Rehberg Runs for the Hills

Denny Rehberg, soon to be retired from public office, with his favorite beverage.After proudly declaring his affiliation with the Tea Party in 2008 when he was concerned about a primary challenge or a third party candidacy getting his way, Denny Rehberg has run for the hills.

No sign of him or his peeps (or Republican party peeps, for that matter) at any of the Tea Party events that have been held around the state and at the Capitol in recent times.  He has made no appearances and expressed no opinion on any of the major pieces of legislation the Tea Party has been promoting during this legislature, such as carrying guns in the Capitol, secession, nullification, radical anti-choice bills, militias, sheriff authority over federal agents, and so on.

In essence, Rehberg wants to be Tea without the pain.

You would think the nullification issue would be particularly sensitive for Rehberg since he voted for the Real ID Act which would have required Montanans to carry federal ID cards.  Fortunately the legislature (on a 150-0 vote) and the Governor teamed up to rebuff the federal government and tell them to shove it.  That episode has been cited by the wing-nuts as an example of nullification (though it isn’t, because Montana wasn’t required by federal law to comply with Real ID; rather, the state was threatened with reprisal by the feds in other areas if it chose not to comply).

Nevertheless, when “Tea” had a strong connotation back a year or two ago, Denny was openly bragging about how he was a Tea Partier. Now he is not so loud and proud.  The truth is that Denny drinks his Tea holding his saucer in his left hand, with the cup in his right hand, and his right thumb and index finger on the cup handle and his pinky sticking out. Sort of like a member of the European elite.

He thinks having a mustache and wearing a big belt buckle  can carry the day with the likes of Ravndal and Skees. Let’s see if that works.


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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 11, 2011 7:07 AM at 7:07 AM |

    I think that Dopey’s been outed along with the Kochs. He indeed was proudly strutting like the proud little Teakoch he is. Well, let’s see him attempt to distance himself now from the events happening in Wisconsin. Let’s see if Dopey STILL considers himself the big Koch on the walk! Like the perp walk, the koch walk is gonna be extremely damaging to guys like Dopey, a proud Teakoch!

    Dopey’s a walking, talking, talking point for the Bircher Brothers. Let’s see how well that plays out with the people of Montana now that they’ve been found out!

    Suing firefighers?? Hell, according to Teakoch Party, them boys ought’a be payin’ DOPEY to put out fires on his Hacienda! It’s a privililge to work for the priviliged! Right, Dopey? Working slobs exist ONLY to cater to the millionaires, like Dopey, the proud Teakoch! Anything else is communism!

  2. Last month he endorsed BACHMANN for President maybe he thinks that will be enough

  3. Interesting-looks like after the legislative train left the track the tracks he wanted to put some distance between legislative Republicans in his party and himself.He knows that at some level, he is going to be stuck running on the legislature’s record-just like state leg dems were stuck with the congressional votes on the health care reform debaucle.

  4. How can he run from the Tea Party label when he’s a member of their caucus in the House? That’s kind of like David Duke trying to say he was never a member of the Klan.

  5. The election is months away which is plenty of time for Rehberg to stick his foot in his mouth especially with a camera crew following him everywhere. I think he has misread the mood of the state and jumped on the tea party bandwagon way too soon. i would love to have Michelle Bachman run for President and have Rehberg try to explain his support for her to the average Montana voter.

  6. Letter to the editor in the Mt Standard on 3/10/11 lauding Rehberg for supporting a 1.9 % raise for the military. Thats Chicken Feed, I’ve written Senator Tester in the past that they should START the miltary at 50,000. Combat pay should be at least as much a Congress member makes. The idea that a miltary family should have to apply for FOOD Stamps disgusts me. The theres this

  7. Lt. Col (Ret., Army) Rich Liebert | March 11, 2011 6:05 PM at 6:05 PM |

    ‘All hat and no cattle’ might come to mind…..Denny’s been a GOP ‘horseholder’ and can anybody recall any profound legislation he’s led to completion? Senator Tsster – in his first year – SOLVED the terrible VA mileage rate of an insulting 11 cents a mile, a rate than went on for YEARS under Burns (a USMC Vet) and Denny, but Tester took it on and restored confidence in the VA, and I can testify that his leadeship convinced me the VA was again serving Veterans once more.

