Montana GOP Hopeful Might Have Mermaid Fetish

“Much like sirens, mermaids will sing to people or to gods to enchant them, distracting them from their work and causing people to walk off a ship’s deck or to run their ship aground” –Wikipedia article on mermaids.

Former Congressman and Gubernatorial hopeful Rick Hill’s candidacy for Governor has met an unusual obstacle, rarely seen in politics: a mermaid. And at least one conservative group is not pleased about it.

In an e-mail that seems to have made the rounds this weekend, Montana Conservative Families, one of a number of right-wing social groups in Montana that hold candidates accountable if they stray from conservative principles, has dredged up some sordid details of Hill’s adulterous past.

In local newsclippings dredged up by MCF, Hill admits that while married with young children, he was having an affair with a barmaid at a lounge in Great Falls. At this bar, waitresses take turns slipping into bikinis and mermaid tails and jumping into a tank behind the bar, swimming around and blowing kisses to the patrons.

A few commenters on this blog have previously hinted at Hill’s philandering, but a woman named Nancy Davis, apparently connected with MCF, has now posted dozens of stories from the late 1990s not only about Hill’s affair with the barmaid, but also his messy divorce and several wives. One of these articles reports that Hill’s first wife once put her three children in the car and drove to the Sip and Dip, where Hill was hanging out with the barmaid. They asked daddy to come home, but he told them to scram.

In Montana politics, adultery, in and of itself, is off-limits as a discussable issue, until the politician makes it an issue. And Hill did just that, with two unfortunate decisions that he probably now regrets:

1) When Hill was running for re-election in 2000 (before he suddenly dropped out of the race), he trashed his opponent, Nancy Keenan, for “lacking an understanding of family values” because “she has no children of her own.” It was later revealed that Keenan had had a hysterectomy after cancer as a young woman. Hill’s accusation was a calculated and typical Montana GOP veiled suggestion about lesbianism. It was as ugly as politics can get. There were hundreds of thousands of robo-calls all over the state, asking voters if they were “concerned about an unmarried and childless woman representing Montana in Congress.” In the 1990s, these GOP playbook-tactics worked like magic.

2) In his 1998 re-elect campaign, it was revealed that Hill’s new (second) wife was helping his campaign by secretly communicating with a third party group, on the production of an attack-ad against Hill’s opponent, Bill Yellowtail. This campaign ad accused Yellowtail of (you guessed it) lacking family values, based on the fact that he’d hit his wife many years earlier. (Zero sympathy here for Yellowtail). The FEC split 2-2 on whether to prosecute Hill for breaking federal law, which forbids coordination between a campaign and third-party groups.

Upon hearing Hill decry Yellowtail’s lack of family values, Hill’s first wife came public because she said she was tired of watching Hill attacking others for flaws that resembled his own. In a press conference, she not only recounted the Sip and Dip tale (or tail), she also alleged that Hill had been emotionally abusive as a husband, and had also dragged her through an awful 8-year custody battle.

Hill will have a bumpy ride from here on out. At least one conservative blog is already lowering the boom on him. And based on her Facebook page, the woman who is the source of the e-mail appears to have strong ties with conservatives, counting numerous right-wing social types, including a fair number of legislators, among her friends.

Also listed is Ken Miller, one of the six GOP primary candidates, a hard-core religious conservative from Laurel who, interestingly, appears as the only “follower” of the nasty articles that have been posted about Hill.

Hat/Tip Montanafesto and Intelligent Discontent.


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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 4, 2011 10:45 AM at 10:45 AM |

    Maybe Rick Hill-o-beans is hopin’ that the Kochtopus will save him from drowing in the mermaid tank! Forty-five billion will buy a lotta life preservers!

  2. This shouldn’t surprise anyone. The more a politician touts “family values,” the more likely the politician is a hypocritical liar.

    Remember: Republican = Hypocrit

  3. any guy who treats his wife and kids that way…. i shudder to think how he would treat those he represents.

    even bears think this guy is a disgusting pig.

