Fox News: “Bat-crap” Crazy Legislature Could Keep MT Gov Seat with Dems

More bad new for republican gubernatorial hopefuls this week. Voter backlash in reaction to the TEA party legislature, Fox News reports:

“could keep the governorship of the Big Sky state in Democratic hands.”

The crazy bills that the Montana GOP introduced upon taking office–encouraging global warming, funding militias, giving sheriffs autonomy over the federal government, and many more–in the Montana legislature have either been killed by embarrassed GOP moderates or will be soon–or will be publicly vetoed by the Governor.

As Fox writes:

“Governor Schweitzer has said bills introduced by Tea Party freshmen in the state legislature, ‘make Republicans look bat-crap crazy.'”

In Colorado,  the TEA party’s wingnut positions and refusal to compromise with the mainstream has caused electoral nightmares for the Rs to the extent that chair Dick Waddams  up and quit,  saying that because of the Tea party legislature, the GOP’s ability “to win and retain the votes of hundreds of thousands of unaffiliated swing voters in 2012 will be severely undermined,” Fox reports.  Waddams knows well the political landscape of Montana and the west.  He managed Conrad Burns’ 2000 Senate Campaign.

As Fox News reports, in a high turnout election atmosphere (like 2012 will be with Montana’s U.S. Senate race) Republicans must reach out and attract independents and unaffiliated voters to get to a majority. But the TEA party Republicans extremism is making that impossible, which will cause real problems for whomever wins Montana’s GOP gubernatorial primary.

Posted: April 14, 2011 at 11:48 am

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9 thoughts on “Fox News: “Bat-crap” Crazy Legislature Could Keep MT Gov Seat with Dems

  1. Chris Herz

    I agree, these tea-party types are bat crap crazy. But a life-long resident of Washington, DC, I can swear on a stack of bibles that the real crazies are the best and the brightest in your nation’s capital. They’re all astoundingly crooked too.
    Plain old graft is, I think a bigger problem than anything else. It’s real hard to talk sense to a guy who has been on the take for his whole political career from the Chamber of Commerce and all the transnational corporations.

  2. Corrina

    Speaking of bat-crap crazy, look what just threw up all over the Clark Fork Chronicle. Can you say “off her meds.”

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