    Indeed, Rep. Rehberg is ‘running from the rage and rhetoric’ and ‘hot, bitter tea’ brewing in the statehouse, from ‘birther’ bills, spear-throwing bills (jobs?) and the worst, secession bills
    endorsed by Speaker Milburn, a commissioned, federal retired officer, who receives federal benefits.

  8. About a year ago they had a teabagger form up in Missoula, and a man by the name of Schaffer Cox spoke at it, today that same man is up on charges of ploting to kill Alaska state troopers, Alaska state judges, federal judges, and these peoples wives and kids. So I wonder how do our teabaggers down here in Montana really feel? Are the teabaggers just violent nazis?

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 12, 2011 1:21 PM at 1:21 PM |

      HEY, the teabaggers are Dopey’s buddies! Didn’t DOPEY recently imply that he wanted a hit on a judge? Maybe Dopey had Cox in mind! Gee, that Dopey. He sure do represent MONTANA values, don’t he?

      How bout it, Dopey? You still teabaggin’, dude? I’ll just bet you are!

    • people once attracted to the tea party are peeling off in droves now that they see the medical and social cuts directed at them with no mention of making those on wall street pay for anything.

      many nice older people i know who once joined it thinking it was a selfless cause to stop the buildup of debt so their grandchildren can survive now see the tea party as a mean-spirited collection of racists, homophobes and freedom hating extremists.

      we are going to see a lot of david neiwerts come crawling out of the floorboards now that they think the tea party will provide cover for them. but the flashlights are out looking for them.

    • Farmboy – that makes me sick, can you put up a link so I can read more — thanks.

  9. Lt. Col (Ret., Army) Rich Liebert | March 12, 2011 6:37 PM at 6:37 PM |

    Don’t forget Rep. Michel Bachmann (is that a German name, and remember when Germans persecuted along with the Irish and outspoken citizens during World War I and punished by the draconian Sedition Acts in Montana? Do we want that T/P?) proposed
    to cut the Veterans Administration FOUR AND A HALF BILLION (yes, that’s billion with a ‘B’) dollars!? Has Denny run from that
    statement and when I called Rep. Bachmann’s office and identified myself as a veteran, they were backpedaling so fast they could
    have powered an electric plant!! Note: even GOP ‘saw the light’ to not private our state veterans home, and as even Mr. Ankey, R-Colstrip, said, ‘if you don’t want to care for them, then don’t SEND them.’………what about it Denny?

  10. Lt. Col (Ret., Army) Rich Liebert | March 12, 2011 6:48 PM at 6:48 PM | Governor Schweitzer issued pardons and did the right thing. The Sedition Act was passed in 1918 and I’m not so sure the Tea Party would think of it. My great-grandfather was a German immigrant and had a tailor shop in New York City, and employed citizens and proud of his new land. Unfortunately, ‘agitators’ angry with Germany’s entry into WWI
    decided to throw bricks at his store in the misguided passions. Later, his son Albert Imholz, served proudly in World War II as a combat infantryman in the 8th Infantry Division and we had relatives on the German Wehrmacht, but that didn’t cloud Uncle Albert’s loyalties and he was the rifle company interpreter and helped save lives of his fellow GIs with his knowledge of German
    and the culture. It’s no accident either that it took many generations for a caucasian Irish Catholic to become President of the USA. We should reflect wisely.

  11. Ok first I get controling debt, and hey me and alot of liberals and moderates are concerned with debt, and it is good to be concerned with debt just don’t be a racist or a homophobic. Next yes Schwietzer did something that was long over due when he issued those pardons on the sedition act of 1918, in fact he made me proud to be a Montanana and Im proud of the fact that he is my governor, I just wish I could give him four more years. These teabaggers scare me, first they can’t run a lemonade stand much less a government, case in point Wisconsin, case in point Montana 2011 legislature where we have wasted soooooo much time on dumb bills, case in point Alaska Sarah Palin she not only ran around with the terrorists of the Cox crew but she is a quiter and possibly a law breaker. When the going gets tough Sarah baby leaves.

  12. Last Election Denny took 18,705 from Sarfari Club INTERNATIONAL, a club for the rich boys that likes to hunt
    They also donated to Joe Miller, TEA Alaska
    These guys are not the greatest

    Their Also HUGE Palin Fans


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