Poll Contains Bad News for the Legislature

Montana Republicans can no longer hide the fact that they are stuck in a quagmire of their own creation.  Republicans rocketed into power in state legislatures across the country after voters reacted to the unpopular  actions of the U.S> Congress.  Now, voters have had a couple of months to see what Republican power looks like.

Spear-hunting, abortion, nullification and militia bills have taken their toll on the Montana legislature, with a new poll showing that 61 percent of voters don’t approve of what the lunatics in the state house are up to, while only 24 percent of voters approve of their behavior.  In the same poll, Schweitzer is strong at 60 percent, Tester is in solid shape in the 50s (given what he’s had to deal with back in DC), Rehberg is below 50 for the first time in a number of years, and Baucus is in the toilet in the high 30s.

Surprisingly, there is some modest public support for once-a-year legislative sessions as opposed to the current biennial format. This is a ray of light for all spearthrowers who are dreaming of the 2012 hunting season.

Not surprisingly, a proposal for all-mail-ballot elections got a strong majority, meaning that Denny Rehberg’s poorly concealed efforts to kill the vote-by-mail bill in recent days might have a negative repercussions for him.

It’s also bad news for Wendy Warburton, and the other Republicans who introduced a large number of bills designed to ban abortion in Montana.  Leading the crusade to legislate that religious ideology shall trump science, Warburton  said during floor debate that abortion is the

“biggest and most important issue of our time, perhaps of all time.”

Unfortunately, sixty percent of Montanans don’t agree with Warburton’s position on the issue.


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  1. Ha! I’m also surprised they haven’t tried to make “Dueling Banjos” the state song!

  2. I like how 44% of Republicans view the session negatively. They can’t even follow their base!

  3. it all makes perfect sense….

    by denying the poor, women, school children, and gays their rights and necessary funds to survive the recession, the MT GOP is simply protecting their essence….and of course, their precious bodily fluids…

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 22, 2011 8:48 PM at 8:48 PM |

      Let’s put this character in historical perspective, shall we? Why? Because it’s STILL relevant for today.

      The general in the movie is based upon the real life gen. edwin walker, the Koch brothers daddy’s best friend. He was a kook who was recruiting for the john birch society while still IN THE FREAKIN’ MILITARY while commissioned as a general.

      JFK was furious. He booted this dumbass right outta the military. Then, walker headed his ass on down to Dallas to work full-time for the Koch daddy birch society. Hmm. Funny how that works. Funny how that Koch name just keeps coming up. Funny that walker was IN Dallas when Kennedy was assassinated! Funny how those SAME familial lines, the bushs and kochs, are STILL running the country, including the teabaggers.

      And yes, walker was a pervert, eventually getting arrested by an undercover FBI man he propositioned in a restroom.

      So, the beat goes on. The folks who killed Kennedy have profited greatly, and still are. The folks who did the actual shooting and coverup are still calling the shots. And the country still refuses to look at the unspeakable truth.

  4. I’ve always thought that Montanans want to be left alone, live and let live folks. The poll confirms that.

    So how did these wingnuts get into power?

  5. Lt. Col (Ret., Army) Rich Liebert | March 22, 2011 11:11 PM at 11:11 PM |

    “Evil thrives when good men (and women, who I hope turn out in droves to drive out the ‘preg cow’ fanatics) do nothing.”
    Edmnund Burke

  6. Y’all should suck it up and let us dictate your lives, after all you voted us into office and now you must live with what we tell you to do.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 23, 2011 3:48 PM at 3:48 PM |

      Gotcha, billy! And guess what? YOU dumb sumbitches voted for SCHWEITZER TOO!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 23, 2011 4:00 PM at 4:00 PM |

      Wow, you’re SO right, billy! But hey, didn’t YOU morons vote Schweitzer in office too?? Ouch! Suck on THAT branding iron, dude! Damn that democracy sucks, don’it?

      You see, billy, it’s human nature. People can’t HELP themselves. P.T. Barnum made a lot of money out of human nature. He KNEW that no one could resist looking at the freaks in a freak show! And THAT’S what the tea party is, a freakin’ FREAK show! On steriods!

      They’re ALL in there! Bearded lady wendy, jojo the dogfaced boy jumbo jimmy knoxious, the india rubber man skeester, and the elephant man, birther bob! And many more too!

      Well, we done seen the freaks, and we don’t like it. Oh sure, they’re amusing, but they don’t belong in Helena. Might I suggest they all move on down to Ringling and start their OWN circus?!

      You see, Billy, Barnum really DID understand human nature. And when the people where hanging around in the show for too long, he needed a way to get them to leave so that more people could come in. How’d he do it? Well, he put up a sign saying, “To The Egress”. Most folks had NO idea what egress meant. They thought it was another display, so in they went and soon found themselves on the outside looking in.

      And THAT’S exactly what’s gonna happen to the teawankers. Montana’s gonna show them dumb bastards the egress!


  7. Why should Montanans get so bent out of shape when legislators propose to do the very things they consider most crucial to their personal freedoms?

  8. Limiting planned parenthood is crucial to personal freedom. Limiting Stream Access so only the LORD’s can fish and the serf’s can’t? Limiting what kind of medical treatment you can choose to treat your disease? Expanding the ability of a Corporation to take your land?

  9. That is precisely what Montana’s out-of-workers have voted for a lot of years–at least since they elected Max Baucus to the Senate…

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