  4. Back in the late 1990’s when I was in high school, I was very angry at the GOP for constantly bring up Bill Clinton’s adultry. I thought that even if he was our president it was none of our business what he did in his personal life. Granted I do not approve of adultry, but at the same time I don’t think Im the morality police. I feel the same way in regards to Rick Hill. I believe that what he did is between him, and whomever he did his activities with, and his family, and his God. Same for President Clinton. Also it is not the job of government to legislate morality, because morality has to come from the individual. I feel that if you go looking to political leaders for morality on either side of the political spectrum you will be disappointed. Because people are people and they all put their pants on the same way as you do one leg at a time.

  5. True, farmboy, it’s between him and his god. However, shouldn’t he have to explain himself if he’s busy talking about other people’s “lack of family values”?

    • Your right Manco, but still I dont like this kind of crap, beat Rick Hill on issues, beat Rick Hill on comptentcy, beat him on the merits, not on his personal life. But I also see your point and Im a realist, those that live in glass houses should not throw stones.

  6. I can’t see him getting much support from women with this record. What kind of jerk refuses to pay child support? This is a wealthy m*ther f too-hes on the board of Blue Cross Blue Sheild for christ sake.

  7. I’m with farmboy – infidelity over a decade ago is irrelevant. If we believe we have the better positions on issues, why bring up personal misbehavior?

    • Because it’s relevant. Farmboy mentions beating Hill on “competency”. How competent is one who abuses the women in his life? I’d say “not very”. Equitable treatment of women and respect for gender, not to mention a distaste for bullying, are exactly “issues”, wouldn’t you agree? Mooning the opposing team’s bus is “personal misbehavior”. Hiring a hooker is “personal misbehavior”. Farting in an elevator is “personal misbehavior”. Emotional abuse leading to a betrayal of contract takes things a smidgen beyond the personal. Refusing to pay child support takes ‘the issue’ a bit beyond getting drunk and wearing a lampshade at a party. This was not “personal misbehavior”. This was very public betrayal of trust from one who is now asking us to trust his personal judgment. Sorry, PW. No can do.

  8. Ever since John Denver sang about “two lonely truckers from Great Falls Montana” the place has had an image problem. This idea – the mermaids swimming in a tank behind the bar has some legs … did it work? Is it still going? Can’t beleive it wasn’t topless. What were they thinking?

    The legislature is in session! There are many men in Helena motel rooms huddled over their laptops in looking at dirty pictures … the only high correlation I would look for would be Christian conservatives and porn, as sexual repression comes out in many ways. But if you think it’s an R thing and not an D thing too, I’ve got bridge to sell you. The legislature is in session! What planet doth thine hail from? This is Montana Realpolitic.

  9. Generally, voters are interested in a candidates character. we want someone who has one. This is fair game to me. I want a governor with integrity.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 4, 2011 5:47 PM at 5:47 PM |

      Well, if Ryan Zinke throws his hat in the ring, it’ll be game over for the pervs and fundis. He’ll win hands down. And well he should. The dude’s got more on the ball than any ten fundi/perv Pubbies. If the Pubbies really want to win, they’ll court him. And to be quite honest, he might not be too bad a guv from what I’ve seen of him. He seems to have some common sense.

    • Generally, voters are interested in a candidates character.

      I suspect you have no basis for that statement. The “mind” of voters is moody and forgetful, mercurial. Voters are easily influenced by pictures and images. Appeals to bigotry, hatred and envy usually work.

      “Character”, as defined in the Devil’s Dictionary, is a quality possessed by politicians who appeal to my greed, bigotry, hatred and envy, and not my neighbor’s.

  10. There is alot of difference between having an affair at some point in your relationship and say beating your partner. I say its none of my business if someone had an affair UNLESS their running on this Family Values platform and saying look at me “I’m perfect” Or saying they’ve worked their way up from the working class and finding out they had a million or so in the trust fund ….I.E Denny pumping gas for the first time in his life last month.

    • Denny is out-maxing Max. The “look at me I’m a regular guy doing manual labor is Max’s schtick! It’s humorous to see Rehberg using Max’s ad agency.

