Oops, Legislators Weren’t Supposed to Discuss this Publicly

Denny Rehberg doesn't care much about his hypocrisy.  There's whisky to be drunk.Congressman Dennis Rehberg and his extremist friends in the State Legislature have been going on about “sovereignty” and “nullification” all year. However, some Republicans noticed that Montana’s millionaire Congressman is pretty spendy with federal money.

Click here to listen to Republican state Rep. Jerry O’Neil say Rehberg has “fared pretty low” on protecting Montana’s sovereignty thanks to his earmark addiction.

Here is what Rep. O’Neil said about Rehberg’s big spending:

“I would think maybe one of the things that would have been rating was the legislator’s earmarks. One of the highest promoters was Denny Rehberg. And I think he would have fared pretty low as promoting our state sovereignty when he’s voting for every earmark that comes before him. So I don’t think that’s partisan. Call em’ as they are.”

Thanks, Rep. O’Neil, for calling it like it is — hope you don’t get in too much trouble. Congressman Rehberg is the number one pork addict of 2010 in the entire Congress, not to mention in the Congressional Tea Party Caucus.


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  1. Quote of the day:

    Ella Schultz, a retired accountant from Deer Lodge, said: “I think they’re on marijuana. We can’t make sense of what they’re doing. It’s not for the people. I don’t know what planet they’re on.”

  2. They are acting like Charlie Sheen aren’t they

  3. Damn—-Rehberg with my favorite bourban, i don’t think he can handle it.

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