Republican Who Took $495,000 in Federal Subsidies Wants to Cut Education, Food Assistance

Senator John Brenden's got federal cash, poor people should suck it up and go without.Welfare queen Montana state Senator  John Brenden (R-Scobey), who in recent times has lined his pockets with half a million smackeroos from US taxpayers for doing nothing, tried Friday to burnish his tea party credentials by lecturing David Ewer, Schweitzer’s budget director, at a committee hearing.  Brenden believes that even though the state has $300 million surplus, we should be cutting education and core social services for the neediest.

As Ewer got heated criticism from the GOP for trying to protect funding for essential services and education, Brenden cautioned him:

“I’m 69 years old,” Brenden said. “I think these times globally and in the United States and Montana are probably some of the scariest times that I’ve gone through. … I just think we really have to watch our P’s and Q’s when we watch our dollars.  When the economy is bad, we tighten to tighten our belt,” he said. “I think by tightening our belt and watching our spending and being conservative with our dollars is not a hard thing to look at, it’s a realistic thing.”

Brenden is helping in the general effort by the GOP to have the State of Montana cease taking any federal money.  In other words, now that Brenden has his own personal stash, why would Montana need federal funds?


9 Comments on "Republican Who Took $495,000 in Federal Subsidies Wants to Cut Education, Food Assistance"

  1. federal dollars that make their way into montana by any means necessary should be encouraged. every dollar helps montanans keep their jobs, pay their bills, keep food on the table and a roof to cover that table.

    republicans harm montana jobs when they reject federal dollars for partisan politics. they put people out of work. are they really so stupid as to make their fellow montanans suffer in order to make political points in a recession?

    especially to be hypocritical about it? to actually be stuffing federal dollars into your bank account while denying basic funding for seniors, children and jobs paid for by federal funding?

    such self-greed and hypocrisy……….such stupidity…..such mean-spiritedness will not stand in montana.

  2. Cowgirl, you’re giving queens a bad name…

  3. And their education proposal is the epitome of cruel – taking money from food and utility assistance from poor families and saying that is their plan for school funding! I told my (older) kids about it and they couldn’t even believe it.

  4. Lt. Col (Ret, Army) Richard Liebert | March 19, 2011 3:25 PM at 3:25 PM |

    Astounding, the utter hypocrisy clearly shows the level of ignorance and arrogance in the ranks of the Koch-Tea Partiers…I have combat veteran friends of mine, and one from the KOREAN War, who depends on our humanity, and I remind all that it was Jon Tester, a non-veteran, who FIXED the VA mileage rate from 11 cents to 46 cents in ONE year, and veteran Conrad Burns did nothing.

  5. John Brenden is one of the wealthiest farmers in eastern Montana. He talks about being just a poor farmer but he obviously is much more than that. He was one of Governor Stan Stephens stooges and that should tell you enough about his ideas.

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