Even Fox News Mocks Montana Republican for Kooky Bill

Remember way back a long time ago earlier this session when the GOP tried to portray themselves as the party of the Constitution, even hosting a “seminar” about the Constitution from the conservative National Center for Constitutional Studies. Even now, you’ll still see one of these legislators occasionally whip one out, although it is usually only to try to brush some snack cake crumbs off of their other papers or to misapply it to justify their own kooky ideas.

No, the hypocrites in GOP can’t hide utter disdain for the actual document. Take Rep. Greg Hinkle (R-Spearhunter) who, when confronted in his anti-constitutional stance by Fox News of all things in a segment titled with the double entendre “Taking Liberties,” immediately dismisses the document.

Other GOP lawmakers have endorsed a seemingly endless list of proposals to rewrite the Constitution into something barely recognizable. These range from a bizarre proposal to create a new, incredibly cumbersome method to repeal federal laws, to more distressing proposals to strip people of their citizenship, enshrine discrimination into the Constitution, eliminate all federal education programs, and even repeal the right to privacy and the right to a clean and healthful environment.


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  1. The entire delegation from THOMPSON FALLS (Hinkle & Ingraham) needs to move to IDAHO, MT doesn’t need them!

  2. That there is not a common citizenship for residents of MT WY and ID seems odd…

  3. Just to keep everything balanced, it took a lot of the northwest legislators in the (House) State Administration Committee to table Senator Blewett’s SB204. The Senator proposed a constitutional amendment to make it twice as hard to qualify a constitutional initiative for the ballot. In particular, Gerald Bennett of Libby, Gordon Hendrick of Superior, Derek Skees of Whitefish, and Pat Ingraham of Thompson Falls voted against Majority Leader Tom McGillvray who enthusiasticly wanted SB204 to pass.

    • SB-204 passed the senate 40-9 with one excused. Here’s what 80 percent of the senators thought wise:

      ” The people may also propose constitutional amendments by initiative. Petitions including the full text of the proposed amendment shall be signed by at least ten twenty percent of the qualified electors of the state. That number shall include at least ten twenty percent of the qualified electors in each of at least one-half of the counties LEGISLATIVE DISTRICTS.”

      Amending the Montana Constitution should not be easy, and the process for doing so by citizen initiative should require demonstrating, by the signature requirements in SB-204, that there is deep and widespread support for putting the matter to the voters. That’s what SB-204 was intended to do, and it would have corrected a flaw in our constitution.

      This was a good bill, and it’s unfortunate that it ran into the GOP’s constitutional crackpot caucus in the house.

  4. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 29, 2011 9:49 AM at 9:49 AM |

    RIP, Joe. You were one of the greats.


    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 29, 2011 9:36 PM at 9:36 PM |

      Here’s Joe pretty much describing the boneheaded dumbasses in our legislature. You really should read all of Joe’s work. It provides great insight into the inbred mind in a very amusing and un-elitist manner. Joe WAS a dumbass redneck before screwing around becoming an intellectual. Guess that’s what I love about the dude. Been there, done that. I myself spent four years in a coma and they done gave me a diploma! Hell, I’ve still got the redneck soul to prove it. It’s just that unlike Birther Bob, Skeester, and Jumbo Jimmy Knoxious, I didn’t STAY a fat dumbass redneck! Enjoy.


      • “…we have only a right and a far right, with some very limp moderates that pass for a left…
        He wasn’t describing Montana; but he may as well have been…

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | March 29, 2011 10:13 PM at 10:13 PM |

          Have you read Joe before, Jedi? If you click on my first link in the first article about Joe, and then look to the right, you’ll see a ton of his work. He’s worth reading if for nothing else his writing skill. Like I said, Joe was one of the greats of our time.

  5. More social bills that do nothing to address jobs! What are these people even doing in office! That sheriff’s first bill has a history people-remember the freeman compound? The feds told a sheriff there about plans to shut down the illegal actions, and the sheriff tipped off the freeman in advance, botching the sting. I thonk this is why hinkle brought the bill! Look at the examples he brought up. He wants to protect local militia nuts.

  6. Hmmm, I wonder if feels the same way about the raids on mmj?

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