Right-Wing Editor of the Daily Inter Lake is Way Far Gone

Are people paying real money for the Flathead Daily Inter Lake?A week after writing an editorial in which he offered an impassioned defense of birthers, birther bills and the birther movement, Frank Miele–the ultra-right-wing editor of the Flathead Daily Inter Lake–has outdone himself.

Miele’s latest column takes aim at the “far left wing Associated Press” and the AP’s state-wide profile last week about the Tea Party.  That story gave a fairly benign description of all of the bills and proposals that the Tea Party has pushed forward in the legislature.

Laments Miele:

“I wish I could go through the entire story with you, and highlight all of the unfair reporting, but it would just take too long.”

What’s really hilarious (or absolutely frightening) about Miele is how far gone he is.  He cites this paragraph in AP reporter  Matt Gouras’s article…

“With each bill, newly elected Tea Party lawmakers are offering Montanans a vision of the future.  Their state would be a place where officials can ignore U.S. laws, force FBI agents to get a sheriff’s OK before arresting anyone, ban abortions, limit sex education in schools and create armed citizen militias”

…as the “only fair reporting in the AP article.” In other words, Miele agrees with everything in the above paragraph.

What upsets Miele is that Mr. Gouras goes on to suggest that a number of Montanans are turned off by the agenda described above.  The nerve of the AP to make such a suggestion. Miele says he sees nothing wrong with abortion bans, states’ rights, nullification and militias.  Miele sees all of these items as totally reasonable, and he is outraged the the Associated Press would presume to write an article suggesting that any portion of Montana should be turned off by these elements of the Tea Party agenda.

This guy Miele is half a sandwich shy of a picnic, and no progressive in the Flathead Valley should ever pay 50 cents for the Flathead Interlake. Read it online, and then only for the entertainment value.


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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 9, 2011 9:54 PM at 9:54 PM |

    Wow, Franky Mealy, you could use a good EDITOR, dude! And lay off the beans BEFORE writing next time! PeeeYEW! Good thing that you’re the editor, otherwise THAT longwinded, interminable, never ending blue flame fart would’a NEVER made it into print! BREVITY, Franky, brevity! Ever heard of it?? If you even HAD a point, it was lost in the avalanche of of nonsense!

    Do you REALLY think your readers have THAT much patience to wade through THAT much crappola? I did, but it was kinda like watching a mediocre movie with good actors. You just KNOW that it has to get better at some point, but it never does! And then, when it’s over, you wonder why you wasted your time and feel kinda cheated.

    Mr. Mealy, sorry to inform you, dude, but you are NOT a writer! Nor are you an intellectual. Nor do you seem to be very bright! In fact, dumb as dogsh*t comes to mind. That’s a poorly written, incoherent, illogical screed, dude. And seriously, I gotta wonder, do you actually get PAID to write such sh*T??? Ah, it’s GOOD to be a little kock, ain’t it? WHAT A GIG!

    And for the folks that want a better understanding of just what’s going on, I would recommend the following:


  2. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 9, 2011 10:38 PM at 10:38 PM |

    Hmmm. Couldn’t be, could it? I’m wonderin’, is little Franky Mealy a Koch sock puppet??? How bout it, Mealy. Are you? Hey, it’s OK. You don’t have to answer, dude. But if the sock fits, WEAR it!


  3. [Personal comments about an individual unrelated to the post removed-Cowgirl]

    He’s such a gLibertarian douchebag.

    I have to wonder what the connection is between Hagadone Corp (which owns all the papers in the Flathead except the Beacon) and the Koch Bros.

    • Blackjacking a man’s character by belittling his wife has no place in any civil discussion of the issues Doug’s comments are lowdown, not germane to what Frank wrote, and ought to be deleted.

  4. P.S. I call it the Daily Intercourse because if you spend money to buy a copy of it, that’s how much money you just got f0cked out of.

  5. It is wrong to melign this man’s wife. She is not a part out your arguement and this shows you for the mean and petty person that you are.

  6. He’s just trying to emulate his hero, Rupert Murdoch, who also picked up a young Tiger Lady direct from the politboro in Bejing.
    Hey, maybe the Communist Chinese government’s propaganda ministry has a foxy lady division whose mission is to divide and destroy America!

  7. I removed some of a comment about an individual who is unrelated in any way to this post.

  8. Thank you for writing what many of us in the Flathead Valley have been saying for some time. Frank Miele should in no way think that he represents all the people of this valley. Unfortunately, even though e canceled our subscription over a year ago, the Daily Interlake is still the primary paper around here. I now get my news from the Flathead Beacon.

  9. @ James Connor and Um, What;
    Any thoughts on Chickenhawk Rush Lardbaugh referring to 13-year old Chelsea Clinton as “The Whitehouse’s pet poodle” back in the ’90s?

  10. The Whitefish Pilot is a pretty damn good paper.

  11. So is the Hungry Horse News. And the Bigfork Eagle.

    Just because Hagadone gobbled up the Flathead Valley weekly animal papers doesn’t mean they have gone to heck in a hand basket.

  12. Miele had a serious girlfriend in 2005. She disappeared abruptly. She was an interesting woman. (And a ‘foxy’ liberal democrat from the east coast!) Anybody remember her or know what ever happened to her? We had a great conversation once, wish I could remember her name. He got weird after she disappeared or left or whatever happened to her.

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