April 2011

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Rick Hill’s Campaign Banned from Editing Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia has temporarily blocked edits to its Rick Hill article after someone inside the campaign tried to erase references to some particularly-controversial Rick Hill scandals. Early last week, the user cdenowh, who presumably is Rick Hill’s campaign operative Chuck Denowh, was banned from editing Rick…


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Millionaire Macaca Moment

Talking Points Memo is reporting on Rehberg’s latest:  Montana’s millionaire Congressman Dennis Rehberg is trying to convince Montanans that he’s “cash poor,” but his millions of dollars say otherwise. Congressman Rehberg is so completely out of touch that he believes that inheriting millions amounts to ‘struggling.’…

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Sine Die

The legislature adjourned Sine Die last night, which in Latin means “without day” (and in Helena-speak means “we’re outta here”). Dramatic reversal of fortune for Democrats, who came to the session as heavy underdogs facing the real possibility of becoming road kill. The GOP, upon…

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Fringe Political Element’s Election Plot Uncovered

The Missoulian is reporting that a cabal of far right wingers that are part of a  “fringe political element” has launched a campaign to take over the board of trustees at  Flathead Valley Community College. I can understand why local community leaders are afraid.  School…

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Montana Republican Math

As we wait for the legislature to resume and the GOP leaders sharpen their pencils, let’s discuss national politics, and math. The Tea Party and the mindless GOP and FOX news are all out in force, enraged at Obama’s suggestion that perhaps taxes ought to…