Caught on Tape: Legislators Vacationing Rather Than Finishing Business, Budget

Republican legislators voted to go on vacation, over the objections of the Democratic minority, leaving an unfinished budget and no accomplishments to speak of.  What are they doing? This previously unreleased footage speaks for itself.


10 Comments on "Caught on Tape: Legislators Vacationing Rather Than Finishing Business, Budget"

  1. Oh my. Knox in a bathing suit. This is hilarious. Thanks to whomever made this!

  2. If Havre Has it, you must mean some of the kookiest legislators in the state…we’ve just taken the prize away from Laurel, MT.

  3. Waaaayyyy too flippin’ funny!

  4. Okay, why can’t I stop watching this! My favorite part is where Kris Hansen starts rocking out and bopping her head around. Kudos to the person who made this.

  5. Bob Wagner is an unapolagetic
    This was a great post, finally the waist of a legislature that is 75 days old has been realized.!

  6. That video from Wagner is pathetic, what the hell is he talking about? I think he is trying to refer to inflation, which is important to any economy because why would you buy something today if it will be cheaper tomorrow. I know that a food items are needed now, but is he trying to convey that idea that a loaf of bread should be a dime, and we should all be paid 2,000 “notes” a year. I can honestly say this without any political undertones; that man is an absolute idiot.

  7. Poor Belinda Carlisle…

  8. Hey, it’s hard work being ‘bat-crap crazy’ for that many days in a row!

    Love the scene with knox bopping along over the waves.

  9. This legislative session has made me bitter. Im worried I maybe turning into an angry person. I think they should have gotten their work done. But I can tell you this I will NEVER vote for a Republican ever again for anything above the local level after this session.

  10. I look at the money, whose supporting a candidates run and then I decide. Lately I’m going the other way too. I don’t have Bresdan Cable because they support Denny Rehberg

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