  11. I used to believe that most of this stuff was just a distraction and not so important, but as I get older and a little more cynical I’m not so sure. It’s not so much the affair, bad behavior, or hypocrisy like Hill (and seemingly every other GOP politician)…its the lies to cover up, deflect, sketchy motivations and the general character behind it.

    For instance…one of my favorite whipping boys: John Morrison. Old John had an affair (lets face it…add a few s’s on that word) which is tacky, but obviously isn’t unusual. It’s the details and machinations to cover up, deny and promise away that bother me and tell more about real character IMO – and of course trotting his poor wife out to sell the fakery (how awful was that?) and his new found dedication to family that lasts only as long as the heat does.

    Here’s a hint: who can guess why on June 20, 2010 in an IR article about possible 2012 candidates for the GOV, he said: “I had given some thought to running for the Supreme Court,” the Helena attorney said. “I seriously doubt I will do that. I am enjoying the private sector. (Wife) Cathy and I decided recently that we want to dedicate our efforts to the family and the private sector in the foreseeable future.”


  12. @ Farmboy;
    So what about Hill’s dodging the draft during ‘Nam? Is his Chickenhawk behavior off-limits also?

  13. It can’t hurt to have killed a few barefoot peasants when you’re running for office in ol’ montanee…

  14. I guess, like Farmboy, I am always a bit uncomfortable when the political talk moves to what a person does in his bedroom. I had the same problem with the whole Clinton affair (though I agree he shouldn’t have broken the law by lying before Congress about it). I do not want the government in my bedroom and I sure as hell don’t like this whole puritanical crap being legislated.

    I do understand why those that have posted have issues with it and it does make my skin crawl to hear about the possible abuse. I probably wouldn’t have voted for Hill anyway, but I would rather see stories about where the guys stands on issues. When either party starts the mudslinging on what someone does in their personal life, it simply validates the slimy morals issues that keep coming up in the legislature. This religious fundy puritanical behavoir belongs in church, not in the Legislature and it shouldn’t be a part of the political campaigning process. Can anyone posting here say that they have never broken a law or violated someone’s trust?

    I certainly do not want to sound like I am defending Hill. I don’t know him, I don’t know the validity of the events in question and I wasn’t there or involved in the situation. I just find this kind of smear campaign indicative of modern politics and it sometimes makes me sick to think this is the best we can do.

  15. Lt. Col (Ret., Army) Rich Liebert | April 5, 2011 1:18 AM at 1:18 AM |

    No party shold campaign on a moral crusade, especially with the likes of Ensign, Vitter, Gingrich, etc. keep it zipped.

  16. It is pretty easy to spot a republican in a crowd.
    They are the ones whose facial features tend to be all puckered–as though they are about to throw up at the idea of a public servant having a sex life.

  17. Its all pretty old news. It didnt stop him from winning the election that year although maybe it hastened his subsequent departure from congress. I enjoy it simply for the fact its amusing to see the rabid conservatives go after him. Looks like their primary is going to be good food fight. May the best teabagger win.

  18. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 5, 2011 10:25 AM at 10:25 AM |

    Lil’ Ricky’s problem is simply one of image. That’s all. You see, he did NOT have a mistress. He had a concubine! Now THAT’S Biblical, and therefore, justifiable! I’m sure that Pope Wendy Wharpedburpin’ could even agree with that! Hey, it’s in the Bible, so’s it’s GOTTA be OK! I mean, MOST of the teawankers are also Constistupidists. Therefore, a return to Old Testament Biblical Law is A OK. God LIKES a righteous dude who can satisfy more than one woman. God SMILES on them and APPROVES such a religeeious horn dog! So, Ricky needs to get hisself an image makeover. And really, the ONLY difference between a wife and a concubine was the dowry.

    And ‘sides, Jonah got swallowed up by a whale, and lil’ ricky got consumed by a mermaid! IT’S BIBLICAL! Sure, he might lose a few of the fundiwackmentalist women voters, but ALL the male nuts secretly admire ricky! Lucky stiff!

