GOP Leader Touts Loophole to Allow Persecution of Gays

Ken PetersonThe Montana GOP really is mostly working on…um…improving the economy. So stop doubting them.

But during the short few seconds of the day that the GOP Chair of the Judiciary Committee of the Montana Legislature is not working on creating jobs (ahem), Montana Representative Ken Peterson (R-Billings) has somehow found the time to discover a helpful loophole in the law that will still allow us to persecute homosexuals, even though the courts have struck down a state law saying that being gay will get you prison time-ten years-and a $5o,ooo dollar fine.

First, Peterson explains the loophole: let’s all be clear that homosexuals can’t be recruiting people.

How does one recruit people to become homosexual?  Peterson explains that apparently all you have to do is utter these magic words. I’m not too sure how this whole gay thing works, so be careful. Whatever you do, DO NOT read these words out loud unless you are sure you are alone. Here’s Peterson in his own words:

Here young man, your hormones are raging. Let’s go in this bedroom and we’ll engage in some homosexual acts.  You’ll find you’ll like it.

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11 Comments on "GOP Leader Touts Loophole to Allow Persecution of Gays"

  1. Gosh, if Mr. Peterson were to tell me my hormones were raging, I’d be so flumoxed by these magic words that I’d have no choice other than following him at once into the nearest men’s room.

    Words are powerful things. Especially coming from a seductive old devil like Peterson.

  2. Aha! Now his comments about the importance of male only restrooms in the House Judiciary committee when those weird bathroomers were in town from Missoula are starting to make sense…

  3. Democrats=safe water, safe food, safe shelter, safe sex. Republicans=cheap water, cheap food, cheap shelter, cheap sex.

  4. Who was that GOP US Senator from ‘holy’ Idaho who got caught at the Minneapolis mensroom for soliciting? At least Ensign, Vitter and Gingrich CHEATED with gals, oh yes!! Seriously, the ones who are ‘SO’ strident on these puritanical efforts might have some of their own psycho-history ‘issues’……

  5. Like I said before, this sounds more like fascination than disgust- and don’t get me started on the oversimplification of sexual orientation….

  6. Its pretty simple DGregorySmith. There are two sexes, male and female. The only way it gets complicated is when somebody thinks they should wake up in the morning and decide what sex they are. That’s why the list of gay people, famous and not so famous who changed back from being gay to straight is getting ever longer.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 9, 2011 3:19 PM at 3:19 PM |

      And thus, by your own “logic”, willy, the list of those who go the OTHER way (straight to gay) also grows daily, does it not? Sheesh, silly willy, you’re a funny little dude. Better put a stout string on your logic next time your come around so that someone doesn’t take it and BEAT you with it!……AGAIN! I hate when that happens, when some dude beats you about the head and ears with your OWN logic! But bein’ a Kristeeeyan, you’re prolly USED to that, aren’t you?

    • Bill, what “list” are you talking about. Your ignorance is shocking. Welcome to 2011 dude.

    • Using the Billings Gazette as your website tag explains a lot, Bill. Perhaps you should consider Minot as your new home.

  7. Well, you’ve confused “sexual orientation” with “gender”- no wonder you’re so unclear…
    Very different things.

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