Fringe Political Element’s Election Plot Uncovered

The Missoulian is reporting that a cabal of far right wingers that are part of a  “fringe political element” has launched a campaign to take over the board of trustees at  Flathead Valley Community College.

I can understand why local community leaders are afraid.  School board races are often the starting points of future political careers, and the slate of far-right extremists will only end up dragging area schools into senseless and divisive “culture war” battles on issues that have nothing to do with public education, solely to promote their far-right views.

What’s worse, the move comes on the heels of Chuck Baldwin’s tirade in favor of making Montana into a right-wing mecca and that his machinations are in preparation for “a coming battle.” (Baldwin is the father of sect member Tim Baldwin.)

As the Missoulian reports, in addition to Ed Berry, the founder of Montana’s most extreme online forums and,  the challengers running for three of four open college trustee positions are:

“Tim Baldwin, an attorney and the son of Chuck Baldwin, the 2008  presidential nominee for the national Constitution Party;”

“Roland Horst of Bigfork, where he is a board member of the Prolife Coalition” – the group whose leader was raided for Medicaid fraud; and,

“Glenn Wehe of Columbia Falls, a board member on the Evergreen School District and an active supporter of Senate Bill 114, which would have given county sheriffs authority trumping that of the federal government” – one of the nuttiest bills of the Legislative Session.

The candidates are so far to the right that even local conservatives are coming out in opposition to the extremists.

No doubt the extremists will pull the old “they’re lying about me!” response, but I don’t see where the wiggle room is. You lead these movements, you live with the consequences. You start a forum for the most far-right commentary in the state, you own it (like Obama owning Jeremiah Wright. Remember that, Ed?).  You join a board of directors led by a woman suspected of defrauding the taxpayers of Montana, you own that too.


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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 22, 2011 1:34 PM at 1:34 PM |

    Ha ha ha! Ya gotta LUV these morons! Eddy “dingle” Berry from Sacrameto, Ca., and the son of Pester Chucky “cheesy” Bulbdim! Geez, what morons! Dingleberry and Bulbdim are gonna SAVE us from ourselves and protect freedumb! It’s gonna be fun. Unfortunately, the Flathead has become a world class kook magnet! But they’ve been down this road before. If they’re prepared, they can thwart these warts!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 22, 2011 2:00 PM at 2:00 PM |

      p.s. And for you folks who STILL don’t understand, please do a little research. It’s all out there. In order to understand these Christofascists, you MUST understand that they are part and parcel of the so-called Christian Reconstruction or Dominionism movements, which is sort of like a bowel movement in that the end result is the same! (see dingleberry or bulbdim) If you don’t understand this, you will never understand their mindset. These are some sick, bigoted, anti-American, goofball wierdos!, to put it kindly. These are NOT nice people! Google CR and Dominionism some time and read. It’s important that you do so. The Constistupid Party was STARTED by the racist weirdos right here in Montana! I would say that they’re dangerous, but I personally believe that like our current Tealiban legislators, once they get into power, they immediately become the comical figures that they are! And the public laughs and scorns them!

      But still, it’s necessary to laugh at them and make fun of them from the git go so they CAN’T make it into power. Once there, they can goof things up REAL good until normal, rational people once again gain control. ie., our current Lege.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 22, 2011 9:33 PM at 9:33 PM |

        p.s.s. I just spent some time perusing Eddy “dingle” Berry’s sites, and buddy let me tell ya that ol’ Dingleberry is one sick MOFO! Check it out. This bozo should’a maybe STAYED down there in Calilala Land! That’s the kinda kook ol’ Eddo DingleBerry is! But don’t take my word for it, read his sites. They’re actually kind’a funny, in an inbred sort’a way.

  2. I am a knee-jerk environmentalist and an old-fashioned wobbly; but I’m damned if I can justify this blog’s extremist positions.
    Certainly I fear the extreme Right far more than the extreme Left; but I am old enough to take some degree of comfort in far less contentious discussions…

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 22, 2011 4:58 PM at 4:58 PM |

      What??? You mean that someone actually PAYS you to read this site??? Please, tell me who! ‘Cause, jaybird, it seems that you hate this site so much, SOMEone must be PAYING you to read it! Otherwise you wouldn’t, right? And I could use a little of that action myself!

      But as far as making sense, you don’t. There is nothing extreme here. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

      p.s. And Cowgirl, could you please unmoderate my comment above?

