Another Montana GOP Legislator Makes It Big as a National Laughingstock

Montana Republican on MSNBCMontana Republican Representative (and bar manager) Alan Hale raised eyebrows across Montana yesterday when he defended drunk driving in a passionate speech to the House.

Video of his speech appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe watch the MSNBC VIDEO here, on the Howard Stern show UPDATED, and national political blogs like Wonkette – read the comments for an irreverent, if  accurate look at what the rest of the world thinks of our GOP legislators.

Hale is but the latest to make it big as a national laughingstock.  Rep. Bob Wagner has appeared on CNN, and Rep. Joe Read was featured on the Colbert Report, and Rep. Greg Hinkle appeared on Fox News. Legislation proposed by Montana Republicans has been mocked by people across America.

Here’s the latest from CNN.


18 Comments on "Another Montana GOP Legislator Makes It Big as a National Laughingstock"

  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 1, 2011 10:19 AM at 10:19 AM |

    Actually, they LOVE it! It’s free publicity! No elitists here! Move on up to old Montany! No brain, no morals, NO PROBLEM! They’re a’comin’! Inbreds for Jaysus and just plain inbreds period! They’re loud, they’re proud, just not too well-endowed upstairs! Think Fat Bastard and Jumbo Jimmy. There’s HUNDREDS more just like’em out there, and they’re lookin’ for some place that they can be theirselves! In all their Teawanker glory! By THUNDER next thing you know, we’ll have ourselves a Creation Museum! Economic development you know!

    • Actually Larry we already have the Creation Museum at Glendive, MT first major thing you see coming in from North Dakota. It was placed there because for years we in Eastern Montana use to make jokes about North Dakotans, now we are the joke.

  2. Cowgirl — just saw your web page on CNN!
    Jeannie Most did a “Hang ’em High” yukyuk on Hale, which included a brief shot of your web page.

  3. It’s certainly nice to know that the rest of the country think we’re all a bunch of crazy militia men, drunk cowboys and hillbillies.

    Who in the Sam Hill elected all these morons? Did anyone stop to think what would happen? Did anyone really believe that Republicans, especially Teabaggin’ Republicans really wanted fiscal restraint, except for the poor and middle classes?

  4. Here it is: The CNN Video

  5. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 1, 2011 6:03 PM at 6:03 PM |

    Dopey “dumbass” Reeburp outdoes even this! What an ASSHOLE this man is!

  6. If Hale’s right-wing ranting hadn’t driven off all the local, walk-in customers from Basin (including a lot of artists and lesbians) he wouldn’t have to troll I-15 for drunk driver customers at the Silver Saddle.

  7. Lt. Col (Ret., Army) Rich Liebert | April 1, 2011 11:59 PM at 11:59 PM |

    This guy DESERVES to be RECALLED (join the ranks of the ‘baggers’ who are going to get ‘sacked’ in the Midwest) for being a MENACE to society…I’ve had family members KILLED by drunk drivers, and if he means to endorse DUI, the he is a potential menace as a legislator.

  8. The State of Illinois just re-allowed people to smoke in casinos again. What for? To get people gambling again, the state needs the money. This is no different.

  9. No different? How people die from gamblers smoking?

  10. Hey, heads up (again)! You’re being invaded by violent cray people and they’re now well entrenched in the Flathead Valley.

    You all need to keep an eye on Chuck Baldwin — be sure to check out the “Black Regiment” tab (aligned pastors) and “Patriot Businesses” tab (people you definitely want to boycott), here:

    • That was just… scary. I feel for the people living in Kalispell. If having the Blue sisters there wasn’t bad enough hey, look, we have kook church in town now calling for people to move there from all over the US. I really think we need to bring the state motto from the mid 70’s back – “Thanks for visiting – now leave.”

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 2, 2011 7:02 PM at 7:02 PM |

      These are some poor, deluded, demented, ignernt, dumb sumbitches! I took the time to thoroughly peruse their sites. It was hilarious. They seem to actually BELIEVE that they can move to Montana, start a small business, buy land for five thousand dollars, and live on deer and elk meat!

      And THEN, it gets really weird. They seem to believe that since all the lefties live in the cities, they can move to the more remote counties, switch to a gold standard, and they, you guessed it, SECEDE! AS A FREAKIN’ COUNTY!

      No, I’m not making this up. Go in and spend some time reading their blogs. These folks don’t have a clue. They are being sold a bill of goods by slime shit pastor Bulbdim. But HEY, not to worry. They are STILL encouraged to tithe!

      What a disaster in the making. Now, if slime shit pastor Bulbdim actually KNOWS where I can buy a good chunk of land for five thousand dollars, PLEASE let me know! I’ll join up! And also where folks can hunt game at will. Oh, and fish too! Must be some sorta fish and loave and elk scam that slime shit pastor Bulbdim has goin’ on.

      Inbreds must really be some dumb sumbitches if they’re SO dumb, kinda like our current Lege! Gold standard? Secede?? Where have we heard that before.

      I would advise that ALL real Montanans keep these morons out! We don’t NEED another church universal and triumphant of inbreds!

  11. “crazy”

  12. Hale is right one thing. People are going to go to the bars and they will need a way to get home. Public transportation is virtually non existent in Montana. In the few places where buses are available, they are done running before most people are done at the bars. Where cab service is available, it is spotty at best. I’ve waited for cabs for over an hour in several MT cities. If we really want to cut down on drunk driving in MT, we have to find a reliable way for people to get home after they’ve been drinking.

    Also, as a resident of Kalispell, I can affirm that it is getting weird up here. Flathead County has long been deeply conservative but it has moved past the right into the lunatic fringe. Funny thing is, conservative politics have dominated local government here for decades. Despite these decades of conservative leadership, Flathead County has and continues to be one of the economic black holes of the state.

  13. I moved to Montana in 1973. Since then the state has moved–as mtn_viking says–past conservative into the lunatic fringe. Before Montana, I lived in Colorado, Wyoming, and Idaho; so it isn’t as though I had not seen RightWingPathetic before.
    The notion that barflies should be a reason for public transportation strikes me as kind of pathetic; but what else is there for Montana’s out-of-workers to do during the winter? And after spending the winter hanging onto a barstool, what else can rednecks afford to do the rest of the year?
    A nation composed of such people desperately needs scapegoats when credit on bartabs runs out.
    Heck! It may well be that people like Hale are prescient. We may well need bars to protect Indians, Mexican, blacks, and Arabs from bored rednecks…

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