Rehberg Makes List of Worst Members of Congress You’ve Never Heard Of

Like our state GOP legislators, not only is Rehberg terrible, he’s pretty much a complete nobody, only earning distinction as an embarrassment.  From The Nation:

Rehberg’s heartlessness spans decades: in 1994, Newsweek reported that Rehberg, in defense of state budget cuts to hospitals, said “the problem with AIDS is: you get it, you die. So why are we spending money on the issue?” More recently, in 2007, Rehberg voted against the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act, which extends protection from hate crimes to victims of malice and violence based on gender and sexual orientation. An adamant supporter of the Iraq war, he voted against a bill to give troops mandatory rest periods between deployments.


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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 11, 2011 10:13 AM at 10:13 AM |

    That’s our Dopey! I’d say he’s an empty suit, but he’s more like an empty cowboy hat! The dude was a Teatard BEFORE it was cool! And that’s all he still is, a walking, talking, Teatard talking point! Which is another way of saying he’s simply a coporate pimp, or Kochroach! I DEFY anyone out there to post ANYthing original that Dopey has ever said. It doesn’t exist. They guy’s an idiot, and THAT alone should disqualify him from higher office. He just ain’t real bright!…or likeable. And that may do him in.

    Nasty is NOT the new normal. Sen. Corndog Buns was a corporate pimp talking point too, but Corndog was folksy and likeable. AND, he could put the folksy, dumbass southern, inbred spin ON his talking points to make them more palatable. Dopey doesn’t have that. What you see is what you get, mean and nasty!

    Will it be enough? I personally don’t think so. Dopey needs a nice guy makeover, but really, when ya got a lawsuit pending against the freakin’ FIRE DEPT for saving your property, that ain’t highly likely!

    Dopey’s trying to be like this guy, who thinks that God WANTS you to suffer! Bizarro! Good for’em! Builds character!

  2. Must be why WE’RE the ones stuck with hearing about him- nobody else takes him seriously, especially with crap like that coming out of his mouth.

  3. Im speachless again

  4. Having worked with some of the citizens of this make pretend great nation, I have never been surprised at the popularity of the teabaggers.

  5. Jon Tester can beat Rehberg if the Democrats just get organized, which they are not. The best outcome would have Denny off the political radar and sent back to his oil patch. I know them both a little, and can say with certainty that Tester is much smarter. But the TPP’s (Tea Party People) are well organized and taking over the Montana Repulician Party voter-by-voter. Rehberg has unlimited funds, good looks, and will not hesitate to say anything to get elected. The language of the campaign needs to be framed now on Tester’s terms and without delay.

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