MT GOP Attracting National Derision, Driving Away Young Voters

The antics of the Montana legislature may be attracting the attention of the national press, but it appears to be driving young voters out of the party.

A new blog post from a former GOP activist, describes well some of the reasons why she and other young people may be leaving the GOP.

A disturbing number of the GOP still believes being gay should be a CRIME and repealing our medical cannabis bill is the only solution to save our children’s futures.  Here’s a newsflash.  We may be young, but that doesn’t  mean we are stupid.

The writer brings up an excellent point.  It isn’t hard to see, especially this legislative session, that Republicans are positioning themselves as the anti-science party with attempts to legislate the laws of nature and the science of global warming,  outlaw stem cell research, and claim the earth is 4,000 years old.

Younger voters may disagree on some of these issues, but Republicans are against them all, all of which makes this GOP’s agenda too backward and uninformed to be a party with which young people can identify.  Of course, the problem probably isn’t just with young voters at this point.


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  1. Thank god the kids realize the GOP plan is for them to be stupid sheep and their fighting back.

  2. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 3, 2011 9:13 AM at 9:13 AM |

    Look, if you really want to understand just HOW we got to this point in our country’s history, you have to understand our history and just WHO we’re actually dealing with here. You MUST understand that our first coup was the Kennedy assassination. The fascists orchestrated it for THIER ends! The ONLY thing we have to fear are the corporate fascists who were responsible. These guys are NOT pretend fascists. They are the REAL deal! I mean, look at the attacks on the unions. WHERE have we seen that before? At the beginning for every fascist movement in the world. Or the attacks on teachers and eduation.

    If you want to understand how a certifiable idiot like George Bush could become president, TWICE, or how the Koch brothers could take complete control of our country, or how when communism was defeated we had to find a new enemy immediately (ie. terrorism) to fuel the military/industrial complex, you MUST understand our first coup!

    It ain’t rocket science, folks. It’s fascism, pure and simple. The fascists have been calling the shots from the DAY that our first coup occured. Cui bono? That’s all you need to know. Cui bono? Who benefited from JFK’s death? Pretty easy to graph. Pretty easy to see. Pretty easy to understand.

    Our country was stolen from us on that day, and we haven’t gotten it back since. And now, the all our assault on what remains of our country has begun. The Kochs are going full out to turn the U.S. into a third world country. Why? Because they don’t NEED us any more! There are now LOTS of world markets emerging now that have a LOT more money than the poor slobs here in the U.S. Hell, we are NOT a even producer nation any more. We don’t produce anything! They killed that loooong ago!

    So, wake UP, folks. If you want to fight back, you MUST understand who the enemy really is! They are currently attempting again to divide and conquer. And they are succeeding so far!

    Begin by reading THIS book which every American should read. It’s entitled JFK and the Unspeakable, written by a Catholic priest named Jim Douglas. Google it and see what others have said about this book. It will provide great insight into the situation that we face today.

    Those of us old enough to remember have NEVER forgotten that day. EVER! (Only daddy Bush couldn’t remember where he was! Hmmm. Interesting.) Our future was stolen from us. By whom? Well, I think we know. And now, if we want to maintain ANY kind of future for our children and grandchildren, it’s time to face that reality and fight like hell to get our country back. If we don’t do it, who will?

    She understands.

  3. I have no plans of leaving the GOP, nor am I a “former GOP activist”. I’m an active but disgruntled member of the Republican party. I am indeed disgusted by the irresponsible and silly legislation that seems to be prevalent in this session, but I’m not a liberal.

    The Republican leadership’s (primarily speaker Milburn) absolute LIES that have littered discourse on the issue of medical marijuana repeal are embarrassing to me as a young conservative. Why we are expected to praise a legislature hell-bent on killing thousands of jobs in a thriving industry, however unintended that industry is, is beyond me. For a tea party leader to publicly call me, someone who has devoted so much of my life to the conservative cause, a “cartel” member, is really reprehensible. One legislator actually sent my personal information (along with a false statement) to anti-marijuana activists, instructing them not to mention where they’d obtained the information but to flood me with calls and emails. It appears that the majority leaders cannot make a decent case from readily available facts so they are resorting to increasingly dramatic lies and tabloid-style talking points. I wish they would consider for a moment, that they just might be WRONG.

    The Republican party is seriously lacking in common sense and I feel like I have a front row seat at a 2012 election train wreck. That said, I am still a Republican…. although I suspect the party wishes I would go away. I’m not the only one who feels the way I do, Republicans aren’t all blind Milburn-worshipers.

  4. I see where you are, I was an Eisenhower Republican till Reagan and the Religulous Right took over, my principles have not changed much but now I’m considered a flaming liberal

  5. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 3, 2011 12:24 PM at 12:24 PM |

    Here they come. The march of the fascists continues.

  6. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 3, 2011 12:25 PM at 12:25 PM |

    Cowgirl, can you undo the one above too please?

  7. I was raised in a Republican family, and still have Republican Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, ect, ect, ect. I was pushed out of the Republican party first by Newt Ginrich, and Kenneth Starr, when they went after Clinton over oral sex back when I was in high school. Yet I voted for George W. Bush at my first eligable election back in 2000, and I was disgusted with him by 2005. First GW sent young people from my area and from other poor areas to fight and die, yet did his daughters go? Did Dick Cheney’s kids go? Or did Limbaugh or Hannity? The answer is no. When Clinton left office on Jan 20 2001 this country had a surplus of cash, and our economy was strong. Oh and gas prices were around 1.50 per gallon. When Bush left office on Jan 20 2009 we were in debt up to our eyeballs, we had bailed out every fat cat on Wall Street, we had troops all over the globe fighting wars, and we had see gas in the summmer of 08 as high as 4.00 per gallon and higher. So I ask why would anybody vote for the Republican party? They have proven themselves incomptent in every area, and when they call themselves “fiscal conservatives” I have to laugh. Is the Democratic party perfect? No but I do think atleast the Democratic Party is comptent. If Montana voters had elected Democratic majorities to the legislature back in 10 instead of Republicans we would not be having discussions right now about, nullification, nazi’s, spear hunting, silencers on guns, or stream access. Instead we would be coming up with ways to get Montana moving and keep our economy moving. We would be talking about energy development, infrastructure, schools, roads, and things that matter to everyday mainstreet Montanans.

  8. Rehberg’s Den-mity offends Choteau reader.

  9. Lt. Col (Ret, Army) Richard Liebert | March 6, 2011 8:20 PM at 8:20 PM |

    Well said ‘Farmboy’…….I was ‘weaned’ in the GOP but I can no longer tolerate the intolerance and ignorance of this now ‘Goofy Odd Party’ in their desperate embrace of the extreme margin, akin to the Democratrics embracing the ‘Weathermen’ of the Sixties. I’m with Ike and what he said about the Military-Industrial(congressional) Complex and with TR’s respect for conservation. I wonder if any Indepedent could ever get in office at state and/or federal level without being labeled as extreme in either direction.

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