    • Please be specific, Mr. Greene: Define “extremist”, and then explain why the views of participants on this blog qualify.

      I find it hard to designate views held by the majority of the American public, like exiting wars, ending torture, protesting the environment and providing universe health care as “extreme.” What I suspect you are doing is painting with a broad impressionistic brush to leave us with the notion that you think in more depth than you actually do. But I’ll give you a shot – explain yourself.

      Any, for what it is worth, these are not extremists on this blog. They are dabblers caught in contradiction, trying to justify support of the Democrats as the Democrats continually pull the rug from under them. They have no more depth than you, but are quite un-extreme.

  3. Not just the Flathead, Mr. Kralj. It is the entire state–and not just the state; but the entire Inland Empire which has gone mad for Teaparties.

  4. I tell people this often, it all comes down to the local level. Tip O’Neil a former speaker of the United State House of Representatives said “all politics is local”. Local elections is where the rubber meets the road and where the voters have the most say. I mean forget presidental elections Montana only has 3 electoral votes, compared to say California that has 56 electoral votes. Basically don’t forget to vote in these elections. Granted they are not the sexist elections and sometimes the issues are so dry they put you to sleep but still they affect lives in fact they may affect your daily life more then say the presidental election. Vote in these elections and if I lived in the Flathead, I would not vote for Baldwin or his ilk, because I don’t think they would be effective on that board. I think we have seen enough crazy at the state legislature this winter, do you want to see crazy every week coming out of your local school boards? Do you want the teachers of your children or you to be micro-managed? Do you want to see board time wasted on frivoulus issues? Do you want effective management of schools? Do you believe in science? Do you believe in science based age approprate sex education? Do you believe in good physical education and nutrition programs? Do you believe teachers should teach? Do you believe teachers should get a fair wage? All these and more are questions decided everyday by your local school board.

  5. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 23, 2011 6:56 AM at 6:56 AM |

    Need a good read to remind yourself that the entire world is not made up of inbred reetard Tealiban? Well then, I suggest the following site. It’s a very, very good read.

    And while there, be sure to click on Battochio, Theocracy is Authoritiaran, and then scroll down and watch the video by Steven Fry on the Intelligence Debate. It’s truly an incredible lecture, one that you won’t see on FOKS news. Enjoy.

    • This election will be a strong indication if the Flathead learned anything by electing Derek Skees.

    • That you would find this site noteworthy, doglap, fairly demonstrates that Americans are largely fascisti in their politics now…

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 23, 2011 9:52 PM at 9:52 PM |

        How so, Jed? I don’t follow. Did you listen Fry? Ya just don’t get lectures like that at toastmasterdebaters! I just like a good read and a good listen now and then.

        • You’d better read what I said a little more carefully, doglap. That has always been a problem–for you–and for so many leftists…

  6. Do not forget “All politics is local”.

  7. Tim Baldwin moved here 6 months ago from Florida, started his law practice 3 months ago and thinks he can do a better job than people who have lived here for years and understand the needs of both the people in the Flathead and FVCC. Like Skees, Baldwin will have strings tied to his hands, feet and mouth being manipulated by the Tealiban (props to LK).

  8. Looking at the Ed Dingleberry site, I see that Rand Paul’s toilets don’t work.

    Clogged up with too much b.s., no doubt.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 25, 2011 4:22 PM at 4:22 PM |

      Careful there, Bucky. Seems that Jaybird Green don’t LIKE folks to refer to weirdos with names like Dingle Bery! And now that Tiny Tim Bulbdim has moved here, and as he is a liarwyer, he just might SUE us for characater assassination. So, henceforth and forward from now on, I will not refer to Eddy “dingle” Berry as Eddy Dingleberry, but as Eddy Berry de Dingle! I sure as heck don’t wanna get sued by the Bulbdims! They are some SERIOUS wackjobs with a collection plate!!! And ALL of it tax deDUCTable!! That dufus could sue me until the RAPTURE with all that ill-gotten loot!

  9. Jedediah Redman | April 25, 2011 6:44 PM at 6:44 PM |

    The level of intellect reflected here is a few notches down from that sought by wulfgar in his retooled left in the west; but probably no more or less appreciated by the average out-of-work Montanan.

  10. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 25, 2011 7:54 PM at 7:54 PM |

    The invasion has begun.

  11. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 25, 2011 10:22 PM at 10:22 PM |

    Here ya go. Here’s your Aynus in its own words! It really is worth a listen.

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