Yet Another Montana Legilsator’s Wacky Bill Featured on National TV

The latest TEA Party Republican to garner national attention for wacky legislation is Rep. Joe Read (R-Ronan) who has been busy touting his claims that Montana can legislate the laws of nature and science.

“As a citizen legislature, we are inclined to believe with the sun on our hands and our face,” he said, “and we’re not seeing the global warming.”

Enjoy this clip from the Colbert Report.

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Posted: March 1, 2011 at 6:29 pm

This post was written by Cowgirl

16 thoughts on “Yet Another Montana Legilsator’s Wacky Bill Featured on National TV

  1. Lt. Col (Ret, Army) Richard Liebert

    It was also on KFBB in Great Falls…..truly ‘impressive’ and how about that Speaker Milburn? By the way, the ‘newbies’ and all getting EXTRA training about letting the public PARTICIPATE, and GOP thinks if you drive hundreds of miles, your signature good enough!?? WTF!!!!!!!!!!! Public speech, as least get your name
    and address stated, essential, plus let citizen have one minute, but the incompetent and arrogant ( a very DANGEROUS combination) doesn’t remember the FIRST AMENDMENT (I thought the Tea Party had it all as part of it’s DNA?) articulates the right to ASSEMBLE (physically) and petition grievances, and says nothing about
    ‘soft-soaping’ and applauding legislators. And the Founders wept….

    1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

      Um, dufus, it WASN’T the liberal progressive left that UNDID the Fairness Doctrine, dude! You’re asstalkin’ again.

  2. Lynn

    I don’t care, I want Facts, Just the Facts. I want ANY newscaster who LIES to face fines and criminal action

  3. Erik

    In the KFBB story on this Bowen Greenwood defending this said, “It’s easy to throw stones.” If this bill was passed we’d all get to live in a giant greenhouse.

  4. Farmboy

    Amen to Canada’s law on forbiding lying on a newsbroadcast. Also I laughed about Glacier National Park becoming Glacier National Water Park. And the Levis made me laugh too.

  5. Amorette

    I would like Mr. Reid to pass a bill reducing gravity by, say. 20%. Just think how nice it would be to step on the bathroom scale in the morning and you were twenty percent lighter. What an advertising campaign that would be for the state. Move to Montana and weigh less.

    While he’s at it, could he slow down the revolution of the earth around the sun. I am getting older and I don’t like that. Oh, and make bacon a health food. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Make a law that says bacon reduces cholesterol instead of raising it and voila! it would be so.

    Dear State Legislators. Please write laws reducing gravity, slowing down time and making bacon healthy. These will create jobs and be good for the economy. Thank you. A fellow idiot.

    1. Mother Jones

      I needed that laugh — a good belly laugh! If we don’t laugh a bit we’ll just cry. And if we don’t fight back, we’ll lose. But I needed that laugh.

  6. Dan H

    I hear you Mother Jones. I needed that laugh too. Pass the bacon while I go check the scales.

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