March 2011

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GOP Legislature Poised to Overturn Citizen Initiatives for First Time in State History

GOP Claimed to Support Will of Voters Before They Opposed It FLIP: Before the election, GOP leadership claimed they supported ballot initiatives as the will of the voters. Senate GOP Leader Jeff Essmann, speaks about the sanctity of the ballot initiative in support of CI-105…


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The Worst Kind of Hypocrites

Republicans are keeping up their track record of doing absolutely nothing on job creation, ostensibly what they were sent to Helena to work on, but they are doubling down on looking out for numero uno: Gutting health care benefits for their neediest constituents, while making…

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Rick Hill Fundraiser: 90% Lobbyists

Former lobbyist, insurance-executive and gubernatorial wanna-be Rick Hill got some of his closest friends together to raise some dough – and 90% of the listed guests were registered lobbyists. The invitation for the fundraiser, held at the offices of a lobbying firm and special-interest group,…

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GOP Leading Man is a Bit Crusty

The Republican party’s leading man is a bit crusty, to the point that he’s all excited about the fact that he has sent out an email.  From that email: When I last ran for public office over ten years ago, the Internet was still fairly…

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Warburton Admits Abortion Ballot-Measures are Designed for Political Purpose: Did She break The Law?

Wendy Warburton, tea partyist legislator from Havre, made the mistake of admitting to Emily Ritter, Montana Public Radio that the reason she has introduced two anti-abortion constitutional amendments is that these two measures, if they appear on the ballot, will “drive Republican voters to the…

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Fighting Back

The Montana legislature has been making national news (and not in a good way), but we can fight back and show the nation that Montana is not all Derek Skees and his fellow brownshirts. With like three clicks you can send one of my favorite…