
    As to “Oldtimers” comments, “immigrants are not the issue here,it is ILLEGAL immigrants.
    As for anti-choice, it is not to tell someone what to do in terribly stressfull situation-(being pregnant and not wanting to keep the child)-but realizing that life is sacred and wanting to provide other alternatives to abortion.
    Always i am amazed that the Left seems to want to insult more than communicate

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | February 28, 2011 10:37 PM at 10:37 PM |

      Dougy, “seems the left wants to insult more than communicate”??? Well, Dougy, HERE’S the leetle problem with that particular statement. Help me out here if you’re serious. Just WHERE does one begin to “communicate” with people who bring in an expert witness like the “wiggly excrement” lady??? Sorry, dougy, but you’re in junior high, aren’t you? Hey, you posted on the big league site and survived round one. You can mention that to Pastor Slimes at your next your fellowship!!!!

      p.s. I wouldn’t “fellowhsip” TOO close to that guy! Methinks his favorite children’s game might be hide the pickle! If ya know what I mean!

  3. “The south was right?” Folks, we’ve got a live one here. OOh boy.

  4. Another one that proves the need for increased education, History and Civics.

    Most abortions are only done when there is no other choice, but you, a man, claim to be smarter than the woman making the decison, that between her, her doctor and her higher power.

  5. I have been investigating moving to Kalispell and happen to really like Chuck Baldwin. I am in what people call a interracial marriage and have allot of differing views than the normal cookie cutter Democrat Republican Liberal Conservative. I think Chuck is great.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 9, 2011 5:47 AM at 5:47 AM |

      OH MY GOD! April says that blonds will soon be extinct! Gone the way of the dodo bird! THEY’RE AN ENDANGERED SPECIES! We gotsta protect them! Get your bumper sticker. Save a blond! I mean, who could NOT take this woman seriously??? She’s fighting for the blond race! This is a very, very serious problem! Can you even imgaine??? A world without blonds! And really, when you think about it, racists really DO have a long and distinguished history in this country as April points out. April’s on to something….or on something!

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