  19. Let’s not forget that Hill was a major proponent of clinton’s impeachment.

  20. So if Ken Miller is the only person “following” these posting, does that mean it is likely that he is a part of it?

  21. To anyone who remains resolute that we shouldn’t poke our noses in anyone’s bedroom and harkens back to the Clinton impeachment, I offer this.

    1) No one has poked their nose into Rick Hill’s “private life”. His private life was made very public by those rather intimate with his character and behavior.

    2) It doesn’t matter whether he likes hummers, anal or mermaid fantasies. It does matter that his betrayal of the trust of those around him should lead to the rest of us questioning how much we can trust him.

    3) Discovering Rick Hill’s dalliances cost no one here one single penny. Bill Clinton’s blow job cost us anywhere from 50 to 100 million dollars to find out about. An investigation that began as one of fiscal fraud turned up only a taste for ‘cigars’ and blow jobs from and with an intern. Those incidents have nothing to do with each other.

    4) Bill Clinton lied to protect his privacy and his family life. A US President was impeached for that. As this post clearly shows, Rick Hill lied about others while behaving even more reprehensibly. No, we probably shouldn’t give a damn about his boudoir antics. But we damned well should care about his lies. Dismissing the former in the weak name of “issues” also dismisses the latter.

    5) That is really what this is all about. It isn’t about the “behavior”. It’s about the lies. Rick Hill wants us to vote for him. He is a known liar. Bill Clinton wasn’t running for office, and yet the GOP hypocrites (Newt Gingrich) cost us a buttload of money to prosecute the President of The United States of America. They are the assholes worming themselves under your covers. Pointing out that Hill is an untrustworthy lying sack of poo isn’t an affront to personal liberty. It’s asking you to acknowledge the obvious. He is a known and pernicious liar, who wants you to ignore what he has done. By all means, demand that this gubernatorial race be about issues. Do you trust anything Rick Hill will tell you? I don’t.

    • I agree, Rob. It is really about his character, if he lies to his wives, those who trust him the most, why wouldn’t he lie to his constituents? Instead of acknowledging his past and making some sort of amends, he rationalizes his behavior by claiming that his marriage was already on the rocks. It isn’t about the sex, it is about the deception.

      I understand why you would like him to be the GOP candidate but ideally, we would have a fine candidate from each party. :)

  22. And for he record, I *HOPE* that Rick Hill gets the nomination on the Republican ticket. It will give me more post fodder than any y’all can imagine.

  23. “Another fine Chickenhawk’………’what’s good for the goose good for the gander’ when it comes to Gingrich ‘attacking’ Clinton(I do NOT condone Clinton’s BJ disgrace) and Vitter and Ensign
    still in the Senate…..pathetic.

  24. Just to get a few facts straight… we have only had the mermaids in the pool since 1998. Rick Hill apparently had his affair some timebefore that. So please, leave my mermaids out of this ridiculousness. It’s unfair to them.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 10, 2011 9:42 PM at 9:42 PM |

      It is? HOW?! It has NOTHING to do with your “mermaids”, who are freakin’ TERRIBLY underpaid anyway! What do you PAY them now, sandy? Ten bucks an hour still?? CHEAPO! You’re EXPLOITING their bodies for ten measely bucks an hour. Ain’t that kinda sleazy wages for having to be oogled endlessly all night long by a bucha PERVS like hill?! No WONDER one of them had to jump on lil’ ricky just to survive!

      And your dates seem WAY off! I’m not sure ’cause I never really went in such a sleazy bar, but seems to me that there were mermaids there way back in the early seventies back in my drinkin’ days!

      You just don’t want the owner’s name, a good teatard pubbie, to be associated with this affair! Ain’t that right, sweetie?

      • Sandy, your establishment has been blessed with free publicity. I am personally aware of numerous people who have, solely due to the blog coverage of Rick Hill’s adultery, visited your establishment recently. Be thankful for our gift!

  25. I thought that in Montana this kind of thing was taken care of between family values men and their livestock.

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